Confederation of the British North American Provinces

By: RAWLINGS, Thomas

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RAWLINGS, Thomas. The Confederation of the British North American Provinces; Their Past History and Future Prospects; including also British Columbia & Hudson's Bay Territory; with a Map, and Suggestions in Reference to the True and Only Practicable Route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. London : Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, 1865. First Edition. Pp (2),[iii]-xi,(1),[1]-244,+ 4 plates + large folding map: "A Statistical Map of the British North American Confederacy and United States including British Columbia and Hudson's Bay Territory Showing the True and Only Practicable Route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean" [i.e. a map of most of Canada and the continental United States] : with "Map and Profile of the Valley of the St. Lawrence River & Lake Country Extending from Lake Superior to the Gulf of St. Lawrence" along top edge (680 mm x 530 mm). Tables in the text throughout. 8vo, original reddish brown pressed cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

O'Dea 703, TPL 4442, Lande 1408, Sabin 68006, Soliday IV: 483; Peel 206, Lowther 260, Waterston p.128.
Not in Streeter or Howes.
A German version is noted in Smith, Pacific Northwest Americana 8508.
Also see another similar much shorter English publication covering Minnesota and British Columbia in John F. Williams' Bibliography of Minnesota p.12.

This book includes two views of Victoria, British Columbia, along with a view of St.Paul, Minnesota and a farm scene.

"I purpose, in the following pages, to treat of the migratory movements of the human race chronologically — of the discoveries on the continent of America — of the early history, progress, present condition, and future prospects of all that territory lying north of the 49th parallel, the Lakes and the St. Lawrence, and extending from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, and which will constitute the proposed British North American Confederacy.
I desire to prove by that history, that progress, that prosperous present, and by that prospective future, what a splendid territory Great Britain possesses, and how proud she should be of so thriving, so energetic, so ambitious a people.
I shall devote a few chapters to the consideration of the "Western States of the United States; I shall show by statistical tables their progress, their development, and their inherent agricultural and mineral wealth.
The subject of a railway communication between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans will also claim attention ; and it will be my endeavour to point out that route which, by its natural advantages, offers the most feasible and least expensive means of crossing the continent." - from the preface.

[Part I].

1. Introduction: The British Colonies ; their Extent, Population, Imports and Exports — The proposed British North American Confederation; their Extent, Population, Imports and Exports ; their prospective Wealth — Confederation a Means of Security — The Great Railway Route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean — The Duty of England in reference to the Colonies;
2. Migratory Movements of the Human Race: Early Efforts of the Explorer, Geographer, and Navigator — America in its Primitive State — The Causes which operated to develop the Migratory Movements of Mankind, and the Progress in Discovery made by various Expeditions;
3. The Discovery of America : Scandinavian Records — Eric the Red Speculation of Europeans — Columbus and his Voyages — Balboa, Magellan, Cortez — Pizarro and his Comrades- Sir Francis Drake — Expeditions to the Arctic Ocean and their Result;
4. The Progress of Colonization : The Colonization of Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward's Island, Nova Scotia, and the Canadas (Upper and Lower);
5. Statistics of Newfoundland, Prince Edward's Island, and Nova Scotia : Newfoundland : Agriculture ; Government ; Fisheries ; Shipping ; Imports and Exports ; Population — Prince Edward's Island : Industrial Resources; . Imports and Exports ; Counties, Towns, and Population ; Education ; Government — Nova Scotia : The Seasons ; Botanical Productions ; Shipping ; Agriculture ; Fisheries ; Commerce ; Population; Quadrupeds, Birds and Fish; Crown Lands; Education; Government; Halifax; Gold-Fields ; Minerals;
6. Description of New Brunswick: New Brunswick — Rivers and Counties — Capabilities of the Province — Forests — Fisheries — Minerals — Fruit and Vegetables — Manufactures— Counties — Commerce — Finances — Government — Public Schools — Militia — Census of 1861 — Agriculture; 7. The Canadas [Quebec and Ontario]: The Lakes, Rivers, and Canals — The Pictured Rocks — The Great Lakes — Mineral Wealth — Commerce, Shipping, Trade, and Statistics— Rivers — The Rapids — Canadian Song — Emigration— Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Kingstown, Hamilton, Cobourg, &c. — The Farming Interest of Canada — Agricultural Statistics and Tables'
8. Hudson's Bay Territory: The Hudson's Bay Company: its Charter, its Profits, its Furs — The Fur Trade : its Extent and Value — The Territory : its Government, its Physical Features, its Plains, Lakes, and Rivers — The Saskatchewan Valley — Testimony of Captain Blakiston, Captain Palisser, Sir George Simpson, Monsieur Bourgeau, Father De Smet, Professor Hind, and others in reference to its Agricultural Resources — The Railway Route — Its Minerals, Grass, Fish, Animals, Birds, Roots, Berries, &c. — The Red River Settlement — American Trade — Homes for the Emigrant — The Company's Lands in the Market — Crossing the Rocky Mountains — Progress of the West - The Future Policy of the Hudson's Bay Company;
9. British Columbia and Vancouver's Island : The Rocky Mountains: their Extent, their Altitude, their Passes — British Columbia : Early Discovery, Boundary-line, Lakes, Rivers, &c.; Gold and the Gold-mines; Discovery of the Gold ; Testimony of Governor Douglas, G. Forbes Macdonald, Esq., and the Times Correspondent — Gold on Fraser River — Richness of the Mines— Mines on Thompson River — Lillooett Gold-mines - Cariboo Gold River — Steele's Company — Labour in British Columbia — Export of Gold in 1863 — Fertility of Soil in the Gold Neighbourhood — Progress of the Colony — Vancouver's Island: its Agricultural Resources, Coal-beds, Importance as a Naval Station, Imports and Exports; Prospecting, Panning, and Washing Gold;
10. The Railway System of North America: Early Travelling — Steam a Revolutionizer — Length of Railway in England, France, and the United States — Opening of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad — Professor Mitchell's Testimony as to their "Value — Increase in Traffic of American Railways — Railway System of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick — Canadian Railways — The Inter-Colonial Railway — General Review of the Subject— The Duty of England towards the proposed British North American Confederacy

