Iceland's 1100 Years : History of a Marginal Society. First Edition, Paperback.

By: KARLSSON, Gunnar.

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KARLSSON, Gunnar. Iceland's 1100 Years : History of a Marginal Society. [] : Mal og menning, (2000). First thus printing. Pp. (4),v-xiii,(1),1-418. 8vo, art-illustrated black card covers with blue and pink lettering to front cover and spine. "'Iceland's 1100 Years' recounts the history of a society on the margin of Europe as well as on the margin of reaching the size and wealth of a proper state. Iceland is unique among European societies inbeing founded as late as the Viking Age, and in surviving for centuries wt ihout any central power after Christianity had introduced the art of writing. This was the age of the Sagas, which are not only literature but also a rare treasury of soruces about a stateless society. In sharp contrast to the prosperous society portrayed by the Sagas, early modern Iceland appears to have been extremely poor and miserable. It is challenging to question whether the deteriorate was due to foreign rule, to a colder climate, or to anunfortunate internal power structure. Or was the Golden Age perhaps the in vention of 19th-century nationalists? Iceland adopted nationalism quickly and thoroughly. In the mid-nineteenth century about 60000 inhabitants, mostly poor peasants, set out to gain independence from Denmark, which was finally achieved in 1944 with the foundation of a republic. In recent decades Iceland has caught up economically with its closest neighbours. This has comemainly through the mechanisation of fishing, which gave rise to a second b attle for sovereignty, this time over the country's fishing grounds." - from rear. Contents: Part I: Colonization and Commonwealth, c.870-1262: Colonization -- Paganism and Poetry -- Constitution -- The Exploration of the West -- Christianization -- The Church -- Population and Sustenance -- Social Stratification -- Honour, Revenge and Feud -- Identity -- Sagas -- Concentration of Power -- Sturlungaold: an Internal Crisis -- The End of an Era. Part II: Under Foreign Rule, 1262-c.1800: A Dependency of the Norwegian King -- The Victory of the Church -- Collapse of the North Atlantic Empire -- Iceland the Fishing Camp -- Plague without Rats -- The English Century -- Enter the Germans -- Reformation -- Lutheran Society -- Trade Monopoly -- The Gloomy 17th Century -- Absolutism -- Cultural Resistance -- People and Production around 1700 -- Education Revolution without Schools -- The Birth of Reykjavik -- Catastrophe -- From Factory Village to Administrative Centre -- "A Desperate Land". Part III: A Primitive Society Builds a State, 1809-1918: An Abortive Revolution -- Romanticism and National Awakening -- Jon Sigurdsson and the New Althing -- The Search for Status in a Constitutional Monarchy -- The Danish Side -- Towards Legislative Powers in 1874 -- EconomicGrowth with Old Methods -- The Crisis in Rural Society -- Emigration -- Th e Age of Decked Fishing Vessels -- Freedom of Trade and the Cooperative Movement -- Standard of Living -- Education -- Democracy of Farmers -- Struggle towards Home Rule -- Liberation of Women -- Towards Autonomy in 1918. Part IV: The Great 20th-Century Transformation: Industrial Revolution in Fishing -- Modernization of Life -- The New Working-Class Movement -- A New System of Political Parties -- The Depression in Iceland -- War and Occupation -- Republic -- Postwar Politics -- The Welfare State -- Iceland in a Cold War -- Independence Struggle on Fishing Grounds -- The Fight against Inflation -- Enter Women -- Life is Still Fish -- Break and Continuity in Icelandic History. With bibliography and index. Very good. 40.00

Title: Iceland's 1100 Years : History of a Marginal Society. First Edition, Paperback.

Author Name: KARLSSON, Gunnar.

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Publisher: Mal og menning, 2000, ISBN:9979320524:

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