Women at Sea in the Age of Sail. First Edition

BAIRD, Donal. Women at Sea in the Age of Sail. (Halifax, NS) : Nimbus Publishing, (2001). First Edition. Pp (6).[1]-226. Maps, nearly 50 b&w photos and other illustrations in the text. 8vo illustrated pale purple cardcovers, with photo on front.

Biographies of women from the Maritime Provinces of Canada who had significant experience of seafaring in the age of the merchant sailing ship. Women featured include Cora Hilton, Abigail Ryerson, Annie Cochrane, Glorana Fownes, Alice Coalfleet, Grace and Kay Ladd, and Amelia Holder.

"In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Cora Hilton and other Maritime women like her experienced firsthand the perils and pleasures of life at sea. These venturesome women went to sea largely to be with their captain husbands, and while some buckled under the pressures of solitude, boredom, bad weather, mutiny, and shipwreck, others rose to the challenge of living at sea, proving themselves useful time and again far beyond their roles as companions. On occasion, women with navigational skills - precursors to the professional seafaring women of the twentieth century - were called upon to bring the ship and its crew safely to port. Luckily for us, many of these seafaring women were faithful and sometimes gifted journal keepers. Author Donal Baird collects these writings and sets them against the backdrop of the halcyon days of the great square-riggers and their sad but inevitable decline. Here Cora Hilton, Abigail Ryerson, Annie Cochrane, Glorana Fownes, Alice Coalfleet, Grace and Kay Ladd, Amelia Holder and others recount, in their own words, their impressions of the exotic places they visited, the homes they made and the children they raised afloat on the seas, and how they survived it all, oftentimes as the only woman in a society of men." - from the rear cover.

Contents :
Introduction: Earlier Times;
1. Whaling Wives [Mary Doane Coffin on the Margaret Rait, &c];
2. The Glamorous Clippers [Cordelia (Sterling) Waterman - Eleanor Creesy - Mary Ann Patten]
3. On the World Trade Routes [Sara Ann (Osborne) Smith - Virginia (Walker) Slocum - Emily (Morris) Spicer - Abigail Ryerson - W.D. Lawrence, A Man Left Ashore (William D. Lawrence) - The Liverpool Connection];
4. The Parker Women [Bessie Parker - Annie (Parker) Cochrane - Lilly Parker - Ida Parker]; 5. Glorana (Price) Fownes;
6. Survivors [Ordeals in Open Boats - Criccieth Castle's People - The Milton - The Loss of the Lizzie Troop - Mutiny and Fire -The Happy Home (barque from Hantsport)];
7. Alice Coalfleet's Family [The Tragedy of the Loodiana];
8. Fundy Families [The Marriage of Josephine Reid - Della and Josie Corning - Beulah Gullison - Ida (Congden) Crowe;
9. Amelia Holder's Diary;
10. The Navigators [Helen (Smith) Grant - Bessie Hall - Logs and Diaries];
11. Family Life at Sea [Grace (Brown) Ladd's Letters - Kay Ladd's Story ];
12. Windjammer Years;
13. Cora Hilton's Wedding Trip;
14. From Sail to Steam;
15. Last Days of Sail.
With glossary, bibliography and index.

Very good. 15.00

Title: Women at Sea in the Age of Sail. First Edition

Author Name: BAIRD, Donal COALFLEET, Alice) FOWNES, Glorana) RYERSON, Abigail)

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Publisher: Nimbus, Halifax, 2001, ISBN:1551092670: 2001

ISBN Number: 1551092670

ISBN Number 13: 9781551092676

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