Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection. First Edition, Two Volume Set

By: BUDGE, E. A. Wallis

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BUDGE, E. A. Wallis. Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection [In Two Volumes]. London : Putnam Lee Warner, 1911. First Edition. Pp. (Vol. 1) 404 + 6 pages of plates (two of which fold out), fold-out colour frontispiece entitled "Osiris Khenti Amenti, The Great God, The Lord of Eternity, Governor of the Great Land, Seated on his Throne in the Other World Receiving the Adorations of the Scribe Nekht and his Wife", (Vol. 2) 440 + fold-out colour frontispiece entitled "The Great Judgment of Osiris - The Weighing of the Heart in the Balance". Illustrated after drawings from Egyptian Papyri and Monuments in the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities section in the British Museum. Large 8vo, red cloth with gilt illustration to front cover & spines.

Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge (b. July 27, 1857, Bodmin, Cornwall - d. November 23, 1934, London).

A copiously illustrated meticulous breakdown of the Egyptian mythology behind the beliefs in and about Osiris. Includes dozens of black and white illustrations, with some hieroglyphic text added in when deemed useful.

Volume One:
I) The History of Osiris as Told by Classical Writers ;

II) The Name and Iconography of Osiris ;

III) The Mutilation and Dismemberment of Osiris, his Reconstitution and Resurrection, his Entrance into Heaven, and his State of Being There ;

IV) The Heaven of Osiris Under the Sixth Dynasty, with Translations from the Pyramid Texts ;

V) Osiris and Cannbialism ;

VI) Osiris and Human Sacrifice and Funeral Murders ;

VII) Osiris and Dancing ;

VIII) Osiris and Sacrifice and Offerings, the Propitiation of Good and Evil Spirits by Offerings, Amulets, etc. ;

IX) Osiris the Ancestral Spirit and God ;

X) Osiris as Judge of the Dead ;

XI) The African Belief in God and the Doctrine of Last Things ;

XII) Osiris as a Moon-God ;

XIII) Osiris as a Bull-God.

Volume Two:
XIV) The Shrines, Miracle Play, and Mysteries of Osiris ;

XV) The Mysteries of Osiris at Denderah, and the Forms of Osiris in the Great Cities of Egypt, his 104 Amulets, etc. ;

XVI) The Book of Making the Spirit of Osiris, or the Spirit Burial, the Lamentations of Isis and nephthys, Hymns to Osiris, etc. ;

XVII) Osiris and the African Grave ;

XVIII) African Funeral Ceremonies and Burials Described ;

XIX) The African Doctrine of Last Things : Immortality, The Ka or Double, The Spirit-Body, The Shadow, The Soul of the Ka or Body-Soul, The Heart, The Spirit-Soul, The Dual-Soul, Transmigration of Souls and Transformation, New Birth and Reincarnation, Death ;

XX) Spirits and the Spirit World - The Place of Departed Spirits ;

XXI) Magic (Witchcraft), White and Black ;

XXII) Fetishism ;

XXIII) Spitting as a Religious Act, The Wearing of Tails by Men and Women ;

XXIV) Miscellaneous - Sickness Caused by an Offended Deity, Sickness Caused by the Spirit of a Dead Wife, Marriage, Respect for the Aged, Purification After Birth, Circumcision, Excision, and Infibulation, Twins, Steatopygous Women, The Poisoning of Ra, Osiris Restored to Life by Isis, The Spitting Serpent, The Insect Sepa, Snake Worship, The Crocodile, The Use of the New in Fowling, Fishing and Hunting, The Election of a King, Pottery Made by Hand, Finger Nails, Figures and Counting, Time, the Year, Seasons, etc., Astronomy, The Pillow or Head-Rest, The Dance of the God, Under-World, Magical Figures, Incense, Sitting on the Shoulders, Red Body Colouring, The Tortoise, The Primitive Village, Decoration of Bows of Boats, Tree-Worship, The Throne, Dried Human Bodies, Cannibalism, Human Sacrifice, etc., The Spirit Burial, or Second Burial ;

XXV) The Goddess Isis and her Cult ;

XXVI) The Worship of Osiris and Isis in Foreign Lands ; Greek inscription Dedication to isis, Sarapis, Anubis, and Harpokrates.

With index.

Both volumes slightly rubbed, sunning to both spines, minor spotting to fore-edges, gilt illustrations on boards experienced minor rubbing, very light foxing to first and final few leaves, volume two slightly cocked, else very good. NOTE: Some extra shipping will be required for this hefty set. For the set. 600.00

Title: Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection. First Edition, Two Volume Set

Author Name: BUDGE, E. A. Wallis

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Publisher: Putnam Lee Warner, London, 1911,: 1911

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