Early Germans. Second Edition

By: TODD, Malcolm Peoples of Europe series

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TODD, Malcolm. The Early Germans. Second Edition. (Malden, MA) : Blackwell Publishing, (2004). Pp (6),[vii]-xii,(4),[1]-266,(6). Illustrated. Maps. Index. 8vo, illustrated black card covers, lettered in white. "For many centuries Germanic peoples occupied much of northern and central Europe. From the fourth century onward migrant groups extended their power and influence over much of western Europe and beyond to North Africa. In so doing, they established enduring states in France, Spain, Italy and Britain. This illustrated book makes use of archaeological and literary sources to outline the ethnogenesis and history of the early Germanic peoples. It provides an overview of current knowledge of these peoples, their social structure, settlements, trade, customs, religion, craftsmanship and relations with the Roman Empire. In this second edition, the author incorporates important new archaeological evidence and reports on advances in historical interpretation. In particular, he offers new insights into developments in central and easternEurope and the implications for our understanding of migration and settlem ent patterns, ethnicity and identity. Ten new plates have been added featuring significant new sites discovered in recent years." (from the back cover). Contents : Foreword to the Second Edition. Foreword to the First Edition. Introduction: Rediscovery : - The Germani; - Origins; - Languages. Part IGermania : 1. Land and People : - The Land; - Germans, Celts and the Easte rn Peoples. 2. The Social Fabric : - The Institutions of Society; - Armament and Warfare. 3. The Germans and the Advance of Rome : - Early Encounters;- Roman Frontiers; - Germans in the Service of Rome. 4. The Living and the Dead : - The Forms of Settlement; - The Agricultural Economy; - Burial of the Dead. 5. Trade and Diplomacy : - Roman Diplomacy and the Early Germans;- Trade with the Roman Empire. 6. Cult, Art and Technology : - Deities and their Sanctuaries; - Human Sacri?ce; - Myth and Ritual; - Christianity; - Crafts and Craftsmanship; - The Origins of Germanic Art. Part II. Germanic Europe : 7. The Gothic Kingdoms : - Gothic Origins; - The Visigoths; - The Ostrogoths. 8. The Suebi and Vandals : - The Suebi; - The Vandals. 9. Franks, Alamanni and Burgundians : - The Franks: from Gaul to Francia; - The Alamanni; - The Burgundians. 10. The Northern Peoples : - The Saxons and Frisians; - Scandinavia. 11. The Gepids and Lombards : - The Gepids; - The Lombards. 12. The Thuringians and Bavarians. Conclusion: From Antiquity to Today. Very good. 30.00

Title: Early Germans. Second Edition

Author Name: TODD, Malcolm Peoples of Europe series

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Publisher: Blackwell Publishing, Malden, MA, 2004, ISBN:1405117141:

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