New Life for Old St.John's

COISH, Calvin. "New Life for Old St.John's". An article in The Atlantic Advocate, July 1978. Vol.68, No.11. Pp 50-56, with 2 photos. Triple column. Also: Paul Sparkes' "Newfoundland Hydro: Taking Care of Today but Looking to Tomorrow" (pp.42-47). Also : Lance Woolaver's "The Old Crafts Make A Comeback" (58-60); Ralph S. Johnson's "A Nostalgic Look at an Old Lumber Company"); Walter P. Stewart's "Straight Talk from Vice-Admiral Boyle: You Only Get What You Earn" (pp.20-23); Carolyn Gilbert's "Blooming Point for Blooming Author" (on William B. Friedman); John Hartlen's "Trains that Went by Waverley" (pp.30-32); usual columns, reviews. Vg. For the issue. 8.00

Title: New Life for Old St.John's

Author Name: COISH, Calvin Atlantic Advocate 68:11 SPARKES, Paul BOYLE, Douglas S.

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Publisher: 1978,:

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