Canada and the O.A.S.

MacQUARRIE, Heath. "Canada and the O.A.S.: The Still Vacant Chair". An article in the The Dalhousie Review, Vol.48, No.1, Spring 1968. Pp 37-45. Also : G.A. Rawlyk's "The Guysborough Negroes: A Study in Isolation" (24-36); J.R. Erskine's "Belated Enlightment" (5-12); Gene A.Barnett's "The Theatre of Robert Bolt"; Jan S. Prybyla's "The Development of Economic Thought and Policy in Communist China"; J.C. Gray's "Romeo and Juliet, and some Renaissance Notions of Love, Time and Death"; Henry Winthrop's "Pschology and Psychiatry in American Life"; Philip Gardner's "The Wintry Drum: The Poetry of Philip Larkin"; Victor Hoar's "Canadians in the Spanish Civil War: The Way Over"; poetry by Douglas Lochhead (12), Stanley Mason, Charles Edward Eaton, John V. Hicks, Daniel J. Langton, and Laurence Dakin; reviews. Vg. For the number. 7.50

Title: Canada and the O.A.S.

Author Name: MacQUARRIE, Heath Dalhousie Review 48:1 ERSKINE, J.S. BOLT, Robert)

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