Alexander the Great. [Volume] II. Sources and Studies. Second Edition in dustjacket

By: TARN, W. W.

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TARN, W. W. Alexander the Great. [Volume] II. Sources and Studies. Ca,bridge [et al] : Cambridge University Press, (1979). Second Edition. Pp (8),viixiii,(1),1-[481],(3). Double-page Map. 8vo, brown cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "Tarn's Alexander the Great, first published in 1948, has become a classic and its importance for subsequent Alexander studies can hardly be exaggerated. Based on a lifetime's work and elegantly and persuasively written, both volumes evoked immediate admiration - and very soon sharp reaction. Little has in fact appeared on Alexander over the last thirty years that has not been directly related to Tarn's book. Especially Volume II, with its detailed analysis of the sources and discussion of the main historical cruces - such as Cleitarchus' date, the status of the Greek cities, Alexander'sdeification, his supposed plans for a world-kingdom and the famous thesis that he sought to realise the 'brotherhood of mankind' - has itself inspired scores of books and articles. For the scholar both volumes are indispensable and their re-appearance is to be warmly welcomed." (Frank W. Walbank, quoted on the dj). Contents : Part One : The So-Called 'Vulgate' and Its Sources. A. The Problem. B. Cleitarchus and Alexander’s Expedition. C. The Date of Cleitarchus. D. Aristobulus and Cleitarchus. E. Cleitarchus’ Book' E'.The Poetasters. F. Diodorus XVII. F'. Diodorus’ Method of Work. G. Quintus Curtius Rufus. G'. Curtius’ Use of Diodorus. H. Justin, Books XI and XII. J. Summary. Part Two : Appendices. Appendices 1 - 6 : Military. 1 . Alexander’s Macedonian Troops : I. Terminology and Development; II. The Phalanx; III. The Hypaspists; IV. The Companion Cavalry; V. Some Conclusions. 2. The Short Macedonian Cubit. 3 . Alexander’s Communications. 4 . The Cardaces. 5. The Battle of Gaugamela. 6. The Battle of the Hydaspes. Appendices 7 - 8 : Cities. 7. Alexander and the Greek Cities of Asia Minor : I. The Politic al Position of the Cities; II. The League of Corinth. 8. Alexander’s Foundations : I. The Cities generally; II. Alexandria in Makarene; III. Plutarch,Be Alexandre Fortuna aut Virtute I, 328 f . Appendices 9 - 14 : Some Histo rical mITems : 9 . Caranus. 10. The Gordian Knot. 11. The Death of Batis. 12. The Murder of Parmenion. 13 . The Alleged Massacre of the Branchidae. 14. Alexander and the Ganges. Appendices 15 - 17 : Documentary. 15 . The Spe eches in Arrian (and some in Curtius). 16. Plutarch’s Life of Alexander. 17. The Date of the Gazetteer of Alexander’s Empire. Appendices 18-21: Perso nal. 18 . Alexander’s Attitude to Sex. 19 . The Queen of the Amazons. 20. ‘Barsine’ and Her Son Heracles. 21. AN1KHTOZ. Appendices 22-25: The MMain Problems. 22. Alexander’s Deification : I. Ammon; II. Bactra. III. 324 B.c. 23 . The Embassies to Babylon. 24 . Alexander’s Supposed Plans and the ‘World-kingdom*. 25 . Brotherhood and Unity : I. The Background; II. The Cynics;III. Homonoia and the Line of Kingship; IV. Zeno and the Stoics; V. Betwee n Alexander and Zeno; VI. Alexander at Opis. Addenda; Index; Map. Very goodin dustjacket. 60.00

Title: Alexander the Great. [Volume] II. Sources and Studies. Second Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: TARN, W. W.

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Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1979, ISBN:052122585x:

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