Archaeology of Contact in Settler Societies. First Edition, Paperback

HUNTER, John, and Ian RALSTON, (eds.). The Archaeology of Britain : An Introduction from Earliest Times to the Twenty-first Century. Second Edition. (Cambridge) : Cambridge University Press, (2004). Pp (4),v-xviii,1-454,(8). Some illustrations, diagrams, tables in the text. Maps. 8vo, photo-illustrated black & yellow cardcovers, lettered in white, black spine, yellow and white lettering to spine.. "Several decades of research into the archaeologyof contact in North America have laid the foundations for the global explo ration of the archaeology of European colonization. It is significant, however, that archaeologists, unlike historians and geographers, have yet to develop a global account of contact and its consequences. This edited work presents case studies from nations developed from British settlement so as toallow historical archaeologists to examine differences and similarities be tween the histories of modern colonial societies world-wide. Written by an international team of experts, the work shows that historical archaeologiescan assume marvellously different and suggestive forms when examined from the periphery. Furthermore, the imperatives of the periphery could result in different perspectives on North American and European archaeological contexts. The work also examines the role of a global vision of the historical archaeology of colonialism in providing a new basis for the evolution of the ‘nation’" - rear cover.. Contents 1. The archaeology of contact in settler societies Tim Murray; Part I. Diverse Contacts and Consequences: 2. "Beads, bodices and regimes of value: from France to North America, c. 1500–c. 1650" by Laurier Turgeon; 3. "Ships for the taking: Culture Contact and the Maritime Fur Trade on Northwest coast of North America" by Steven Acheson and James P. Delgado (pp.48-77); 4. "Culture contact viewed through ceramic petrography at the Pueblo mission of Abó, New Mexico" by Patricia Capone; 5. "The transformation of indigenous societies in the south western Cape during the rule of the Dutch East India Company, 1652–1795" by Yvonne Brink; 6. Contact archaeology and the landscapes of pastoralism in the north west of Australia" by Rodney Harrison; 7. "Tenacity of the traditional: the firsthundred years of Maori-European settler contact on the Hauraki Plains, Aot earoa / New Zealand" by Stuart Bedford; Part II. Issues and Methods: 8. "Fur trade archaeology in western Canada: who’s digging up the forts?" by OlgaKlimko; 9. "Contact archaeology and the writing of aboriginal history" by Christine Williamson; 10. "In the footsteps of George Dutton: Developing a contact archaeology of temperate Aboriginal Australia" by Tim Murray. With bibliography and index. Very good. 30.00

Title: Archaeology of Contact in Settler Societies. First Edition, Paperback

Author Name: MURRAY, Tim, (ed.) KLIMKO, Olga DELGADO, James P. ACHESON, Steven

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Publisher: Cambridge University Press,, Cambridge , 2004, ISBN:0521796822:

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