Behind Closed Doors : Secret Papers on the Failure of Romanian-Soviet Negotiations, 1931-1932. First Edition in dustjacket

BACON, Walter M., Jr. Behind Closed Doors : Secret Papers on the Failure ofRomanian-Soviet Negotiations, 1931-1932. Translated, with an introductory essay, by Walter M. Bacon, Jr. Stanford, California : Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, (1979). First Edition. Pp (7),[viii[-xv,(3),[3]-212,(4). Map. Index. 8vo, brown cloth, gilt lettering to front board and cloth. Hoover Institution Publication 180. Hoover Archival Documentaries. "Behind Closed Doors: Secret Papers on the Failure of Romanian-Soviet Negotiations, 1931-1932 offers an array of primary source material now placed at thedisposal of those interested in Romanian-Soviet relations, as well as glob al European affairs, at an important juncture of history. The bulk of this volume is comprised of 103 documents, translated from the original Romanianor French, and represents the most important part of a much larger documen tary collection. The latter can be found under the heading, "U.S.S.R. PeaceNegotiations 1931-32," among the papers of Titulescu in the Archives of th e Hoover Institution. Together with an introductory essay, these previouslyunpublished documents provide a detailed account of Romanian-Soviet negoti aions for a nonagression pact. The importance of this volume goes beyond these specific negotiations that failed. The real problem concerned Bessarabia, a region considered by Romania to be a part of its national patrimony, aclaim stubbornly disputed by the Soviets. In this sense the Bessarabian is sue, vigorously debated in the early 1930s maintains both its historic and historiographic significance; it has not lost its current political implications. But even the prcpblem of Bessarabia had become transcended by wider international issues, such as the attempts of Soviet diplomacy to reduce tensions along its European borders due to emerging Japanese expansionism in the Far East. Important, also, were the specific policies of other Europeansiates, especially France and Poland, to promote their own interests while trying to arrive at form.ulas of broader interstate and international coop eration. In this sense the documents reproduced in this volume offer a mostinstructive and often fascinating description of now secret diplomacy took place at a time when a strong belief existed in achieving a lasting peace through non-aggression pacts. Apart from intricacies of the diplomatic game, the introductory essay and documents themselves illuminate the personalities and skills of prominent diplomats and statesmen : Josef Beck, Edouard Herriot, Maxim Litvinov, Nicolae Titulescu, among others." (from the dj). Contents : Preface. Introductory Essay. Documents : - Preliminaries to Negotiations, May-December 1931; - The Riga Negotiations, January 1932; - Developments from February to June 1932; - The Polish-Soviet Pact, June-July 1932;- The Final Phase, August-October 1932. Very good in nicked and lightly br wned, but unclipped, dustjacket. 40.00

Title: Behind Closed Doors : Secret Papers on the Failure of Romanian-Soviet Negotiations, 1931-1932. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: BACON, Walter M., Jr. (trans., intro.) Hoover Institution Publication 180 Hoover Archival Documentaries

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Publisher: Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, Stanford, California, 1979, ISBN:0817968016:

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