Austria's Wars of Emergence : War, State and Society in the Habsburg Monarchy, 1683-1797. First Edition, Paperback.

By: HOCHEDLINGER, Michael. Modern Wars in Perspective.

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HOCHEDLINGER, Michael. Austria's Wars of Emergence : War, State and Societyin the Habsburg Monarchy, 1683-1797. London, New York, [et al] : Longman, (2003). First Printing. Pp. (5),vi-xviii,1-466,(4). With maps to text. 8vo,art-illustrated red and black card covers with white and cream lettering t o front cover, cream lettering to red spine. A volume in the Modern Wars inPerspective series. General editors: H.M. Scott and B.W. Collins. "'Austri a's Wars of Emergence, 1683-1797' spans the period from the second Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683 to the Franco-Austrian peace settlement of 1797. Itis the first comprehensive work ever to put Vienna's far-reaching military commitments, and the enormous pressure these necessarily brought to bear o n the Monarchy's political, administrative and social structure, at the centre stage of early modern Austrian history. Michael Hochedlinger explains that the Habsburg Monarchy, contrary to the conventional cliche, was neithercreated nor held together by the dynasty's famed marriage policy alone, bu t rather by force of arms and the instruments of the early modern power-state. The struggle for survival within the ever more competitive European states-system forced the Austrian Habsburgs to transform, slowly but steadily,their central and eastern European territories from a bewilderingly comple x and backward conglomeration into a centralized state. After decades of truly revolutionary reforms from above in the Age of Enlightened Absolutism (1740-1790) the Habsburg Monarchy certainly ranked with the most advanced polities of Europe. It was also one of the most highly militarized states, second only to Austria's arch-enemy Prussia." - from rear. Contents: Part I: Modern Origins: The Habsburg Monarchy during the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century: 1. The domestic foundations; 2. The primacy of power politics; 3. Home defence; 4. The standing army. Part II: Austria's "Age of Heroes", 1683-1733: 5. The Turkish War, 1683-1699; 6. The Nine Years War, 1689-1697; 7. The War of the Spanish Succession, 1701-1714; 8. Renewed expansion. Part III: The Crisis of a Great Power, 1733-1748: 9. Diplomatic reverses andmilitary defeats; 10. Squaring the circle or how to administer and defend a territorial giant; 11. The War of the Austrian Succession, 1740-1748. Part IV: Reform, Revenge, Aggression? : 12. The modernization of the Habsburg Monarchy in the age of Enlightened Absolutism, 1740-1790; 13. Army and society; 14. The Seven Years War, 1756-1783; 15. Peacetime expansion in the East, 1764-1775; 16. Streamlining the Habsburg Monarchy; 17. The Russian maelstrom; 18. State crisis and recovery. Part V: The Revolutionary Challenge, 1789-1797: 19. From "military promenade" to life-and-death struggle, 1789-1794; 20. In search of compensations, 1792-1795; 21. False hopes, 1796-1797. With index. Very good. 50.00

Title: Austria's Wars of Emergence : War, State and Society in the Habsburg Monarchy, 1683-1797. First Edition, Paperback.

Author Name: HOCHEDLINGER, Michael. Modern Wars in Perspective.

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Publisher: Longman, London, New York, et al, 2003, ISBN:0582290848:

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