Clipper Ship Prints: Including other Merchant Sailing Ships. Limited, Numbered Edition in dustjacket

PETERS, Fred J., (comp.). Clipper Ship Prints: Including other Merchant Sailing Ships. By N. Currier and Currier & Ives: Being a Pictorial Check List and Collation together with a History of Each Ship. Fully Illustrated. New York : Antique Bulletin Publishing Company, 1930. First Edition, Limited, Numbered Edition. Pp (8),9-107,(2, index),(3). Large 8vo, ribbed blue cloth,gilt lettering to front board and spine, gilt clipper ship to front. Numbe r 76 of an edition limited to 500 copies. Halftone reproductions of the prints with annotations to the vessels represented and to the prints themselves. With Introduction by Peters. Large Folio Prints : 1. Clipper Ship Adelaide ; 2. Clipper Ship Comet; 3. Clipper Ship Contest;. 4. Clipper Ship Dreadnought off Tuskar Light; 5. Clipper Ship Dreadnought off Sandy Hook; 6. Clipper Ship Flying Cloud [built by Donald MacKay]; 7. Clipper Ship Great Republic (Butterworth); 8. Clipper Ship Great Republic (Smith); 9 Clipper Ship Hurricane; 10. Clipper Ship Lightning ; 11. Clipper Ship Nightingale; 12. Clipper Ship Ocean Express; 13. Clipper Ship Racer ; 14. Clipper Ship Red Jacket; 15. Clipper Ship Sovereign of the Seas; 16. Clipper Ship Sweepstakes;17. Clipper Ship Three Brothers ; 18. Bark Theoxena ; 19. Clipper Ship You ng America ; 20. Wreck of the San Francisco; 21. American Coast Scene. Small Folio Prints : 22. American Clipper Ship off Sandy Hook Light; 23. American supper Ship rescuing British Man-of-War; 24. Baltimore Clipper; 25. Brig; 26. Clipper Ship Challenge; 27. Clipper Ship in a Hurricane; 28. Clipper Ships Homeward Bound; 29. Clipper Ship in a Snow Squall; 30. Clipper Ship Off the Port; 31. Clipper Ship Dreadnought (C&I 125 Nassau); 32. Clipper Ship Dreadnought (C&I 115 Nassau); 33. Pilot Boat Wm. J. Romer [William J. Romer]; 34. The Gem of the Atlantic; 35. The Gem of the Pacific; 36. Clipper Ship Golden Light; 37. Clipper Ship Grapeshot; 38. Clipper Ship Great Republic (N.C. left); 39. Clipper Ship Great Republic (C&I right); 40. Clipper Ship Great Republic (C&I left); 41. Wreck of the Ship John Minturn; 42. Outward Bound (N. C. no date); 43. Homeward Bound; 44. Outward Bound (N.C. 1845); 45. Homeward Bound (N. C. 1845); 46. Outward Bound (no plate line. C&I. ); 47. Homeward Bound (no plate line. C&I.); 48. Chinese Junk Keying; 49. Wreck of the Mexico; 50. Burning of the Ocean Monarch; 51. Off a Lee Shore; 52. Off the Coast in a Snowstorm; 53. Pilot Boat in a Storm; 54. Clipper Ship Queen of Clippers ; 55. Clipper Ship Red Jacket; 56. The Miniature Ship Red, White, and Blue on her voyage from New York to London August 1866 with Capts. Hudson & Fitch & Dog "Fanny" Sailed from New York July 9th, arrived at Margate Aug. 16th 1866; 57. Schooner; 58. A Squall off Cape Horn [portraying the clipper ship Dreadnought]; 59. Clipper Ship Three Brothers [formerly steamship Vanderbilt]; 60. The Brig Vision [sailed from NewYork June 26th 1864, having on board Capt Donovan, William Spencer and the Captain s dog"Toby" bound to London, England]; 61. Clipper Ship Witch of the Wave; 62. Ship Winchester of Boston : The Steamship Washington, Capt. Fitch, Rescuing the Passengers of the ship Winchester of Boston; 63. Clipper Ship Cosmos. With General index. Slight shelfwear to bottom edge, else very good in chipped dustjacket. 350.00

Title: Clipper Ship Prints: Including other Merchant Sailing Ships. Limited, Numbered Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: PETERS, Fred J., comp CURRIER, N. CURRIER and IVES. CURRIER and IVES.

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Publisher: Antique Bulletin Publishing Company,, New York, 1930,:

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