Advances in Aquaculture : Papers presented at the FAO Technical Conference on Aquaculture, Kyoto, Japan, 26 May - 2 June 1976

PILLAY, T. V. R., and Wm. A. DILL (eds.). Advances in Aquaculture : Papers presented at the FAO Technical Conference on Aquaculture, Kyoto, Japan, 26 May - 2 June 1976. Farnham, Surrey, England : Published by arrangement withthe Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, by Fishing Ne ws Books Ltd, (1979). First Edition. Pp (4),v-xviii,1-653,(1). Illustrated.Figures. Tables. Double Column. 4to, green cloth, gilt lettering and decor ation to front board and spine. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Very good. 125.00 Contents :Chapter I - World Aquaculture and its Future Role : The State of Aquacultu re 1976 /(by. V. R. Pillar); Aquaculture and Integrated Rural Development, with Special Reference to Economic Factors (by G. M. Gerhardsen); Aspcctos Jundicos. Socialcs y Hconomicos cie la Acuicultura (by R. Ramirez Granado ); Problems of Large Scale Vertically-Integrated Aquaculture (by H. H. Webber and P. F. Riordan); Development of Vertically Integrated Fish Farming in Europe (by T. J. Cracknel!); The Status of Vertically Integrated Aquaculture In dustry in the United States (by P. Briggs); The Aquaculture Industry in Japan - Its Present and Future (by A. Furukawa); Aquaculture in the Southern United States (by O. W. Dillon Jr.); Role of Aquaculture m Water Resource Development A Case Study of the Lower Mekong Basin Project (by V. R.Puniuln); Status and Problems of Culture of Baitfish for the Skipjack Fishery in the Pacific Region (by V. Gopalakrishnan); Insurance and Risk Management for the Aquaculture Industry (by P.A. D. Secretan); Risks. Mortality and Insurance of Furopcan Trout Farms (by Ian S. Mac/arlane and R. Louise Varlev); Strategy for Future Development of Aquaculture in Japan (by I. Asano); Credit for Aquaculture (by R.Hamlisch); Research and Extension Services for Aquaculture Development (by T. V. R. Pillay); A Role for Private Contract Research in the Development of Fish Farming (by Ian S. Macfarlane); International Aspects of Disease Control in Aquaculture (by P. Ghinino). Chapter II - Finfish Culture in Ponds : Physical Problems in Fish Farm Construction (by Y.A.Tang); Planning, Design and Construction of a Coastal Milkfish Farm (by Y. A. Tang); Hydrometeorology in Pond Fish Culture (by M.A.Szumiec); Lime Requirement and Application in Fish Ponds (by C. E. Boyd); New Trends in Fsh Farm Management (by V.R.P.Slnha); Problems of Warmwater Fish Seed Production (by H. Chaudhuri and S. D. Tripathi); Enhancing Production of Indian Major Carp Fry and Fingerlings by Use of Growth Promoting Substances (by P.R. Sen and D. K. Chatterjee); Preservation of Trout Spermaio/oa for Varyin g Periods (by W. Holtz, S. Buyukhatipoglu, J. Stoss, B. Oldigs, and H.J. Langholz); The Development of a Nursery Technique for Rearing Turbot. Seophthalmus maximus, from Metamorphosis to Ongrowmg Si/e - Progress Since 1970 bythe British White Fish Authority (by P. L. Smith); Observaciones Prelimina res en Acuarios Sobre Incubacion y Alcvinaje de Aierinidos (Chirostoma spp,) Del Lago de Patzcuaro, Michoacan (by A . A rmijo Oniz and L. Sasso Yada) [Preliminary Aquarium Observations on Incubation and Rearing of Athcrinidi.