Explorers and Colonies : America, 1500-1625. First Edition in dustjacket

By: QUINN, David B.

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QUINN, David B. Explorers and Colonies : America, 1500-1625. London and Ronceverte : The Hambledon Press, (1990). First Edition. Pp (4),[v]-xii,[1]-449,(7),+ 8 pp plates. Text Illustrations. Index. 8vo, purple cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Very good in dustjacket. 60.00 "David B. Quinn's work has made him a pre-eminent authority on the early history of the discovery and colonisation of America. Of his many books The Roanoke Voyages, 1584-1590 (1955) and North America from Earliest Discovery to First Settlements (1977)are probably the best known. Much of his work has appeared in articles whi ch typically stand independently from his books. A number were collected inEngland and the Discovery of America, 1481-1620 (1974). Explorers and Colo nies brings together a further collection and presents an impressive and coherent body of work dealing with many of the significant questions in the context of a range of changing concepts and information, often exemplified in individual personalities. A number of pieces deal with the impact of overseas discovery on European consciousness, from the first visual images and early maps to the ways that discovery and colonisation fitted into the minds of European writers, thinking in terms of Roman precedent. At a more mundane level, we are shown how newsletters were used to encourage home investment in the colonies. Particular notice is given to the voyages of Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Francis Drake and to the work of Richard Hakluyt and Thomas Harriot. While mainly dealing with English involvement in America, Professor Quinn does not neglect the activities of other nationalities: the French voyages to Florida and Canada, Spanish theory and practice in exploration, the contribution of the Welsh to discovery and colonisation and an account of the first Hungarian in North America, Stephen Parmenius." (from thedj). Contents : 1. Exploration and the Expansion of Europe. 2. Hakluyt's R eputation. 3. Hakluyt's Use of Material: North America. 4. Artists and Illustrators in the Early Mapping of North America. 5. New Geograpnical Horizons: Literature. 6. Renaissance Influences in English Colonization. 7. The English Contribution to Early Overseas Discovery. 8. Colonies in the Beginning: Examples from North America. 9. Why They Came. 10. Early Accounts of Drake's Famous Voyage. 11. Turks, Moors, Blacks, and Others in Drake's West Indian Voyage. 12. Visions, 1567. 13. Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Newfoundland (pp 207-224). 14. Stephanus Parmenius Budaeus: A Hungarian Pioneer in North America. 15. Thomas Harriot and the New World. 16. The Attempted Colonization of Florida by the French, 1562-1565. 17. The Voyage ot Etienne Bellengerr to the Maritimes in 1583: A New Document (pp 285-300). 18. Newfoundland in the Consciousness of Europe in the Sixteenth and Earlv Seventeenth Centuries (pp 301-320). 19. James I and the Beginnings of Empire in America. 20. An Anglo-French 'Voyage of Discovery' to North America in 1604-1605. and its Sequel. 21. The Voyage of Triall, 1606-1607: An Abortive Virginia Venture. 22. A List of Books Purchased for the Virginia Company. 23. Wales and theWest. 24. Notes by a Pious Colonial Investor, 1608-1610. 25. Advice for In vestors in Virginia, Bermuda, and Newfoundland. 1611 (pp 421-430). Very good in dustjacket. 60.00

Title: Explorers and Colonies : America, 1500-1625. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: QUINN, David B.

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Publisher: Hambledon Press, London and Ronceverte, 1990, ISBN:1852850248:

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