Legends of the Micmacs. First Edition

By: RAND, Silas Tertius, Rev.

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RAND, Rev. Silas Tertius. Legends of the Micmacs. Wellesley Philological Publications. New Yorlk London : Longmans, Green, and Co., 1894. First Edition. Pp (2),[v]-xlvi,1-452,(2) + portrait frontispiece. 8vo (163 x 227 mm), maroon cloth, with gilt lettering to spine.

Wolf and Folk, Indians of North and South America : A Bibliography based on the collection at the Willard E. Yager Library-Museum, Hartwick College, Oneonta, N.Y. 3026; Watters p.370, Rhodenizer p.32.

Rev. Silas Tertius Rand, D.D., D.C.L., LL.D. (b. May 18, 1810, Cornwallis, Annapolis County – d. October 4, 1889, Hantsport,Hants County).

Helen Livermore Webster (b. 1853, Boston - d. 1928) was Professor of Comparative Philology at Wellesley College.

Preface by Helen L. Webster.

Introduction Part I. Sketch of the Life of the Rev. Silas T. Rand.

Introduction Part II. Works of the Rev. Silas T. Rand.

Introduction Part III. The Manners, Customs, Language, and Literature of the Micmac Indians, by Helen L. Webster.

1. Robbery and Murder Revenged.
2. The Magical Dancing Doll.
3. The Magical Coat, Shoes, and Sword.
4. Glooscap and the Megumoowesoo.
5. The Boy that was transformed into a Horse.
6. The Magical Food, Belt, and Flute.
7. The History of Usltebulajoo.
Addition No. 1 to Legend 7.
Addition No. 2 to Legend 7.

8. The History of Kltpoosteagunow.
Addition to Legend 8.

9. The Small Baby and the Big Bird.
10. The Indian who was transformed into a Megumoowesoo.

11. The Ice Man
12. The Invisible Boy.
13. The Adventures of Kaktoogwasees.
14. The Honest Man and the Rogue.

15. The Adventures of Ababegjlt, an Indian Chief and Magician of the Micmac Tribe.

16. The Kwedechk and Wegjebowkwejlk.
Addition to Legend 16.

17. The Liver-colored Giants and Magicians.
18. The Solitary Maiden.
19. The Prince and the Peasant-Girl.
20. The Two Weasels.
21. The Marvellous Adventures of Noojebokwajeejit, a Micmac Brave.

22. An Incident of the Wars with the Kenebek Indians.
23. Story of a Kookwes.
24. The Beautiful Bride.
25. Adventures with a Chenoo, or Northman.
26. Origin of the War between the Micmacs and the Kwedeeches.

27. Kwedech War renewed.
28. The Conclusion of the Mohawk War.
20. The Third Incident of the Kwedech War.
30. Kwedech Spies.
31. The Returned Captive.
32. The Dream of the White Robe and the Floating Island.

33. Glooscap's Departure from the Land of the Micmacs.
34. The Indian Fanatic.
35. Glooscap, Kuhkw, and Coolpujot.
36 . A War Story.
37. The Man who saved Himself and Wife .
38. Stephen Hood's Dream.
39. The Death of a Spy in Cape Breton.
40. The Hidden Life.
41. An Indian turned into a Chenoo.
42. Another Chenoo Transformation.
43. Glooscap and his Four Visitors.
44. A Child nourished by a Bear.
Addition to the Bear Story.

45. Badger and his Little Brother.
46. Glooscap deserted by his Comrades.
47. An Indian Chief's Visit to the King of France.
48. A Little Boy catches a Whale.
49. A Chapel built without Hands.
50. A Wizard carries off Glooscap's Housekeeper.

51. History of the Celebrated Chief, Ulglmoo.
52. Attack on Fort Pesegitk' ( Windsor ) by the Indians.
53. The Adventures of Ableegumooch.
54. The Hare assumes the Magician, and retaliates.
55. The Badger and the Star-Wives.
56. The Story of Mlmkudawogoosk' ( Moosewood Man ).
57. The Story of Coolnajoo.
58. Mootn and Moonumkwech' ( The Bear and the Wood-chuck ).

59. Oochlgeopch.
60. Glooscap's Origin.
61. A War Incident.
62. An Army drowned by a Single Man.
63. A War-party drowned by Two Women.
64. Indian Strategy.
65. The Animal-Tamers.
66. The Beaver Magicians and the Big Fish.
67. Caught by a Hair-String.
68. Tumilkoontaoo ( Broken Wing ).
69. A Priest lost in the Woods with his Servant Peter.
70. A Fairy Tale.
71. A Wonderful Bull's-Hide Belt.
72. The Tortoises.
73. The Loon Magician.
74. Wegooaskunoogwgjlt and his Wonderful Hen.

75. Pules, Pulowech', Beechkwech (Pigeon, Partridge, and Nighthawk ).

76. The Adventures of Tornado and Wave.
77. The Orchard-Keeper.
78. Wiskumoogwasoo and Magwis ( Fish-Hawk and Scapegrace ).

79. The Whales and the Robbers.
80. The Doctor.
81. The Flying Squirrel.
82. The Fairy.
83. Upsaakumoode.
84. The Fishers and the Beacon..
85. The King's Daughter and the Man-Servant.

86. Uskoos' and Abukcheech ( Weasel and Mouse ).
87. The Three Kings.


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Title: Legends of the Micmacs. First Edition

Author Name: RAND, Silas Tertius, Rev.

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Publisher: Longmans, Green, and Co. : 1894

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