Crown, the Nobility and the Peasants 1630-1713 : Tax, rent and relations ofpower. First Edition, paperback

By: KUJALA, Antti Studia Historica 69

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KUJALA, Antti. The Crown, the Nobility and the Peasants 1630-1713 : Tax, rent and relations of power. Helsinki : SKS / Finnish Literature Society, 2003. First Edition. Pp (4),5-203,(1). Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, illustrated purple card covers, lettered in yellow, white and black. Studia Historica 69. "The relationship of the crown and the nobility with the peasants in the 17th century Sweden (Finland) is addressed from the perspective of taxation. Around the middle of 17th century most of the land under the authority of the crown had been donated to the nobles, until King Charles XI began to resituate these tax-payers to the crown in the 1680's. Taxation was based on akind of social contract, combining the concept of the power state based on the subordination of its subject with the mutual interaction of the latter and those in power. The subjects also had recognised rights in society and they demanded that their superiors abide by the social contract. The peasa nts neither revolted openly nor did they submit. Instead, their means of securing their interests ranged from loyal allegiance to means of pressure bordering on open resistance. The major disadvantages posed by taxation for them could not, however, be rectified in this manner. The Great Northern Warthat broke out in 1700 proved to be a burden that was too heavy for Swedis h society." (from the back cover). Contents : Sweden during the period of dominion. Introduction : Taxation as a form of exercising power; A power state or interaction?; Domination and everyday resistance; The system of taxation; The taxational basis of the provinces of Finland before and after the restitution of donations. The Peasants Under the Authority of the Nobility : Rent lor the nobility and taxes lor tne crown; Interaction on the estatesof the nobility: Bjarna manor; The County of Bjorneborg: interaction and r estored discipline; Inflamed relations at Kurnogard manor; Life under the rule of the nobles; Disputes in Jockis, Ostrobothnia and Elima; Relations between the nobles and their peasants: conclusions. Abandoned Farms and the Survival Strategies of the Peasants (An Excursion into the Diversity of Relations between the Crown and Nobility and Peasants) : Abandoned farms; The County of Vasaborg as both tax hell and tax haven. The Peasants as Tax Payers to the Crown during the Reign of Charles XI : The restitution and the allotment system; Arrears due to the crown before and after restitution; King Charles XI, the Chamber College and arrears; The autocracy of King Charles XI and the tax-paying commoners - conclusions on the power state and interaction. Problems for Autocracy : Population in the late 17th century and thefamine years of 1696-1697; The economy of the realm; The tax reductions of the 1690s and the raising of taxes during the Great Northern War; The econ omic position of the peasants 1694-1713; The crisis of autocracy; Conclusions. Very good. 30.00

Title: Crown, the Nobility and the Peasants 1630-1713 : Tax, rent and relations ofpower. First Edition, paperback

Author Name: KUJALA, Antti Studia Historica 69

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Publisher: SKS / Finnish Literature Society, Helsikni, 2003, ISBN:9517464738:

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