1901: Newfoundland Quarterly and the Royal Visit 1901"

HARRINGTON, Michael. "1901: The Newfoundland Quarterly and the Royal Visit: 1986". An article in The Newfoundland Quarterly, Vol.82, No.2, Fall 1986. Pp 2-5. Double column. Also Herbert S. Carter's "Conversations in the Dorset Dialect"; R.B. Green's "The Dialect of Dorset in Trinity Bay"; Frank Galgay's "His Excellency " Almost" [Ambrose Shea almost the Governor]; Patrick O'Flaherty's "Mixed Marriage"; Melvin Baker on George Shea (1851-1932) in the Prominent Figures of Our Recent Past section; Ray W. Guy's "The Hollis Walker Enquiry 1924". Usual columns, reviews. Poetry by Winston Ruby, Greg Kearsey, R.K. Osmond, Art Ponder, Don Gillis, Tony Parsons and Robert Burt. In the Aspects section : Melvin Baker's "Municipal Democracy on Trial in St.John's, 1888-1898". Vg. 5.00

Title: 1901: Newfoundland Quarterly and the Royal Visit 1901"

Author Name: HARRINGTON, Michael Newfoundland Quarterly 82:2 CARTER, Herbert S. GREEN, R.B.

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Publisher: 1986,:

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