Intelligentsia and Revolution : Russian Views of Bolshevism, 1917-1922. First Edition in dustjacket.

By: BURBANK, Jane.

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BURBANK, Jane. Intelligentsia and Revolution : Russian Views of Bolshevism,1917-1922. New York and Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1986. First Prin ting. Pp. (4),[v]-viii,(2),3-340,(4). 8vo, maroon cloth with gilt letteringto spine. "From the Bolshevik victory in 1917 to the consolidation of powe r five years later, the Russian revolution inspired a brilliant outburst oftheory and criticism among Russian intellectuals who struggled to comprehe nd their country's dramatic social upheaval. Faced with the collapse of themonarchy and disintegration of life as it had been, Marxists, monarchists, anarchists, populists, liberals, and nationalists alike contributed to a g rowing collection of critical and speculative thought. The October coup rekindled issues that had concerned the intelligentsia in the past -- issues that are still hotly debated today. Why had the revolution happened in Russia? Was this socialism? What did Bolshevik power mean for Russia and the Western world? How would the values of the Russian people be affected? In 'Intelligentsia and Revolution', Jane Burbank recovers these early responses tothe revolution, offering a multi-faceted image of the revolution seen from within. She surveys the vast body of unknown or forgotten polemical litera ture inspired by the Bolshevik takeover in 1917 and the ensuing social, political, and economic turmoil. From Kropotkin, the voice of Russian anarchism, to Ustrialov, a xenophobic nationalist, Burbank follows the disparate theories of these intellectuals, tracing their commitments and dilemmas through the turbulent years of civil war, and for many, into the Russian emigration. Her insightful analysis reveals how the revolution revitalized the political culture of the intelligentsia and, at the same time, exposed the fragile basis of its existence. An informative study of the Russian intelligentsia in its classic role as social critic and articulator of national ideals, 'Intelligentsia and Revolution' paints an important group portrait. it skillfully depicts a broad range of perspectives on the revolution during a crucial period when both action and inaction counted and when the tactical and institutional choices made by the intelligentsia were critical for the future." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Revolutionaries in the Revolution: The Search for Democratic Socialism: Menshevik Prospects -- Iulii Martov: Principled Protest Against the Commissarocracy -- Menshevik Dissenters:Plekhanov, Potresov, Zasulich -- Pavel Axelrod: "A Dictatorship over the P roletariat" -- Martov's Battles. 2. Revolutionaries in the Revolution: Populist Perspectives: The Revival of Russian Populism -- Viktor Chernov: "The Dictatorship of the City over the Country" -- Mark Vishniak: ConstitutionalIllusions -- Petr Kropotkin: "How Communism Cannot be Introduced" -- Popul ism in Defeat. 3. Two Russian Liberals: Socialism on Trial: Principles and Goals -- P.N. Miliukov and Bolshevik Power -- Petr Struve: "The Experimental Refutation of Socialism" -- Struve: Searching for the Nation -- Miliukov:"The Birth of Russian Democracy" -- The Liberals and the People. 4. The Mo narchy in Fact and Fancy: The Autocratic Legacy -- F.V. Vinberg: "The Forces of Darkness" -- S.S. Ol'denburg: The Best Case for the Sovereign -- Monarchist Politics, 1921-1922 -- The Kingdom of Ideals. 5. A Different Culture:From the Depths: Nikolai Berdiaev: "The Peculiarity of Bitter Russian Fate " -- N.S. Trubetskoi: The Rebellion of the Despised -- N.V. Ustrialov: Changing Landmarks. 6. The Revolution and the Intelligentsia. With selected bibliography and index. Very good in lightly nicked dustjacket. 40.00

Title: Intelligentsia and Revolution : Russian Views of Bolshevism, 1917-1922. First Edition in dustjacket.

Author Name: BURBANK, Jane.

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Publisher: Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 1986, ISBN:0195040619:

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