Vision of Greatness : The History of Milford, 1790-1990. First Edition in dustjacket

By: McKAY, K.D.

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McKAY, K.D., Wing-Commander, R.A.F., (Retd.). A Vision of Greatness : The History of Milford, 1790-1990. ( Haverfordwest, Dyfed) : Brace Harvatt Associates in association with Gulf Oil Britain Limited, (1989). First Edition. Pp (2),[iii]-xv,(3),[3]-397,(3). With maps and many b&w illustrations in the text. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Wing-Commander Kenneth D. McKay. Foreword. Part I. A Grand Design 1790-1809. 1. The Complex Mixture: The Proprietary Town - The British Connection - The Quaker Connection - The French Connection - The Way Ahead. 2. The Nantucketers : Pawns in a Game - The Nantucketers - The London Souther Whale Fisheries - The Exodus fromNantucket - - The Mission of William Rotch, Sr. - The Launching Platform. 3. The New Town Begins : The Site (circa 1760) - Early Plans - Greville's Analysis - Negotiations with the Quakers Phase 2 - There were Other Strings to Greville's Bow. 4. Whaling from Milford : The Side Door to London? - Benjamin Rotch Comes to Milford - Whaling Voyages from Milford - The Decline Sets In. 5. Into the Ninettenth Century : the Remarkable Relationship - The Visit of Lord Nelson - The First Death of a Quaker Settler - Charles Francis Greville in Control - St. Katherine's Church - The Barracks - The College- The End of an Era. Part II. The Lean Years 1809-1867. 6. The Greville Su ccession : The Legacy of Charles Francis Greville - The Greville Dynasty. 7. Discouragement Abounds : The Inheritance of Robert Fulke Greville - The Floating Dock - The Move of the Naval Dockyard - The Quakers- The Dawn of a New Relationship - The Church Scene- Acrimony and Diversity - The First Royal Visit - The Death of Robert Fulke Greville. 8. More years of Stagnation : The Third Greville - St. Katherine's Yet Again - The 1831 Election Fiasco- The Irish Packets - The Estae and Town in the 1830s. 9. Seeking New Ambi tious Ways Ahead : The Coming of the Railways - The South Wales Railway andthe Manchester and Milford Haven Railway Companies - Wet Docks and Floatin g Basin - The Third Greville Re-appears on the Scene as Colonel Greville - Australian Direct Navigation Company - The Railways Move into Pembrokeshire- Developments at Neyland Compound the Problem - More on the Manchester an d Milford Haven Railway 10. The Last Decade of the Grevilles : The Milford Improvement Bill - The Improvement District - Celebrations Followed by Discord - The Bridges - The Wooden Pier - The Town in the 1850s - Harbour Fortifications - Education in the Mid-Nineteenth-Century - Castle hall - The Death and Imminent Bankruptcy of Colonel Greville. Part III. A Dock for Transatlantic Liners 1867-1899. (pp.111-171). 11. Tying Up the Loose Ends : Uncertainty Follows the Death of Colonel Greville. - Newton Noyes Pier and Railway - Ownership of the Estate - The Town circa 1870. 12. The Prize Essay : the BAckground - The Testimony of Liverpool Captains - The Testimony of Capt. John Laws, R.N. - Coaling - The Lack of an Industrial Hinterland - Passenger Steamers - Opinion in the 1870s. 13. Buildiing the Docks Begins : EarlyRumblings - Buildiing Underway at Last - Two Celebratory Banquets - The Pr ospectus October 1874 - The First Signs of Troube - The Great Eastern - Frustrating Problems Arise - Appleby and Lawton Give Up the contract. 14. Samuel Lake Takes Over : The Man - The Five per Cent Preference Shares - Work under Samuel Lake; 15. Lake the Entrepreneur : Was Lake Close to Success? - The Milford Haven Railway and Estate Company - The Lake Bubble Bursts - TheEffects of the Crash. 16. The Reconstruction of the Company : The Milford Docks Act 1883 - "A" Debenture Stock - The Reconstructed Board and the Third Contract - Reactions of the Townspeople - What of the Milford Haven Railway and Estate Company? 