Cambridge History of China. Volume 3 : Sui and T'ang China, 589-906, Part I. First Edition in dustjacket

By: TWITCHETT, Denis (ed.)

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TWITCHETT, Denis (ed.). The Cambridge History of China. Volume 3 : Sui and T'ang China, 589-906, Part I. Cambridge, &c : Cambridge University Press, (1979). First Edition. Pp (6),[v]-xx,1-850. Maps. Index. Thick 8vo, light brown cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Contents : 1. Introduction (by Denis Twitchett) The establishment of national unity - Institutional change - Economic and social change - Sui and Tang China and the wider world - The problem of sources. 2. The Sui dynasty (581-617) (by the late Arthur F. Wright). Sixth-century China - Wen-ti (reign 581-604): the founder and his advisers - Major problems of the Sui - Yang-ti (reign 604-17): personality and life Problems of Yane-ti's reign. 3. The founding of the T'ang dynasty: Kao-tsu (reign 618-26) (by Howard J. Wechsler). The seizure of power Extension of dynastic control throughout China - Internal policies - Relations with the Eastern Turks - The Hsiian-wu Gate incident and the transfer of power. 4. T'ai-tsung (reign 626-49) the consolidator (by Howard J. Wechsler). T'ai-tsung's ministers - 'Regional politics' at the court - Domestic policies and reforms - Policies designed to strengthen central authority - Foreign relations - The struggle over the succession. 5. Kao-tsung (reign 649-83) and the empress Wu: the inheritor and the usurper (by Denis Twitchett and Howard J.Wechsler). Rise of the empress Wu - The empress Wu in power - Kao-tsung's internal policies - Foreign relations. 6. The reign of the empress Wu, Chung-tsung and Jui-tsung (684-7!2) (by Richard W. L. Guisso). The period of preparation (684-90) - The Chou dynasty (690-705) - Chung-tsung and Jui-tsung(reigns 705-12) - The period in retrospect. 7. Hsüan-tsung (reign 712-56) (by Denis Twitchett). The early reign (713-20): Yao Ch'ung and Sung Ching -The middle reign (720-36) - Li Lin-fu's regime (736-52) - Yang Kuo-chung's regime (752-6) - The end of the reign. 8. Court and province in mid- and l ate T'ang (by C. A. Peterson). The north-eastern frontier - Te-tsung (reign779-805) - The provinces at the beginning of the ninth century - Hsien-tsu ng- (reign 805-20) and the provinces - The provinces under Hsien-tsung's successors - Decline of the provincial system. 9. Court politics in late T'ang times (by Michael T. Dalby). The rebellion of An Lu-shan and its aftermath (755 - 86) - Development of the inner court (786-805) - Centralization under Hsien-tsung (805 -20) - Mid-ninth-century court (820-59). 10. The end of the T'ang (by Robert M. Somers). Fiscal problems, rural unrest and popular rebellion - The court under I-tsung (reign 859-73) - Hsi-tsung (reign 873-88) - New structure of power in late Tang China. Light wear to cloth, occasional pen and pencil marks, else very good in chipped spine-sunned dustjacket. 70.00

Title: Cambridge History of China. Volume 3 : Sui and T'ang China, 589-906, Part I. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: TWITCHETT, Denis (ed.)

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Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1979, ISBN:0521214467:

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