San Francisco's Ocean Trade: Past and Future: A Story of the Deep Water Service of San Francisco, 1848 to 1911

By: WRIGHT, Benj. C

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WRIGHT, Benj. C. San Francisco's Ocean Trade : Past and Future: A Story of the Deep Water Service of San Francisco, 1848 to 1911. Effect the Panama Canal will have upon it. San Francisco : A. Carlisle & Co., 1911. First Edition. Pp (4),[i]-iii,(3),[5]-212,(2) + 12 pages of b&w plates. With a few tables in the text. 8vo (160 x 231 mm), green cloth, with gilt lettering to front & spine.

Cowan & Cowan, A Bibliography of the History of California and the Pacific West 1510-1906, p.696.

Benjamin Cooper Wright.

Wright was also the author of Banking in California 1849 to 1910, and the present volume likewise concentrates on business history; nevertheless, the author has a lively sense of anecdote and conveys many esoteric anecdotes about the city's turbulent first half-century. Like most of his contemporaries, he was awed by the great canal then nearing completion, and writes optimistically of the mercantile and military benefits expected to accrue therefrom.

An appreciative testimonial.
Golden Gate opened to commerce.
First passenger ship — Soldiers arrive.
First big fleet.
First steamer in the Pacific.
Pacific Coast needs recognized.
Big steamship contract.
Tribute to the enterprise.
Pioneer Pacific fleet.
A new link in the service.
Last loop of memorable trip.
An enthusiastic welcome.
First voyage ended.
Some cases of gold fever.
On California soil at last.
Commodities and values.
Large buyers of cargoes.
The California's passengers.
Schedule upset.
New commander.
First church services.
Second Pacific Mail steamer.
Prominent passengers.
Third Pacific Mail steamer.
First year under mail contract.
Fate of first three steamers.
The other three steamers.
Gold seekers on the run.
Competition on Panama route.
Second year in Panama trade.
Ship of State launched.
Isthmus service increased.
Isthmus passengers for third year.
Tonnage on the river.
Events of fourth year.
Loss of North America.
More steamers arrive.
Loss of Yankee Blade [in 1854] .
Other changes in first decade.
Slow steamer makes fast time.
Panama railroad.
Suspension of San Juan service.
Numerous Isthmus lines.
Lull in steamer movement.
Retirements in second decade.
Turn in Pacific Mail affairs.
Larger steamers ordered.
First iron steamer in Mail line.
Losses in Pacific Mail service.
Loss of the San Francisco.
Loss of the Central America.
Loss of the Golden Gate.
Other disasters in the line.
How vessels end existence.
First steam line to China.
Pioneer steamer in China line.
Opposition in China service.
British line for the trade.
Perils in the trade.
Essentially a California organization.
Change in the management.
The Big Four steamers.
Local agents Pacific Mail.
Japanese steam line.
Steam service with British Columbia.
First steam collier.
Disaster on British Columbia route.
Loss of Brother Jonathan.
Loss of Valencia.
Direct steam line to Mexico.
Steam line to Hawaiian Islands .
Steam line to Australia.
Steam line to Society Islands.
Steam line to South America.
German steam line.
Around the world line.
American-Hawaiian line.
Tramp steamer line.
Dollar Steamship Company.
California and Atlantic line.
Pacific Coast steam lines.
Steamers in sugar trade.
Steamers in coal trade.
Steamers in lumber trade.
Steamers in wheat trade.
Steamers in California oil trade.
Steamers in general trade.
Steamers in whale trade.
Tonnage in cod fisheries.
Tonnage in the salmon fisheries.
From forty-nine to eighty-six.
The man on the quarter deck.
Freight earnings inward.
Freight earnings outward.
High and low grain charters.
Vessels for flour and grain.
Time made by grain fleet.
Ship's time in port.
Ballast ships in and out.
Sources of sail tonnage.
Some valuable cargoes.
Clipper ships' fast time.
Arrivals announced.
Steamer day.
Merchants' Exchange.
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.
Shipbuilding in California.
The bay and water front.
Solid rock docks.
Ocean tonnage arrivals, 1848 - 1911.
Panama Canal.
Compensations of the Canal.
Other ship canals.
Panama - Pacific Exposition.
Heavy demand for American ships .
Prominent shippers, past and present.
Future of American marine.
United States Navy at Golden Gate.
An American line with a record.

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Title: San Francisco's Ocean Trade: Past and Future: A Story of the Deep Water Service of San Francisco, 1848 to 1911

Author Name: WRIGHT, Benj. C

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Publisher: A. Carlisle & Co., 1911,:

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