Ecological City : Canada's Overview.

By: PECK, Steven W. (primary author and editor)

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PECK, Steven W., (primary author and editor). The Ecological City : Canada's Overview. [Ottawa] : Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, May 1995. Pp (10),[1]-163,(30). 4to, black comb-bound, white card covers, lettered in blue, with a cut-out window. This report was prepared by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. It wasprovided as Canada's contribution to the Project Group on the Ecological C ities of the Groun for Urban Affairs of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Contents : Executive Summary. Resumé pour la Direction. 1. Introduction: Urban Sustainability and the Ecologicval Cities Project. 1.1 Towards a Definition of an Ecological City/Region. 1.2 An Ecological Approach to Urban Policy. 2. Background: The Broad Context for Urban Policy. 2.1 Social and Political Context. 2.2 Demographic and Geographic Context. 2.3 Economic and Fiscal Climate. 2.3.1 Impact of Economic and Fiscal Climate on Urban Sustainability. 2.4 History of Urbanization. 3. The Status of Canada's Progress Towards Ecological Cities. 3.1 Land-Use Trends/Planning. 3.2 Transportation Trends. 3.3 Energy Consumption and Conselvation Measures. 3.4 Water Resources In Urban Areas. 3.5 Waste Water Treatment. 3.6 Air Quality and Atmospheric Change. 3.7 Stonn Water. 3.8 Solid Waste Management. 3.9 Hazardous Waste Management. 3.10 Green Space!Natural Areas. 3.11 Housing and Urban Sustainability. 3.12 Selected Social Indicators. 3.12.1 UrbanCrime. 3.12.2 Social Spending and Child Poverty. 3.12.3 Gender Issues. 3.1 2.4 Health. 4. Outstanding Urban Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities. 4.1 Values and Beliefs. 4.2 InformationlEducation. 4.3 Institutional. 4.4 Public Participation/Consultation. 4.5 Financial/Economic. 4.5.1 Financia1lEconomic Challenges for Municipal Government. 5. Innovative Policy Developments: Tols and Strategies. 5.1 Strategic Approaches to Sustainability andTwo Case Studies: Greater Vancouver Regional District's Creating Our Futur e, Regional Municipality of Hamilton Wentworth's Vision 2020. The Sustainable Region.. 5.2 The Ecological Footprint Concept/Appropriate Carrying Capacity Concept. 5.3 State-of-Institutions Reporting Framework. 5.4 State-of-Environment Reporting and State-of-the-City Reporting. 5.5 The Ecosystem Approach to Land-Use Planning. 5.6 Integrative Processes - Consensus Building. 5.7 Municipal Environmental Assessment. 6. Institutional Context: The Principal Actors in Canadian Urban Policy. 6.1 Federal Government. 6.1.1 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. 6.1.2 The Department of Finance. 6.1.3.Environment Canada. 6.1.4 Federal Environmental Assessment and Review Office.6.1.5 Transport Canada. 6.1.6 Natural Resources Canada. 6.1.7 Human Resour ces Development Canada. 6.1.8 National Research Council. 6.1.9 Public Worksand Government Selvices Canada. 6.1.10 Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 6.1.11 Treasury Board Secretruiat. 6.1.12 Regional Economic Development Ag encies. 5.1.13 Canadian International Development Agency. 6.1.14 Industry Canada. 6.1.15 Health Canada. 6.1.16 Foreign Affairs and International Trade. 6.2 Provincial and Tenitorial Governments. 6.2.1 Environmental Jurisdiction. 6.2.2 Economic Jurisdiction. 6.2.3 Social Jurisdiction. 6.3 Municipal Governments. 6.4 Non-governmental Organizations. 6.4.1 Private Sector. 6.4.2Research Institutes. 6.4.3 Local Advocacy Groups. 6.4.4 National and Provi ncial Advocacy Groups. 6.4.5 Education Institutions. 6.4.6 Media. 6.4.7 Labour. 6.5 The Evolution of Canada's Institutional Framework. 7 Intergovernmental Relations: Selec ted Institutions and Issues. 7.1 Federal-Provincial Govemment Relations. 7.1.1 The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment. 7.1.2 The Intergovemmental Committee on Urban and Regional Research. 7.1.3 National Air Issues Steeling Committee. 7.2 Inter-provincial GovemmentRelations. 7.2.1 The Committee of Ministers on Intemal Trade. 7.3 Federal - Municipal Govemment Relations. 7.3.1 The Federation of Canadian Municipalities. 7.4 Provincial - Municipal Govemment Relations. 704.1 Provincially -based Municipal Associations. 7.5 Inter-institutional Integration. 7.5.1 R ound Tables on the Environment and the Economy. 7.5.2 Fraser Basin Management Program. 7.5.3 Remedial Action Plans. 7.504 Waterfront Regeneration Trust. 7.5.5 Projet de Societe. 7.5.6 Conservation AuthOlities. Conclusion. Penned name, some yellow highlightng, else very good. 30.00

Title: Ecological City : Canada's Overview.

Author Name: PECK, Steven W. (primary author and editor)

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Publisher: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 1995,:

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