Sarajevo : A Study in the Origins of the Great War. First Edition


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SETON-WATSON, R. W. Sarajevo : A Study in the Origins of the Great War. London : Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers), Ltd., n.d. [Preface dated 15 November 1925]. First Edition. Pp (6),7-303,(1). Index. 8vo, navy cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Light wear to spine ends and corners, penned name and address, else very good, solid. 400.00 Contents: Chapter I. THE AUSTRO-SERBIAN CONFLICT : The Habsburg mission against the Turks–Serb reugeees in Hungary andCroatia-Byzantium and Rome-The Illyrian and Jugoslav ideas-Prince Michael- The Eastern crisis of 1875-8 and Austria-Hungary's occupation of Bosnia-Sebia under Milan and Alexander-Croatia under Khuen–The revival of 1903 – The "Pig War” – The Serbo-Croat Coalition – Austro-Hungarian and Russian rivalry in the BalkansAehrenthal and Izvolsky -The annexation of Bosnia – The Zagreb and Friedjung Trials-William II „in shining armour” – The Southern SlavQuestion as an International issue. CHAPTER II. THE BALKAN WARS : The Bosn ian Diet-Conrad and Italy-The Balkan LeagueThe defeat of Turkey-Cuvaj's dictatorship m CroaüaTugoslav enthusiasm for the Balkan allies – The ProchaskaAffair-Serbia's Adriatic claims-Conrad and the Southern Slavs-Berchtold an d Masaryk-The Second Balkan WarThe Treaty of Bucarest-Austria-Hungary held back by Italy and Germany-William II helps Kings Constantine and Charles — Berchtold, Conrad, and the war party in Vienna-Pasic's overtures rejected-Serbia and Russia-Balkan megalomaniaUnrest in Bosnia and Croatia-Widespread conspiracy. CHAPTER III. THE JUGOSLAV REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT : Serbian sentiment for Bosnia-Kallay's warnings to ViennaThe revolutionary tradition — The new generation — Student journals - Kocic and Radulovic - Zerajic's attempt on the Governor – The Death of a Hero and its influence-The spread of terrorist ideas-Agitation in the schools-Gacinovic and his group— Constant demonstrations and terrorist talk — The conspirators in Sarajevo. CHAPTER IV. THE ARCHDUKE FRANCIS FERDINAND : Character of the Archduke — Conflicts atCourt — His desire for political changes — His hostility to Hungary — His foreign policy — His illness — William II and Francis Joseph — William II and Francis Ferdinand — Discussion of the Roumanian problem — Czernin's warnings — King Charles's alarm — The meeting of Konopiâtë — The growth of a legend. CHAPTER V. THE MURDER OF THE ARCHDUKE : The Bosnian manœuvres and Vidovdan — The murder — Incidents of the funeral — The lack of precautions in Sarajevo — General Potiorek — Outrages against the Serbs — The Wiesner enquiry — The Austro-Hungarian dossier against Serbia — Press polemics — The death of Hartwig. CHAPTER VI. THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CRIME : Four possibilities — The Serbian Government absorbed in internal troubles — The problemof Montenegrin Union — Belgrade's inaction — The "Narodna Odbrana" — The " Black Hand" — Colonel Dimitrijevic — Voja Tankosic — The Salonica Trial andits connection with Sarajevo — The real initiative — The Bosnian youth and their conspiracies — The reminiscences of Mr. Ljuba Jovanovié — Could Belg rade have warned Vienna? APPENDIX: The "Revelations" of Mr. Jovanovic. CHAPTER VII. COUNT BERCHTOLD'S PREPARATIONS FOR WAR : Berchtold's exposé of policy — Its revision after the murder — Tisza's memorandum to Francis Joseph — Obstacles to warlike action — Tisza's attitude — Berchtold and Berlin — The Hoyos mission — William II and Vienna — William II's marginalia — Berlin's encouragement of Vienna — The alleged "Crown Council" at Potsdam — The Joint Austro-Hungarian Council in Vienna (7 July) — The gradual conversion of Tisza — Berchtold and Tisza in agreement — Tschirschky keeps Berlin informed — Reasons for postponement — The Joint Council of July 19: final decisions. CHAPTER VIII. THE DUPING OF EUROPE : Conrad and Krobatin go on leave —Berlin's connivance. Berchtold and St. Petersburg: Sazonov´s confidences P oincaré's visit-Szápáry's evasions-Berchtold misleads Kudashev — German views of Russian unpreparedness. Berchtold and Paris: Berchtold and London : Lützow's warning to de Bunsen - Grey's apprehensions and struggle for peace.Berchtold and Rome: Alarm of San Giuliano and Flotow - Berlin's advice to Vienna-Italy's right to compensation - Berchtold's failure to notify Rome. The attitude of Bucarest-King Charles's warnings and offer of mediation. CHAPTER IX. THE ULTIMATUM TO SERBIA : The Austro-Hungarian Note to Serbia — Giesl's instructions — Jagow and "Central European time" — The impression inEurope — The German Government's reception of the Note — The Serbian answe r — William Il's comments — " Ultimatum " and "Invasion" — An Austrian legal opinion — Grey's efforts at mediation — Sazonov's overtures to Vienna — Berchtold deceives Francis Joseph — Austria-Hungary declares war — A last attempt in Rome — The Tsar's appeal — Conrad and Moltke. CHAPTER X. CONCLUSION. Light wear to spine ends and corners, penned name and address, else verygood. 400.00

Title: Sarajevo : A Study in the Origins of the Great War. First Edition

Author Name: SETON-WATSON, R. W.

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Publisher: Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers), Ltd., London, 1925,:

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