Part II.
1. The United States of America : Progress and Extent of Territory — Her Natural Beauties, Lakes, Rivers, Prairies, and Mountains —English Appreciation of America, and her Sympathy — Her Poets, Orators, Historians and Artists — Peace and Reciprocity — The Blessings of Peace - The Reciprocity Treaty - Its Results and Mutual Benefits - Its Continuation desirable;
2. The United States: Primary Object of the Book — Captain Palisser's Testimony — Route wholly through British Territory impossible — The only feasible Route, by way of Michigan and Minnesota to Hudson's Bay — Wealth of the Western States — Ohio : Products of Agriculture; Railways — Indiana : Area, Population, Progress of the State, Agricultural Products, Manufactures, and Railways — Michigan : General Statistics, Products of Agriculture, the Cereal Products, Miscellaneous Crops, and Railroads— Wisconsin : Topographical Features, Railroads, Products of Agriculture, Valuation and Taxation — Iowa : Agricultural Wealth, Increase, Railroads — Illinois : Agricultural Progress, Valuation and Taxation, Railways, and Number, Extent, and Cost of all the Railways in the United States;
3. Minnesota: Extent of Territory — St. Paul, the Capital—Physical Districts — Falls of St. Anthony and its Water Power — Mineral Resources—Sandstone, &c — Salt Springs The Relations of Minnesota in Reference to Internal Commerce — Rapid Progress of Cultivation — Agricultural Productions — Progress of Population — The Future of Minnesota — Testimony of Hon. W. H. Seward — Conclusion — Railway through Minnesota Illinois Central Railroad — The Value of the Lands — Value of the Illinois Lands;
4. Emigration : Advice to Emigrants to Canada or the United States — Progress of Emigration to America — Comparative Increase in Immigration from 1861 to 1864 — Emigration from Germany — Laws of Migration — Inducements to Settle in America — Stock-Breeding and Raising in Illinois.

A. The British American Federation — Resolutions Adopted at a Conference of Delegates from the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, and the Colonies of Newfoundland, and Prince Edward's Island;
B. Increased Production of Cultivated Plants near the Northernmost Limit of their Growth — Extracts from an Article upon the "Acclimating Principle of Plants", by Dr. Forry;
C. Professor M.F. Maury and Pacific Railroads — The Physical, Commercial, and Military Necessity of two Railroads, one North and one South;
D. Table of Distances, Fares, &c., between Great Britain and North America — Distances to Chicago, Illinois, from Quebec, New York, Boston, and New Orleans — Table of Distances and Fares in the United States and Canada, and Grand Trunk Railway; E. Itineraries of Routes from St. Paul to Pembina, Fort Garry, Fort Ellice, Edmonton House, and the Gulf of Georgia, British Columbia — Table of Distances from St. Paul to Pembina : From St. Paul to Lake Floyd ; Lake Floyd to Pembma ; Red Lake River to Pembina — Plain Trail : Route of Woods and Pope ; Route of Ellis Smith and Party — Various Routes : Saux Rapids to Sioux Wood River ; St. Cloud to Georgetown ; St. Cloud to Goose River; Detroit Lake to Georgetown, &c.— Railroad Lines — Table of Distances from Breckinridge to Pembina — Routes and Portions of Routes to the North and North- West of Pembina;
F. St. Paul and Pacific Railroad — Statement of the Hon. E. Rice, State Senator;
G. Value of Moneys in Canada — Colonial, British, American — Value of English Coin throughout Canada.
With index.
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Title: Confederation of the British North American Provinces

Author Name: RAWLINGS, Thomas

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Publisher: Sampson Low, 1865,: 1865

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