17. Would the Liners Come ? : The Completion of the Docks - The Dream Begins to Fade - Arrival of the City of Rome - The First Canadian Plan [involving building a railway from Quebec to St. Charles Bay in Labrador ]- Refusal to be Beaten - Why Had They Failed? Part IV. When King Fish Reigned 1888-1959. 18. The First Quarter Century of the Fishing Industry Social Service [pp.180-194] : From Small Beginnings - Adaptation of the Docks - Development of the Mackerel Trade - The Neyland Fish Market - Major Threat to Move from Milford Haven - Labour Relations - Fishing Limits and Restrictive Tariffs - Summary; 19. The Town and Docks Company at the Turn of the Century : The Milford Haven Urban District Council - The Growth ofthe Town - St. Katherine's Church - Who Owned the Well? - The Docks Compan y and the Transatlantic Trade - The Milford and St. Bride's Bay Light Railway - Docks Company Finance. 20. Milford Haven in the First World War : The Build-Up - The Belgian Refugees - The U-Boat Blockades - The Strange Goings-On in Admiral Dare's Command - The Marquess of Milford Haven - What Had ItAll Meant? 21. The Years between the Two Wars : The Immediate Post War Cha llenge - The War Memorial - The Dawn of a New Era in Labour Relations - TheSale of Milford - The Royal Naval Armament Depot (Mine Depot) - Milford Ha ven - The Smoke House - The Progressive Town - St. Thomas à Beckett Chapel - The 1932 Strike - Fishing and the Law - Prosperity Coupled with Signs of Trouble Ahead. 22. Milford Haven in the Second World War : The Early Days -The Air War over Pembrokeshire - Minesweeping - The Naval Base - The Royal Naval Armament Depot at War - The Fishing Industry - The Milford Haven Urb an District Council and the Docks Company - The Price Paid. 23. Change in the Wind : The Housing Boom - The Fishing Fleet in Troubled Waters - The Docks Company in the Aftermath of War - The Bristowe Take-Over - The Second Oil Age Comes. Part V. The Second Oil Age 1955-1989. 24. Fishing - The Decline Continues: What Had Already Happened? - Fishing- Towards the 1980s - Political Constraints - The Sea's Life's Cycle - The Cod Wars - The International Fishing Scene in 1970s - The British Case - The Impact of the 200 Mile Limit m- Interminable Haggling - The Common Fisheries Policy - Quotas and Licenses - Trans-Shipment of Catches - A Possible Way Ahead. 25. The Docks Company in the last Three Decades of Separate Existence: Clearing the Decks -Stage 2 - The Intermediate Post-Bristowe Era - The Iron Ore Terminal - Rec overy from Near Bankruptcy - The Company Approaches its 100th Birthday (1874 to 1974) - In the 100th Birthday Year - The Promise of the Mid / Late 1970s - Celtic Sea Oil - Freezer Trawlers - The last of the Grandiose Schemes - The Final Slide - The Merger of Seacon and Milford Docks - Future Prospects. 26. The Oil Port of Milford Haven : The Historical Context - The Changing International Scene - Esso U.K. - The Britsh Petroleum Angle Bay Terminal - Regent-Texaco - Gulf and Amoco - The Bearing on the Local Economy - Celtic Sea Oil - The Port of Milford Haven - Oil Pollution and Environmental Impact - Milford Port Health Authority. 27. A Town at the Crossroads : The Proud Heritage in an Era of Change - The 1964 Study bt Associated IndustrialConsultants Limited - The Fight against Dyfed - Phase 1 - A Unitary Author ity. for Pembrokeshire - The Fight against Dyfed - Phase 2 - The Retention of Pembrokeshire as an Administrative County - The Effects of the Changes in Local Government on Milford Haven - Milford Haven Approaches the 1980s - Milford Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone - Tourism - What Might the Future Holdt? With bibliography and index. Very good in nicked dustjacket. 45.00

Title: Vision of Greatness : The History of Milford, 1790-1990. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: McKAY, K.D.

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Publisher: Brace Harvatt Associates / Gulf Oil Britain Limited, Haverfordwest, Dyfed, 1989, ISBN:0951521101:

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