Gunnery Pocket Book. B.R. 224. First Edition.

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(Royal Navy). The Gunnery Pocket Book. [London] : Admiralty, 1932. First Edition. Pp (2),3-160, 24 leaves of diagrams (some folding). Small 8vo (120 x180 mm), blue paper-covered boards, light grey cloth spine. B.R. 224. 11 c oloured plates, 5 of them folding and 14 line-drawn plates, 5 of them folding. "The primary object of this book is to give all the information and gunnery knowledge that is required of a Seaman Gunner in addition, certain portions, the knowledge of which is not officially required of a Seaman Gunner, are included to form a suitable basis on which the higher gunnery ratingscan build up their more detailed education" (Introduction). A print-run of 15,000 copies for this issue, but these pocket books are all uncommon, as superseded editions were supposed to be disposed of. COPAC shows just one copy of the 1938 reprint for this issue at the IWM, and two copies of the 1945 issue (IWM and NMM); OCLC adds copies of the 1945 at Plymouth Library, the Haagse Defensiebibliotheek, the Danish National Library, and the Canadian War Museum; but the only copy of the original 1932 issue we can trace is at the Australian War Memorial. - Peter Harrington, ABA Contents : Introductory Chapter : Objects of Gunnery Pocket Book—To Use the Book— The Early Gunnery Training—Possibilities of Gunnery Career—Important Steps in Gunnery Career - Gunnery Training Classes—Recommendations. Chapter I. Naval Guns : Construction of Modern Naval Guns—Parts of the Gun—Care and Cleaning of Guns—Tampions—Coppering-Tinfoil. Chapter II. Obturation : Obturation at B.L. Guns—Obturation at Q.F. Guns - Care of Obturator Pads. Chapter III. Breech Mechanisms : Breech Mechanisms at B.L. Guns—Breech Mechanisms at Q.F. Guns—Safety Arrangements at all Guns—Locks and Box Slides—Fiiring Arrangements—Summary of Safety Arrangements—Care of Breech Mechanisms. Chapter IV. Hand-Worked Gun Mountings : Recoil and Run Out—Elevation of the Mounting — Training—Pedestal Mountings—Central Pivot Mountings—H.A. Mountings-—Care of Gun Mo untings. Chapter V. Power-Worked Mountings : Recoil and Run Out-—Elevation—Training—Armour. Chapter VI. Loading Arrangements at Hand-Worked Guns : Supply and Transport of Ammunition — Loading at the Gun—Unloading. Chapter VII. Lopading Arrangements at Power-Worked Mountngs : Stowage of Ammunition—15-inch Turrets—Air Blast—Wash Out Squirts. Chapter VIII. Hydraulics : Liquids — Pumps— Ring Mains — Hydraulic Tanks—Types of Valves—Air Cocks—Types of Machines—Care of Hydraulic Machinery—Opening up Pressure- - Hand-controlledPower—The 15-inch Turret. Chapter IX. Gunsights : Elevation for Range—Trai ner's Free Sight—Deflection—Parts of a Sight—Geared and Cam Sights—Equal Graduation and Dreyer Sights—Corrections Required— M.V.—Temperature of Charge—Wear—Dip—Drift— Backlash—Tests—Adjustment - Care of Sights. Chapter X. System of Director Sights : The Director System—Advantageges and Disadvantagesof Sights and Directors—The Director Sight—Transmission of movements to th e Guns—Elevation Receivers — Elevation Repeat Receiver—Training and Slewing— Training Receivers - Training Repeat Receiver - Lining Up - AlternativlveDirectors. Chapter XI. Allowances To Be Made in Director System : Dip - M. V. - Tilt — Displacement — Convergence—Drift. Chapter XII. Use of Director System : Use of the Director System before Firing—On Closing Up—On Sightingthe Enemy—Failure of Director System—Care of Director System. Chapter XIII . Telescopes and Binoculars : Telescopes—Focus—Power— Field—Shades and Caps- Care of Telescopes—Periscopes—Open Sights—Binoculars— Eyestrain. Chapter XIV. Firing Arrangements : Alternative Methods Available —Director Circuit s—Local Circuits—Electric Locks and Tubes—Percussion Arrangements—Electro-mechanical Gear — Missfires - Hangfires. Chapter XV. Notes on Laying and Training. Chapter XVI. Notes for Guns' Crews : Training the Crew—Look-outs—Preparing for Firings—-Cleaning Quarters—Notes for Individuals. Chapter XVII. Fire Control : Necessity for — Definitions - System of Control —Pointing out the Target— Finding, Correcting and Keeping Range and Deflection —Methodsof Firing— Methods of Control—Fire Control in Destroyers— Concentration. C hapter XVIII. Fire Control Drill and Procedure : Standard Methods of Passing Orders—Procedure on Clopsing Up—Procedure when Firing - Challenging - Night Firing—Control at Night—Star Shell Control - Control of a Single Gun. Chapter XIX. Rangwfinders and Inclinometers : Coincidence Rangefinders—U B. Height and Rangefinders —Inclinometers—Care of Rangefinders and Inclinometers. Chapter XX. High Angle Control : Principles—Definitions—Control Procedure. Chapter XXI. Stations for Fighting : Action Stations—Night Action—Cruising Stations—Gas—Fires in Action—Magazine Flooding and Spraying —Spare Gear in Action—Casualties—Food. Chapter XXII. Practice Firings : Types of Practices and Targets—Sub-calibre and Aiming Rifle Practices—Precautions with Sub-calibres and Aiming Rifles—Full Calibre Firings—Throw-off Firings — H.A. Firings—Safety Trainers. Chapter XXIII. Records and Recorders : Records—StopWatches—Notes for Recorders. Chapter XXIV. Saluting Guns. Chapter XXV. Par ticulars of Armaments and Fittings Supplied for Surface Boats. Chapter XXVI. Bugle Calls. Penned amendments, some tipped in corrections, spine worn, darkened and tape-repaired, else very good. Very scarce. 400.00

Title: Gunnery Pocket Book. B.R. 224. First Edition.

Author Name: Royal Navy

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Publisher: Admiralty, London:, 1932,:

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