Barbary Corsairs. Fourth Edition

LANE-POOLE, Stanley. The Barbary Corsairs. With Additions by Lieut. J. D. J. Kelley, U.S. Navy. Fourth Edition. London : T. Fisher Unwin, (copyright 1890). Subscription Edition. Pp (10),[vii]-xviii,(2),[3]-316. Illustrated. Maps. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt and blue lettering to front board and spine. The Story of the Nations, Subscription Edition, Vol. 22. Contents : Introduction. 1. The Revenge of the Moors; 2. The Land of the Corsairs; Part I. - The Corsair Admirals; 3. Uruj Barbarossa. 1504-1515; 4. The Taking of Algiers. 1516-1518; 5. Kheyr-ed-din Barbarossa 1518-1530; 6. The Ottoman Navy 1470-1522; 7. Doria and Barbarossa 1533; 8. Tunis Taken and Lost. 1534-1535; 9. The Sea-fight off Persia; 10. Barbarossa in France. 1539-1546; 11. Charles at Algiers 1541; 12. Dragut Reis 1543-1560; 13. The Knights of Malta1565; 14. Lepanto 1571. Part II. - The Petty Pirates. 15. The General of t he Galleys, 16th-18th Centuries; 16. Galleys and Galley Slaves, 16th Century; 17. The Triumph of Sails, 17th Century; 18. The Redemption of Captives, 17th and 18th Centuries; 19. The Abasement of Europe, 16th to 18th Centuries; 20. The United States and Tripoli 1803-5; 21. The Battle of Algiers. 1816; 22. The French in Africa, 1830-1881. Ex-library (bookplate, inkstamps, residue from rear pouch), else very good. 20.00

Title: Barbary Corsairs. Fourth Edition

Author Name: LANE-POOLE, Stanley Story of the Nations, Subscription Edition, Vol. 22 KELLEY, J. D. J.

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Publisher: T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1890,:

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