Humans : Evolution and Environment

By: CRUBEZY, Eric [et al] BAR International Series 2026

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CRUBEZY, Eric, Eugenia CUNHA and Bernard LUDES (C06); Sheila MENDONCA DE SOUZA, Eugenis CUNHA and Sabine EGGERS (C08); Marcel mOTTE, Janus KZLOWSKI and Jean Pierre BOCQUET-APPEL (C14); Marisa Coutinho AFONSO and Geoff BAILEY (C62); Eugenia CUNHA and Group of Studies in Human Evolution (eds.). Humans: Evolution and Environment. C06 - History of Human populations, palaeoeco logy and ancient DNA. C08 - Bioarchaeology from the Midst of Shells. C14 - Modern Humans origins in Eurasia. C62 - Coastal geoarcbaeology: the research of shellmounds. WS32 - Interdisciplinary Studies In Human Evolution . (Oxford : Archaeopress), 2009. Pp (4),i-viii,(2),3-165,(3). Illustrated. Maps.Double Column. 4to, red card covers, lettered in black. BAR International Series 2026. International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Proceedings of the XV World Congress (Lisbon, 4-9 September 2006), Vol. 22. Contents : Session C06 : 1) Authenticity in ancient human mitochondrial DNA studies: A review (Rafael Montiel); 2) Improving inferences on past human migrations: new data from complete mitochondrial sequencing studies (Luísa Pereira); Session C08 : 3) Bioarchaeology of the Sambaqui groups: skeletal morphology, physical stress and trauma (Claudia Rodrigues-Carvalho, Andrea Lessa and Sheila Mendonça de Souza); 4) Coastal versus Riverine Shellmound builders in Brazil: Methodological Issues Regarding Biodistance (Maria Mercedes M. Okumura, Ligia G. Bartolomucci, José Filippini, Rita Vargiu, Sabine Eggers); 5) Microfossils in dental calculus from a Brazilian Shellmound: where did they come from? (Célia Helena Boyadjian, Sabine Eggers, Karl Reinhard); 6) Teeth, nutrition, anemia, infection, mortality: costs of lifestyle at the Coastal Brazilian Sambaquis (Sheila Mendonça de Souza, Veronica Wesolowski, Claudia Rodrigues-Carvalho); 7) The contribution of cranial morphology of human skeletal remains to the understanding of the biological affinities between Coastal and Riverine Shellmounds in Southern Brazil (MariaMercedes M. Okumura, Walter A. Neves); 8) Sambaquis the Brazilian Shell Mo unds: What is that all about? (Sheila Mendonça de Souza, Claudia Rodrigues Carvalho); 9) Riverine versus Coastal Shellmounds in Brazil (Sabine Eggers); Session C14 : 10) Technical behavior of the Levantine Aurignacian at Raqefet Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel (György Lengyel); Session C62 : 11) Coastal Geoarchaeology: The Research of Shell Mounds, Introduction (Marisa CoutinhoAfonso, Geoff Bailey); 12) Shell Mounds, Palimpsests and the Dynamics of A rchaeological Site Visibility (Geoff Bailey); 13) Danish Stone Age Shell Middens and applied Geoarchaeological and Bioarchaeological Methods (Nina Nielsen); 14) A ocupação dos grupos pré-históricos de pescadores-coletores em paisagens insulares da Costa do Estado de São Paulo (Manoel M. B. Gonzalez,Sandra Nami Amenomori); 15) The Submerged Shell Mounds of Cananéia, São Pa ulo, Brazil: A case study of underwater archaeology (Flávio Rizzi Calippo);16) Microstratigraphy of Shell Middens of Tierra del Fuego (Vila, A.; Esté vez, J.; Piana, E.; Madella, M.; Barceló, J.A.; Zurro, D.; Clemente, I.; Terradas, X.; Verdún, E.; Pique, R.; Mameli, L.; Briz, I.); 17) Shellmiddens of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua: Something more than Mounds (Ignacio Clemente Conte, Ermengol Gassiot Ballbè, Leonardo Lechado Ríos); 18) Geoarchaeological Investigations at Shell Mounds, Southern Brazil (Marisa Coutinho Afonso, Laércio Loiola Brochier); Session WS32 : 19) Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Evolution - Introduction (Grupo de Estudos em Evolução Humana and Eugénia Cunha); 20) Hammers, anvils & nuts: Chimpanzees technology? Applying the concept of "Chaîne Opératoire" to "nut-cracking" - Interdisciplinary research (Carvalho, S.; Matsuzawa, T.; Sousa, C.; Cunha, E.); 21) Ethology and Palaeolithic Art. Cervids and caprins in the Palaeolithic art of theCôa Valley (Vânia Carvalho); 22) Occupational stress markers in a skeletal sample: interdisciplinary approach (Sandra Assis); 23) Anthropological ana lysis of the osteological remains of a possible long termed pregnancy (Adroda Igreja Antiga do Olival-Ourém, Portugal) (Cristina Cruz & Rui Marques); 24) Working memory and modern human mind (Manuel Martín-Loeches). Very goo d. 45.00

Title: Humans : Evolution and Environment

Author Name: CRUBEZY, Eric [et al] BAR International Series 2026

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Publisher: Archaeopress, Oxford, 2009, ISBN:9781407306032:

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