(Chirosioma spp.) in Lake Paucuaro, Michoacan]; Intensive Culture of India n Major Carps (by R. D;. Chakrabarty, P, R. Sen, ,V. C. S. Rao, and S.R.Ghosh); Some Expcriments on Intensive Farming of Common Carp in Poland (by J. Szumiec); The Culture of Common Carp in Japan (by R. Suzuki); Culture of Male Tilapia mossambica Produced 'Through Artificial Sex Reversal (by RaphaelD. Guerrero III); Effects of High Density Culture and Form of Feed on Repr oduction and Yield of Tilapia aurea (by R. Allison, R, O. Smitherman and J.Cabrero); Elevage dc Truite en Eau de Mer Dans le Fier d'Ars, Ile de Re (F rance ) .(by J. Masse) [Trout Culture in Sea Water in the Fier d'Ars, Island of Re (France)]; L'Elevage des Poissons en Eau de Mcr: Nouveaux ResultatsFrangais en Matiere de Recherche et dc Developpement (by M. Girin and Y. H arache) [Fsh Breeding in Sea Water: New Results Obtained in France with Respect to Research and Development]; Preliminary Observations Related to Culture of Rhamdia hllarii : a Brazilian Catfish (by C. R . Machado and N. Castagnolii); Studies on the Culture of the Threadfin, Polydactylus sexfilis, in Hawaii (by R. C. May); Flavour Problems in Fish Culture (by Richard T.. Lovell); Fish Diseases and their Control in Aquaculture (by S. Sarig); Epidemic Fish Diseases and their Control in Japan (by H. Kowatsu, A . Homma and K. Kawuguchi); A Preliminary Report on Fish Diseases and their Control in Colombia (by D. A , Conroy and C. Vdsquez D.); The Feasibility of Combining Animal Husbandry with Fish Farming, with Special Reference to Duck and Pig Production (by E. Woynarovich); Aquaculture en Rizieres: Situation et Role Futur (by M.M.J. Yincke) [Rice Paddy Aquaculture, Its Situation and Future Role]; Rice Fish Culture and the Green Revolution (by John H. Grover); The Economics of Various Management Techniques for Pond Culture of Finfish (by H. R. Rabanal and Y. C. Shang); Fish Production Costs Using Alternative Systems and the Economic Advantages of Double Cropping by E. E. Brown); A Proposal for Economic Investigations of Fish Farms with Special Reference to Book-Keeping and Financial Analysis (by A. Berge). Chapter III - Culture of Crustaceans : Progres dans les Techniques d'elevage des Crevettes et la Production de Juveniles (by J. Perrot) [Progress in Shrimp Culture Techniques and the Production of Juveniles]; Recent Progress in the Farming of Kuruma Shrimp ( Penat'usjaponicus ) (by H. Kurala and K. Stugueno); El Cultivo de Camarones Comerciales Peneidos en la Argentina y la Posibilidad de su Produccion en Mayor Escala (by E. E. Boschi and M. A . Scelzo) [The Culture of Commercial Prawns (Pcnacids) in Argentina and the Possibility of Producing them on a Large Scale]; Penaeid Shrimp Culture Research at the National Marine Fisheries Service Galveston Laboratory (by R. A. Neal); Reproduction Controlee Chez la Crevette Penaeus japonicus (by A. Lauhier Bonichon and L. Laubier) [Controlled Reproduction of the Shrimp Penaeus joponicus]; Etude de la Maturation et la Ponte Chez Penaeus japonlcus en Captivite (by J. L. Caubere, R, Lafon, F. Rene and C. Sales) [Studies on the Maturation and Spawning of Penaeus japonicus in captivity]; Cultivo Experimental de Estadios Larvales del Camaron Blanco Penaeus schmittiy del Camaron Acaramclado Penaeus duorarum notialis en Laboratorio (by D. Perez Perez and M. Oliva Sudrez) [Experimental Rearing of Larval Stages of the White Shrimp Penaeus schmitti and the Pink Shrimp Penaeus duorarum nottalis in the Laboratory]; The Economics of Kuruma ebi (Penaeus japontcus) Shrimp Farming (by Y, Htrasawa and J. Watford); The Culture of Freshwater Prawns: A Review (by S, W. Ling and T. J. Costello); Culture of Freshwater Shrimps in Fertilized Ponds (by L. A. Guerrero and R. D. Guerrero III); Hxperimental Aquaculture of the Malaysian Prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii. in South Carolina, U.S.A. (by P. A . Sandifer and T. I. J. Smith); Desarrollo Larval de Macrohrachium lenellum en ElSalvador (by C. Sanchez); [Larval Development of Macrohrachium tenellum in El Salvador]; Various Aspects of Culturing the American Lobster, Homarus a rnericanus (by J. E. Stewart andJ. D. Castell); Rearing Larvae and Post-Larvae of the King Crab ( Paralithodes eamtschatica ) (by T. Nakanishi); The Brine Shrimp, Anemia salina: A Bottleneck in Mariculture? (by P. Sorgeloos).Chapter IV - Culture of Molluscs : Oyster Culture-- A World Review (by J. B. GIude); The Status of Pacific Oyster Culture in Japan (by A. Koganezawa); Culture of Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) in Containers in German Coastal Waters (by R . Meixner); Las Experiencias en el Cultivo de Ostiones del Mangle (Crassostrea rhizophorae) (by M. Nikolic, A . Bosch and B. Vazquez) [Experiments in Mangrove Oyster Culture (Crassostrea rhizophorae)]; Tropical Mangrove Oyster Culture: Problems and Prospects (by A. B. Kamara, K. H. McNeil and D, B, Quayle); Oyster Mortalities and their Control (by C. J. Sindermann); Cultivo del Mejillon, Mytilus edulis, y Posibilidades para su Expansion (by A . Figueras) [Culture of the Mussel. Mytilus edulis< and Possibilities for its Expansion]; Economic Aspects of Mussel Farming (by P. Korringa); Settlement and Survival of Giant Scallop. Placopecten magcllanicus. Larvae on Enclosed Polyethylene Film Collectors (by K. S. Naidu and R. Scaplen); Pearl Farming in Japan (by S. Mizumoto); Shellfish Purification: A Review of Current Technology (by S.A. Furfari). Chapter V - Culture of Algae and Seaweeds : Developments in the Culture of Algae and Seaweeds and the Future of the Industry (by I. C Nvish); Seaweed Aquaculture in the Northwest Pacific (by Y. Sailo); The Industrial Development of Farmed Marine Algae:The Case History of Eucheuma in the Philippines and U.S.A. (by L, E, Devea u andj. R. Castle). Chapter VI - Aquaculture in Raceways, Cages and Enclosures : Selection of Sites and Design of Cages, Fishpens and Net Enclosures for Aquaculture (by P. H. Milne); Floating Cage Culture of Fish in the LowerMekong Basin (by V. R. Pantulu); A Review of Cage Fish Culture and its App lication in Africa (by A. G. Coche); The Development of a Commercial Pacific Salmon Culture Business (by J. M. Lindbergh); Recent Developments in Cageand Enclosure Aquaculture in Norway (by D. Moller); Coastal Culture of Yel lowtail (Seriola qutnqucra diata) and Red Seabream (t'agrus major) in Japan(by M. Fujiya); Design of Floating Breakwaters (by J. Kato, T. Noma and Y. Uekita); Progress in Farming Turbot, Scophthalmus maximus, in Floating Sea Cages (by 5. T. Hull and R. D. Edwards); Comparative Economics of Aquacult ure in Cages, Raceways and Enclosures (by R.A. Collins and M. N. Delmendo).Chapter VII - : Wastes and Use of Recirculating Water in Aquaculture : Rec ycling of Wastes Through Aquaculture, and Constraints to Wider Application (by G. H. Allen and B.Hepher); Use of Agricultural and Urban Wastes in FishCulture (by C. Schroeder and B. Hepher); Experiments in Recycling Swine Ma nure in Fishponds (by D. H. Buck, R. J. Baur and C. R. Rose); Preliminary Bacteriological Studies on Wastewater Fertilised Marine Fish Ponds. HumboldtBay. California (by C. H. Allen, R. A, Busch and A. W. Morton); Utilisatio n of Heated Discharge Water from Electric Power Plants in Aquaculture (by J. Tanaka); Preliminary Fish Farming Experiments in Brackishwater Thermal Kfflucnts (by H. Kuhlmann); Biological and Economic