Log of Christopher Columbus. Second Paperback Printing.

By: COLUMBUS, Christopher) FUSON, Robert H., trans.

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(COLUMBUS, Christopher). The Log of Christopher Columbus. Translated by Robert H. Fuson. Camden, Maine : International Marine Publishing Company, (copyright 1992). Second Paperback Printing. Pp (8),ix-xviii,(2),1-252. Illustrations in the text. Double column. Oblong 8vo, illustrated orange, white, and black cardcovers, red and black lettering to spine. Robert Henderson Fuson (b. July 7, 1927, Bloomington, Indiana - d. October 22, 2004, Tampa Bay,Florida). "As he set sail in 1492 on the voyage that would culminate in th e discovery of the New World, Christopher Columbus resolved to "write down everything that 1 might do and see and experience on this voyage, from day to day and very carefully." True to his pledge, he kept a daily account of his adventtures, which he presented to Oueen Isabela upon his return to Spain in 1493. The Log of Christopher Columbus presents the first historicallyaccurate and readable translation / reconstruction of Columbus' famous Voy age of Discovery, based on authentic source materials. Author / translator Robert Fuson effectively combines sound scholarship with a brilliant ear for the venacular to create a lively, credible, and deeply moving rendition of Columbus' original log. The reader can follow, day by day, in Columbus' wake and share his vivid impressions of the New World, as yet untouched by European civilization. This is also the first modern translation to reflect the authoritative new landfall theories advanced by the National GeographicSociety in 1986, which place Columbus' first landing site not on Watlings Island but at Samana Cay. Fuson was a consultant to the National Geographicexpedition and has been an active participant in the landfall controversy for more than 30 years. Columbus' log itself is accommnied by a treasure trove of supplementary material on the many suggested landfalls and their proponents, medieval ships and navigation, and Columbus' own mysterious personal history. A foreword by Luis Marden, chief emeritus of the National Geographic foreign bureau as well as veteran sailor, will be of particular interest to readers who contemplate sailing in the track of Columbus. With the Quincentennial of the Discovery approaching in 1992, The Log of Christopher Columbus is more than a historical artifact; it is a profound allegory of our own times. Greed, idealism, duplicity, generosity, courage — the best and worst of the human spirit — are all here, all part of the legacy that is contemporary Western civilization. To share Columbus' original words and vision is to experience a powerful sense of déja vu, with excitement and wonder touched by deep sadness." - from inside front cover. Foreword by Luis Marden. Prologue: 1. The Log; 2. Columbus, the Man; 3. The Ships and Their Navigation. The Log of Christopher Columbus Part I. The Outward Voyage : 3 August to 10 October 1492. Part II. The Discovery of the Bahamas : 11 to 27 October 1492. Part III. The Discovery of Cuba : 28 October to 5 December 1492. Part IV. The Discovery of Española : 6 December 1492 to 15 January 1493.Part V. The Homeward Voyage : 16 January to 15 March 1493. Epilogue. Appen dices: A. The Landfall Theories; B. Gustavus Fox and the Samana Cay Landfall Theory; C. The Crews of the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria and the Cost of the Expedition; D. Columbus' Voyages before 1492; E. La Villa de la Navidad[in Haiti]; F. Roots and Tubers; G. The Death and Burial of Columbus. With bibliography and index. Very good. 12.50

Title: Log of Christopher Columbus. Second Paperback Printing.

Author Name: COLUMBUS, Christopher) FUSON, Robert H., trans.

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Publisher: International Marine, Camden, ME, 1992, ISBN:0877429510:

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