Formation of Turkey : The Seljukid Sultanate of Rum : Eleventh to Fourteenth Century. First Edition.

By: CAHEN, Claude. HOLT, P.M., trans. and ed.

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CAHEN, Claude . The Formation of Turkey : The Seljukid Sultanate of Rum : Eleventh to Fourteenth Century. Translated and edited by P.M. Holt. (Harlow,Essex) : Longman, (2001). First Edition. Pp (4),[v]-xvii,(1),[1]-302. Map in the text. 8vo, photo-illustrated cardcovers, black spine. Originally published as Turquie pré-ottomane in 1998. Claude Cahen (b. February 26, 1909,Paris – d. November 18, 1991, Savigny-sur-Orge) was a French Marxist orien talist and historian. Peter Malcolm Holt. "'The Formation of Turkey' is thetranslation of the late Professor Claude Cahen's 'La Turquie Pré-Ottomane' . Based upon a profound knowledge of the source materials, Oriental, Greek and Western, it provides a detailed narrative of the rise and apogee of theSeljukud sultanate of Rum. 'The Formation of Turkey' presents in appropria te detail the social, institutional, economic and cultural history of the Seljukid sultanate: the whole work presents a unique and comprehensive survey of the formation of Turkey before the Ottomans. It will be essential reading for students of Turkish history, and a most valuable introduction for historians approaching the subject from other fields." -from the rear cover.Author's Preface; Publisher's Acknowledgements; Map; Introduction: Summary history of the Turks before Turkey; Part I. General History of Turkey befo re the Mongols. 1. Settlement of the Turks in Asia Minor to 1107; 2. Turkish activity in the West under Shahanshah; 3. The rise of the Danismendids and the Byzantine recovery; 4. The break-up of the Danismendids: the Seljukids between Byzantium and Nur al-Din; 5. Eastern Asia Minor in the twelfth century; 6. The crisis of growth. 7. The apogee of the Seljukid State (1205-43): The second reign of Kay Khusraw I (1205-11); The reign of Kay Kawus (1211-20); The reign of Kay Qubadh I (1220-37); The reign of Kay Khusraw II tothe Mongol invasion; Part II. Society and Institutions before the Mongols. 8. The birth of Turkey; 9. Economic life; Trade; Weights and measures; Coi nage; 10. The system of land-tenure and taxation; 11. The towns; 12. The non-Muslims; 13. The central political institutions; 14. The administrations of the provinces; The first period; The second period; The third period; 15. Cultural and religious life. Part III. General History of the Mongol Period. 16. The establishment of the Mongol protectorate: the time of troubles (1243-65); The end of Kay Khusraw II's reign; 'Izz al-Din Kay Kawus II. Thevezirate of Shams al-Din al-Isfahani; The government of Karatay and the re volt of Kilic Arslan IV; Baiju's expedition and the ensuing troubles; 17. The government of the Pervane; 18. The crisis of 1277-79; 19. The growth of direct Mongol control; 20. The formation of the first Turcoman principalities; Part IV. Society and Institutions in the Mongol Period. 21. Ethnic, social and economic development. 22. The development of the landed and fiscal systems23. The towns; 24. The non-Muslims; 25. Administrative and politicalinstitutions; 26. Cultural life in Asia Minor in the Mongol period; Conclu sion; Notes; Appendices; 1. The Seljukid sultans of Rum; (a) List of the sultans; (b) Geneaology of the Seljukid dynasty of Rum; 2. The Byzantine emperors 1081-1328; 3. The Ilkhans; Bibliographical Guide; Glossary; Index of Persons; Index of Places. $ Very good. 35.00

Title: Formation of Turkey : The Seljukid Sultanate of Rum : Eleventh to Fourteenth Century. First Edition.

Author Name: CAHEN, Claude. HOLT, P.M., trans. and ed.

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Publisher: Longman / Pearson Education Ltd, Harlow, Essex, 2001, ISBN:0582414911:

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