Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved. First Edition, hardcover in dustjacket

By: KUSCHE, Lawrence David SLOCUM, Joshua

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KUSCHE, Lawrence David. The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved. New York : Harper & Row, (1975). Pp 302. Illustrated. 8vo, black cloth. Although Mr Berlitz's book is, Mr Kusche's is not in Hallett, Bermuda in Print : A Guide to the Printed Literature on Bermuda, 2nd ed.. Chapters of Newfoundland interest : 7. 1881: Ellen Austin and the Derelict (pp.44-45); 31. February 1953: British York Transport (pp.164-165). Contents : The Legend of the BermudaTriangle As It Is Usually Told; 1492: Christopher Columbus, the Sargasso S ea, and the Bermuda Triangle; August 1840: Rosalie; April 1854: Bella; December 1872: Mary Celeste; Winter 1880: Atalanta; 1881: Ellen Austin and the Derelict; 1866: Lotta, 1868: Viego, 1884: Miramon; October 1902: Freya; November 1909: Joshua Slocum and the Spray; March 1918: Cyclops; January 1921:Carroll A. Deering; April 1925: Raifuku Maru; December 1925: Cotopaxi; Mar ch 1926: Suduffco; October 1931: Stavenger; April 1932: John and Mary; August 1935: La Dahama; February 1940: Gloria Colita; November, December 1941: Proteus, Nereus; October 1944: Rubicon; December 1945: Flight 19; December 1946: City Belle; 1947: Superfortress; January 1948: Star Tiger; March 1948: DC-3; January 1949: Star Ariel; March 1950: Globemaster; June 1950: Sandra; February 1953: British York Transport; October 1954: Navy Super Constellation; December 1954: Southern Districts; September 1955: Connemara IV; November 1956: Navy Patrol Bomber; January 1958: Revonoc; January 1962: KB-50;April 1962: Piper Apache; February 1963: Marine Sulphur Queen; July 1963: Sno' Boy; August 1963: Two KC-135s; June 1965: C-119 Flying Boxcar; January1967: Black Week; December 1967: Witchcraft; May 1968: Scorpion; July 1969 : Five Abandoned Vessels; August 1969: Bill Verity; November 1970: Jillie Bean and the Piper Commanche; April 1971: Elizabeth; October 1971: El Caribe; February 1972: V.A. Fogg; March 1973: Norse Variant and Anita; October 1973: Linda; The Devil's Sea; Vile Vortices; Magnetism, Mystery, and the Bermuda Triangle. With bibliography and index. Very good in dustjacket. 30.00

Title: Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved. First Edition, hardcover in dustjacket

Author Name: KUSCHE, Lawrence David SLOCUM, Joshua

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Publisher: Harper & Row, New York, 1975, ISBN:006012475X:

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