Aspects of Fish Production in a Closed Warm Water System (by V. Hilge); A Technical and Economic Review of the Use of Reconditioned Water in Aquaculture (by R. D, Mayo); A Model Closed System for Aquaculture Incorporating the Recycling of Wastes (by R. A. Neal and C.R. Mock); An Experiment in Growing Rainbow Trout in Rccirculated Water (by T,K,Hill); Mariculture in Controlled Environment Seawater Systems A Review of Research at the University of Delaware (1968 75) (by K.S. Price, M. R. Carrier, C E. Episanjo, R. F. Srna, C. D. Pruder, E. T. Bo lton and K. P. Smith); Fish Culture in a Recirculating System with Water Treatment by Activated Sludge (by Ch, Meske). Chapter VIII - Artificial Recruitment and Transplantations : Improvement of Fishery Resources in Inland Waters Through Stocking (by V. G. Jhingran and A . V. Natarajan); Advances and Problems in Culture-Based Fisheries in Japan (by N. Hanamura); Review of Transplantation and Artificial Recruitment of Anadromous Species (by W. J. McNeil); Salmon Propagation in Japan (by T. Kobayashi); Atlantic Salmon Enhancement Techniques in Newfoundland (by M. K. Farwell and T.R. Porter, pp 560-563); Stocking of Ayu, Plccoxlossus altlvelh. in the Rivers of Japan (byR. lshida). Chapter IX - Nutritional Requirements and Feed Technology : Fi sh Nutrition and Fish Feed Manufacture (by W.H, Hasting); The Nutritional Requirements of Cultivated Warmwater and Coldwater Fish Species (by J. E. Halver); Studies on the Nutrient Requirements of Rainbow Trout, Salmo gairdnerL Grown in Sea Water and Fresh Water (by S. P. Lall and F. J. Bishop); Recent Advances in Studies on Mineral Nutrition of Fish in Japan (by T. Nose and S. A rai; Resultats Expcrimcntaux sur Penaeus japonicus: Specificitic dcs Besoins Nutritionnels (Proteines et AcidesGras) (by AQUACOP) [Experimental Results on Penaeus japonicus : Specificity in Nutritional Requirements (Proteins and Fatty Acids]; The Effect of Protein Levels and Sources on Growth of Penaeus aztecus (by Z. P, Zein-Eldin and J. Corliss); Replacement of Fish Meal in Trout Feeds by Other Feedstuffs (by J. Gropp, H, Koops, K. Tiews and H. Beck); Evaluation of Squid Mantle Meal as a Protein Source in Penaeid Nutrition (by J. L. Fenucci and Z. P. Zein-Eldin); Nutritional Diseasesin Channel Catfish (by R. T. Lovell). Chapter X - Genetics and Genetic Imp rovement of Fish : Genetic Improvement in Aquaculture Industry (by R. Moav); Variation in Growth Rate and Age at Sexual Maturity in Rainbow Trout (by D. Moller, G. Naevdal, M. Holm and R. Leroy); Comparisons of Growth and Survival of Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus. from Distinct Populations (by 0. L. Green, R. O. Smitherman and G. H. Purdue); Selection of Common Carp(Cyprlnus carpio) for Resistance to Dropsy (by V. S. Kirpichnikov, K.A. Fa ctorovich, Yu. I. llyasov and L.A. Shrt); Crossbreeding Hungarian Races of Common Carp to Develop More Productive Hybrids (by J. Bakos); A Proposal for the Continuous Production of F, Hybrids Between the European and Chinese Races of the Common Carp in Traditional Fish Farms of Southeast Asia (by R.Moav, T. Brody, G. Wohtfarth and G. Hulata). ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES W ILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Very good. 125.00

Title: Advances in Aquaculture : Papers presented at the FAO Technical Conference on Aquaculture, Kyoto, Japan, 26 May - 2 June 1976

Author Name: PILLAY, T. V. R., and Wm. A. DILL (eds.) DILL, Wm. A. FARWELL, M. K. PORTER, T. R.

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