Life of S.G.W. Archibald. First Edition.


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(ARCHIBALD, S.G.W.). LONGWORTH, Israel. Life of S.G.W. Archibald. Halifax :(Printed by S.F.Huestis), 1881. First Edition.. Pp (4), [v]-xi, (1), [1]-1 79, (1). Small 8vo, maroon pressed boards, copper lettering to spine.
Watters p.533, Rhodenizer p.482, Long p.135.
For Archibald (1777-1846) see DCB VII:21-25, Marble NSH&A p.46-47.

"The writer of this Memoir had occasion, while preparing a History of the County of Colchester, to make some rather minute investigations into the circumstances connected with the first settlement of Truro - and its progress as it developed from a straggling hamlet in the wilderness, to the thriving and bustling town which it is at this day. In doing so he was struck with the prominent part taken in its affairs by the members of one family, a family which has been connected with the town from its earliest history. Four generations of this family in lineal descent have been members of the Nova Scotian Assembly." - from the preface.

Contents : 1. From Birth in 1777 to Election to Assembly: Description of Truro in 1777. - First settlement of the Brothers Archibald - David the Grand-father - Samuel the Father - Death of Father - Stories of Early Life - Residence with Grand-father - Letter of introduction from his sister Elizabeth Elliot to his cousin Mrs. Lamb - Her kindness - At School at Haverhill and Andover - Intended Profession - Change - Study of Law -. Marriage - Appointed Judge of Probate - Admitted to Bar - Elected to Assembly;
2. Politics in1 806 - Sir. John Wentworth - William Cottnam Tonge elected Speaker and rejected - Mr. Wilkins becomes Speaker - Mr. Archibald's first motion in the Assembly - Takes Charge of Road Questions - Religion in 1806 - Kings College- Croke's Test Clauses - Controversy between two Bishops - Mr. McCulloch intervenes - He keeps a school - What followed;
3. 1817 to 1825 : Mr. Archibald as an Advocate - King vs. Sawers - King vs. Holland - King vs. Forrester;
4. Interest in Agriculture - Manufacturing Operations - Visit to England - Appointed Chief Justice of P. E. I. - Visits the Island - Address of Grand Inquest - Dinner at Pictou - Dinner and address at Truro - Made Solicitor General in place of Mr. Robie promoted - Chosen Speaker - Election of 1826 - Again chosen Speaker - Non-residence in P. E. I. - Aims at Chief Justice ship of N. S. - Claims of different candidates - Changes impending - Grounds of Blowers' Retention of office - Sir Peregrine Maitland's perplexities - Correspondence with Sir John Coape Sherbrooke - The misdirected letter;
5. The Brandy Question - Death of George IV - Dissolution of the House.;
6. President reports to Colonial Minister - Speaker does same - President writes to Under Secretary of Colonies - Reply - Mr. Archibald declines Judgeship - Council's friends disappointed with Mr. Archibald's course - Reasons assigned - Curious letter in the Free Press - Conjectures as to its authorship - Dissection of letter - Consideration of reasons assigned by letter writer;
7. Election of 1830 - Candidates - Mr. Archibald's speech at Truro - Meeting of House - Death of Attorney General Uniacke - Office kept open - Passage of Revenue Bill - Lord Goderich's Despatch - Mission of Judge Halliburton to England - Mr. Archibald appointed acting Attorney General - Visits England - Judge Halliburton's and Mr. Archibald's race in England - Attentions in England - Marquis of Lansdown's offer - Rejected - . Lord Goderich proposes changes in Judiciary - House refuse - Lord Goderich to Administrator - Conclusion of question of Chief Justiceship - Correspondence thereon. -Remarks on mode of day for obtaining promotion - Reaction after 1830 - State of public opinion in 1835 and '36 - Joe Warner's Letters - General Election of 1836 - Mr. Logan's candidacy - Mr. Archibald's speeches at Truro - Returned to Assembly;
8. Curious results of Election - General effect of same - Disappearance of old members - First appearance of new men afterwards attaining eminence - Re-elected Speaker - Illness - Mr. Smith appointed Speaker temporarily - Failure of crops in 1836 - Mr. Dodd brings a Bill before the House to keep grain and potatoes in the Province - Mr. Archibald's speech in its favor - Mr. Young opposes the measure - His death - Resolutions transmitted to England - Reply - Rebellion in Lower Canada - Troops sent from Halifax to Montreal - Public Meeting at Halifax - Resolutions for relief of Soldiers' families - Patriotic speech of Mr. Archibald - Mr. Howe's vindication of the loyalty of the Liberals of Nova Scotia - Meeting of House in 1838 - Appointment of Lord Durham as Lord High Commissioner and Governor General of British North America. , His Report on the situation of the Provinces [The Durham Report]- An act of his administration attacked in the Lords by Lords Brougham and Lyndhurst - The Ministry disallow the ordinances complained of - Lord Durham's hasty return to England - Lord John Russel becomes Colonial Secretary - Mr. C. Poulett Thompson appointed Governor General - Resolutions of 1839 - Delegates sent by House to England - Met by Council's Delegates - Lord John Russell's despatch of I6th October, 1839, as to tenure of Office - Additions to Executive Council from Assembly - Vote of want of Confidence in Government - Resignation of lion. J. B. Uniacke - Subsequent action of House - Vote against Sir Colin Campbell. Mr. Archibald's views on that vote - The Governor General at Halifax - Lord Falkland becomes Governor of Nova Scotia - New appointments to Council. Election of 1840 - Mr. Archibald returned for Colchester without opposition;
9. New Speaker - Reasons for Mr. Archibald's disqualification - Other Candidates equally disqualified - Two members of same Government contending for Speakership - Mr. Uniacke a member of Government moves resolution touching repeal of Union with Cape Breton - Resolution complimentary to Mr. Archibald adopted unanimously - Offered offices of Master of Rolls and Judge of Admiralty Court - Accepts- Mr. Archibald as Judge - Address at Truro - His Country seat - His habits at Truro - Hospitality - His Humour;
10. Success as a Judge - Failing health - Death - Meeting of Bar Society - Speech of Chief Justice - Address of Condolence - Meeting of Colchester people on his death - Eulogium of Mr. Howe - Examination of charges against Mr. Archibald as a public man - Mr. Howe's views upon them - Mr Archibald in his social relations - Death of his first wife - Account of his second wife. - Sir Charles Pollack and Sir T. D.Archibald - Mr. Archibald's love for the sacred Scriptures - Anecdote related by Rev. Mr. Morton - Thoughts of writer in concluding Memoir.

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Title: Life of S.G.W. Archibald. First Edition.

Author Name: ARCHIBALD, S.G.W.). LONGWORTH, Israel

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