Sea-craft of Prehistory. First Edition in djustjacket

By: JOHNSTONE, Paul McGrail. Sean.

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JOHNSTONE, Paul. The Sea-craft of Prehistory. Prepared for Publication by Seán McGrail. London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, (1980). First Edition. Pp (4),v-xviii,(2),3-260,(2). Large 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "...a detailed, scholarly, yet highly readable account of man's use of inland and ocean-going craft from the earliest times until the dawn of recorded history. From the craft of Stone Age Europe and the vessels of Ancient Egypt,to the skin boats of medieval Irish monks and the rafts and reed boats of sixteenth-century South America, and from the Arctic kayak and the Chinese junk to the outrigger canoes of the Pacific islands, all forms of evidence are critically assessed to present a comprehensive picture...of the vesselsmen have built through the ages, and of the variety of ways in which they have been used." -from the dj. Part I. General Survey of Early Types of Water Transport. 1. Earliest Times; 2. Raft and Reed: The single log; the log raft; the reed boat; Egypt; Mesopotamia; Africa; the Mediterranean; Europe to India; Tasmania; the Pacific; America; earliest use; 3. Bark: Earliest use - evolution of bark craft - South America - Africa - North America - northern Europe and Asia - developments of the bark boat; 4. Skin: Types of skin craft - Britain and Ireland- Scandinavia - southern and eastern Europe -southern Asia and India - Russia and the Arctic - America - military use o f skin boats - distribution - origin of skin boats; 5. Dug-outs and the evolution of the plank-built boat : Planked boat origins - the simple dug-out - making a dug-out - developments of the simple dug-out - multiple dug-outs- expanded dug-outs - stabilisers and outriggers - the evolution of planke d boats; Part II. Europe. 6. The earlier Mediterranean : The obsidian trade- what type of boat? - skin or basketry? - reed; the dug-out; 7. The later Mediterranean : Metal tools and trade - Crete - Egypt - ship-building tech niques - evolution in the Mediterranean - mast and sail - the keel - the war-ship - literary evidence - anchors - evidence from wrecks - 'hupozoma' orhogging truss? 8. The Atlantic: The ships of the Veneti - the Blackfriars I ship - the Bruges boat - 'Celtic' ship-building - the Portuguese saveiro - the hippos - the gondola and the dghaisa - Mediterranean and Atlantic seaboard developments - sail - the evolution of planked craft - skin boats - reed craft; 9. Scandinavia : Stone Age skin boats - the Bronze Age - an experimental skin boat - dug-outs - Planked craft - Sail - medieval developments in northern Europe; 10. The British Isles: skin boats: Stone axe trade - Classical times - the Caergwrle bowl - the Broighter boat - the Bantry pillar -from the Mesolithic to the medieval - Neolithic migrants - the buildingand use of skin boats - Irish voyages to Iceland - skin boat survivals; 11 . The British Isles: wooden craft: Dug-outs - planked boats - the Brigg "raft" - two Lincolnshire dug-outs - boat-building techniques - coins and carvings - distribution of skin and planked boats - the development of planked boats; 12. European river craft : Roman river craft - Roman guilds - 'Celtic' boats - types of river craft - canals and rivers - propulsion. Part III.Outside Europe. 13. The Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf : Early Indus craft - Indus/Sumeria trade - - reed craft • Egypt and the Persian Gulf • wooden boats - sewn boats - boat-building techniques - development of planked boats; 14. China and Japan : China: reed and skin - rafts and dug-outs - the sampan - the junk - plank fastenings - masts - leeboards and rudders - sail -yuloh and paddlewheel - the magnetic compass - development of sampan and j unk - the dragon boat Japan: dug-outs - rafts - skin boats - bark canoes - sewn boats - dragon boats - later developments 15. The Pacific: Colonisation of the Pacific - Marquesas Islands - Heyerdahl's theory - Pacific craft -Maori war canoes - other boat-building techniques - seamanship and navigat ion - the evolution of Pacific craft - dug-outs and long-boats - outriggers- double canoes and rafts - chronology - Polynesia to America?; 15. The Am ericas : The American Continent - Birch bark - skin boats - trans-oceanic voyages - rafts and sails; The West Indies: rafts - sail - reed craft - dug-outs. With notes and index. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 65.00

Title: Sea-craft of Prehistory. First Edition in djustjacket

Author Name: JOHNSTONE, Paul McGrail. Sean.

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Publisher: Routledge & Kegan Paul / RKP, London, 1980,:

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