Absurd and the Brave : CORB - The True Account of the British Government's World War II Evacuation of Children Overseas. First Edition in dustjacket, Signed

By: FETHNEY, Michael BRIGGS, Asa, Lord

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FETHNEY, Michael. The Absurd and the Brave : CORB - The True Account of theBritish Government's World War II Evacuation of Children Overseas. Sussex, England : The Book Guild Ltd., (1990). First Edition. Pp (6),7-333,(3). Wi th many b&w photos and other illustrations in the text . 8vo [140 x 220 mm], blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Michael Fethney (b. circa 1931), himself a CORB child evacuated at age 9 from Bradford, was living in Harrogateat the time of puiblication. "In June 1940, the CORB scheme (Children's Ov erseas Reception Board) opened its doors for the evacuation of Britain's children abroad. Within three weeks the scheme was closed, flooded with applications from parents desperate to send their children to 'safety'. In this atmosphere of panic began one of the most extraordinay chapters of our wartime history. This is the whole story: the careful planning and amazing recklessness that placed children on poorly defended ships to run the gauntlet of the German navy, twice with disastrous results. When they eventually arrived at their destination, fortunes were equally mixed, some experiencing love and generosity from their host families while others found neglect and cruelty. When the war ended, the children returned to families that were strangers to pick up the threads of family life. For some children, CORB was the adventure of a lifetime, for others a psychological nightmare: Michael Fethney sums this up when he calls this 'a story of sorrow, human error, and absurdity - though also of inspiration, dedication, and human bravery'. (from the dj). Many of the children sent to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa&c. Contents : Foreword Lord Asa Briggs. Introduction : Making the CORB Story. 1. Seeds. 2. Birth. 3. CORB Opens For Business. 4. Success - or Defeatism? 5. On or Off? Chaos Reigns. 6. 'Your Child Has Been Selected'. 7. 'As You Wave Me Goodbye!' 8. 'A Port Somewhere. . .' 9. 'Hearts of Oak' [pp. 86-90, children aboard the TSS Nestor, the SS Bayano, Rangitata, the Polish ship Batory ]. 10. 'Cheerful and Well Behaved'. 11. Behind the Scenes. 12. False Optimism — And Disaster. 13. Questions, Cover-Up and Confusion. 14. Reception Overseas — The Early Days. 15. Stings In The Tail. 16. Life Overseas — The Brighter Side. 17. Life Overseas— The Darker Side. 18. CORB Inspects — And Problems Abound. 19. Goodbye Again. 20. Home — Sweet Home? 21. More Than Forty Years On. Notes (Chapter by Chapter). Bibliography. Documentary and Other Sources. Appendices: 1. Members of the Inter-Departmental Committee Convened on 7 June, 1940 to Plan a Government Overseas Evacuation Scheme ; 2. Summary of the Report (Cmd 6213) Of Geoffrey Shakespeare's Inter-Departmental Committee - Discussed by War Cabinet, 17 June, 1940; 3a. Leading Members of Children's Overseas Reception Board, Constituted on 17/6/40; 3b. Representatives Attending the Inaugural Meeting of CORB's Advisory Council on the 18/6/40; 4. CORB's Suggested Outfit for Each Child Undertaking the Journey; 5. The Home Background of CORB Evacuees; 6. Facts Presented to the Public Accounts Committee of the British Treasury in March, 1941; 7. Guardianship Legislation Pertaining to CORB Evacuees; 8. The CORB Ships of 1940; 9. CORB Survivors from the City of Benares disaster; 10. CORB Escorts Sunk during Return Voyages aboard SS Rangitane and SS Port Wellington; 11. Queen's Letter of Thanks Sent to all Host-Families who Entertained CORB Evacuees in the Dominions; 12. Copy of Information Summary Presented byMiss Marjorie Maxse at the Last Meeting of CORB's Advisory Council, Februa ry, 1946; 13. Adult Escorts in CORB Ships; 14. The CORB Children Who Arrived Safely in the Dominions [arranged by country giving age on leaving home and place from which evacuated]. Ex-library (spine label, inkstamps, pouch),penned notes at rear, else very good in unclipped dustjacket. Signed, with 1990 inscription, by the author on the flyleaf. 40.00

Title: Absurd and the Brave : CORB - The True Account of the British Government's World War II Evacuation of Children Overseas. First Edition in dustjacket, Signed

Author Name: FETHNEY, Michael BRIGGS, Asa, Lord

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Publisher: Boo Guild Ltd., Sussex, England, 1990, ISBN:0863324479:

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