Chezzetcook : An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry and Fiction from Atlantic Canada

CHOYCE, Lesley, (ed.). Chezzetcook : An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry and Fiction from Atlantic Canada. Purcell's Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia : Wooden Anchor Press, (1977). First Edition. Pp (4),3-107,(3). Illustrated with a few drawings in the text. 8vo, light blue cardcovers, black lettering to front & rear, blank spine.

Laugher, Atlantic Province Authors of the Twentieth Century : A Bio-bibliographical Checklist p.100.

Introduction by Lesley Choyce, dated July 27, 1977 in West Chezzetcook where he was living in a shack on Petic Lac.

Arranged in four sections:


Alden Nowlan's "The Uninvited Visitor";
Karen Schlick's "To Be Silent";
Harry Thurston's "The Earth Remembers", "Auction", and "Pasture Rock Prodigy", and "Carpenter's Love for Wood";
Peter Sanger's "The Scales";
Phil Thompson's "Tribal Chant"
Sharon Lake's "The Potter" , "The August Reaper", and "The Rushing";
Michael Brian Oliver's prose piece "Getting Up";
Gregory Cook's "Jars to the Present" and "Earth, Fire, Time and Ice";
Sparling Mills' "On the Celebration of Pain";
Christopher Heide's prose piece "At Twenty" [from A Portrait of My Brother, a novella] ;

Phil Thompson's "Air", "Second Glance", and "Urban Denouement";
Peter Sanger's "One Tack" and "Swift";
Karen Schlick's ""Untitled" and "The Crow";
Harry Thurston's "The Circles of this Shroud";
Alden Nowlan's "Report from Glace Bay";
David Satherly's "The Houdini of My Head";
T.M. Holley's prose piece "Declining Westward: a romantic outline";
Sparling Mills' "Dream or Clairvoyance?" and "The Pillar";
and Lesley Choyce's prose piece "Ruben".

Michael Brian Oliver's "Pluto Remembers Persephone the Puritan" and prose piece "They Don't Even Know My Name";
David Satherly's ""Brook Road" and "Mosquito";
Phil Thompson's "Untitled" and "Insufficient Foreplay";
Alden Nowlan's "An Introduction to the Moon People";
Gregory Cook's "Splitting Wood";
Karen Schlick's "January 18";
Sparling Mills' "Next Door", "Coleridge", and "The Tulip Bed";
Harry Thurston's "Reticence";
T.M. Holley's prose piece "Bukowski Sunrise".

Phil Thompson's "Untitled"
Alden Nowlan's "Land and Sea";
Harry Thurston's "Fingerprint";
Ellison Robertson's prose piece "The Clients";
Christopher Heide's "We Walk Away So Often";
Karen Schlick's "January 24" and "In Passing";
Gregory Cook's "Things Here Come Ashore";
Sharon Lake's "She Rocks a Heavy Tide";
Peter Sanger's "Offered Lightness";
Lesley Choyce's "Hermit" and the prose piece "Hake Massacre" [set in Port Hood].

Of Newfoundland interest : "Declining Westward: a romantic outline" (pp.40-41) and "Bukowski Sunrise" (pp.75-86) by T.M. Holley (born in Corner Brook in 1955 and educated at Memorial University).

Contributions by
Lesley Choyce,
Gregory Cook,
Christopher Heide,
T.M. Holley,
Sharon Lake,
Sparling Mills,
Alden Nowlan,
Michael Brian Oliver,
Ellison Robertson,
Peter Sanger,
David Satherly,
Karen Schlick,
Phil Thompson, and
Harry Thurston,

Art by
Judy Brannen,
Marj Doucette, and
Karen Schlick.

Very good. 20.00

Title: Chezzetcook : An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry and Fiction from Atlantic Canada

Author Name: CHOYCE, Lesley, (ed.) HOLLEY, T.M. NOWLAN, Alden THURSTON, Harry

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Publisher: Wooden Anchor Press, Purcell's Cove , 1977,: 1977

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