Seven-Born John Cabot

DUNBABIN, Thomas. "Seven-Born John Cabot". An article in The Dalhousie Review, Vol.42, No.3, Autumn 1962. Pp 322-328. "Seven cities claimed to be the birthplace of Homer. John Cabot, who made his last voyage in 1498, and Columbus, who died in 1506, long tied for second place with six reputed birthplaces each. Today Cabot is one ahead of Columbus and equal with Homer." Also Alastair Macdonald's "Enthusiasm Resurgent" pp.352-363 (literary history). Also : G.A. Rawlyk's "Canada's Immigration Policy, 1945-1962"; J.S. Erskine's "After Doomsday"; Richard J. Voorhees' "The Music of Time: Themes and Variations" [Anthony Powell]; J. Oates Smith's "The 'Fifth Act' and the Chorus in the English and Scottish Ballads"; D.W. Gillingham's short story "The Dark River"; Clyde E. Dankert's "Two Eighteenth-Century Celebrities" [Adam Smith & Samuel Johnson]; poetry by John V. Hicks, Richard E. DuWors & Elizabeth Bartlett, reviews, &c. Vg. For the number. 7.50

Title: Seven-Born John Cabot

Author Name: DUNBABIN, Thomas Dalhousie Review 42:3 CABOT, John MACDONALD, Alastair

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