Myths : The Dirty Old Man

FIEDLER, Leslie A. "Myths : The Dirty Old Man" . An article in Salmagundi: A Quarterly of the Humanities and Social Sciences, numbers 38-39, Summer-Fall 1977, pp. 3-19. Saratoga Springs, NY: Skidmore College, 1977. Pp. 208. 8vo [140 x 215 mm], yellow card covers, printed in green. Leslie Aaron Fiedler (b. March 8, 1917, Newark, N.J. – d. January 29, 2003,,Buffalo, N.Y.) was an American literary critic, known for his interest in mythography and his championing of genre fiction. His work also involves application of psychological theories to American literature. Also includes Charloes Molesworth's "This Leaving-Out Business: THe Poetry of John Ashbury", Robert Boyers's"Politics in European Film", Martin Leonard Pops's "Perpetual Motions", Ma x Wickert's "Orpheus Dismembered: Operatic Myth Goes underground", Taylor Stoehr's "Adam and Everyman: Paul Goodman In His Stories", David Bazelon's "In Memorian: In Defense", Stephen eric Bronner's "Martin Heidegger: The Consequences of Political Mystification", Victor Brombert's "Remembering Malraux: On Violence and the Image of Man", Henry Pachter's "Requiem for a National Socialist", and Alan Spiegel's "Kubrick's 'Barry Lyndon'". Very good. For the double-issue. 15.00

Title: Myths : The Dirty Old Man

Author Name: FIEDLER, Leslie A. Salmagundi, 38-39) HEIDEGGER, Martin) KUBRICK, Stanley)

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Publisher: Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, 1977,:

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