Canadian Poetry Magazine, Volume 24, No. 2, March 1961

RHODENIZER, V.B., (ed.). Canadian Poetry Magazine, Volume 24, No. 2, March 1961. "Some Impulse" by Anna C. Hayward (Grand Falls, Newfoundland, p.6); ;"Winter Sunrise," Jean T. Hart (of Halifax), "Winter" by Doris E. Baillie Phillips (of Halifax); "New Canadian" by Evelyn R. Wright (of Fredericton, N.B.), "Lonely Walk" by David MacLeod Craig (of Woodstock, N.B.); "Apart" by Dennis A. Donovan; "Written in March" by Jean Bndeau; "The Frozen Garden"by Lucy L. Pomeroy, "Winter Twilight" by Malca H. Friedman; "But Bitter Be auty" by Christine L. Henderson, "The Drunkard's Dream" by M. A. Sherwood; "Parting" by Charlotte Holmes, "Whatever It Was" by M. E. Drew; "The Search" by Linda Drew, "Hunting Forecast" by Abbott Conway; "The Conqueror" by Jane Johnson; "To a Friend, on Parting" by Gordon Tate, "Death" by Lilian Symonds; "Pastoral" by Robert C. McKenzie, "On Ice" by Mary Maude; "Destiny" by Vivian Stewart; "Flower oi Evil" by Percy Adams; "Sanctuary" by Sylvia Osterbind; "Mountain Lake in Winter" by Mrs. I. G. Murphy, "Africa, 1960" by Robert N. Richardson, "Autumn" by Mrs. Elizabeth Dale Kelson; "Millenium" John Robert Colombo; "Recompense" by Betty Warren, "Among Other Things" by Charlotte McCoy; "Economics" by Ethel Ross; "Escape" by Pâdraig 0. Broin. "Shadows" by J.A.S. Evans; "Old Cemetery" by Freda Newton Bunner, "Waiting for Spring" by Kathleen MacLean; "Life" by Laura V. B. Arnett;"The Humble Muse" by K. W. Maurer "Orion" by W. Conklin; "Outlived Moments" by Jessie Drummond Boyd, "Snowflakes" by David Forrest; "Hoar Frost" by Natalie Home; "Untried Wings" by Ethel Erroll Boyd; "Aspiration" by Kathleen Lang, "Man's Mooneye" by L. Soule; "Easy Lessons" by Wm W. Mawle;"Friendship" by Leonard Opalov; and "A Vision" by Dorothy M. Burdekin. A few pen marks, else very good For the issue. Postage will be less for this slim item. 14.00

Title: Canadian Poetry Magazine, Volume 24, No. 2, March 1961

Author Name: RHODENIZER, V.B., (ed.) COLOMBO, John Robert WRIGHT, Evelyn R. HAYWARD, Anna C.

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