Imperial Japan's Higher Civil Service Examinations. in dj.

SPAULDING, Robert M., Jr. Imperial Japan's Higher Civil Service Examinations . Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1967. Pp. 416. 8vo, brown cloth. From 1868 to 1945 imperial Japan was governed by shifting coalistions of several dissimilar elite groups. In this historial analysis of the examination system which regulated access to the inner civil bureaucracy and shaped its political outlook, Spaulding describes the steps by which Japan came to accept examinations as the key to office. Contents: Part I: The Decision to Examine: 1. Trial of the Chinese System, 2. Kanda's "Chinese" Plan 1869, 3. The Search for Judicial Autonomy, 4. Ito and Stein 1882, 5. The First "German" Plans 1884, 6. Ito and Kaneko 1885-86, 7. Tani and the 1887 Ordinances, 8. A Third Judicial Examination System 1890, 9. Collapse and Revival 1892-93, 10. Hara and the New Examinations 1893, 11. Yamagata and the Capstone 1899. Part II: Changes in the 20th Century: 12. Privilege and Protest, 13. A Decade of Indecisive Skirmishes, 14. The Myth of Unification, 15. The Myth of Diversification. Part III: The Examinations and the Examiners: 16. Structure of the Examination System, 17. The Preparatory Examinations, 18. The Preliminary Examinations, 19. The Main Examinations, 20. Training and the Post-Training Examinations, 21. The Higher Examiners, 22. The Mathematics of the Dragon Gate, 23. Strategy and the Dragon Gate, 24. Fraud and Favoritism, 25. The Significance of Examinations. Black mark to ffep and spotted top edge, else vg in price-clipped, black marked dj. 75.00

Title: Imperial Japan's Higher Civil Service Examinations. in dj.

Author Name: SPAULDING, Robert M., Jr. Studies in the Modernization of Japan)

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Publisher: Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1967,:

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