Intercourse : Contemporary Canadian Writing, Nos. 1-3,4?, 5

By: COHEN, Leonard) LAYTON, Irving) NOWLAN, Alden) Intercourse, 1-5)

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(COHEN, Leonard, Irving LAYTON, Alden NOWLAN, Al PURDY, Leroy JOHNSON, Raymond FRASER, et al.). Intercourse : Contemporary Canadian Writing, Nos. 1-3,4?,5 . (Montreal: Poverty Press, 1966, 1967). Pp. 1-24 (each volume has thesame pagination). 8vo, stapled printed/illustrated card covers. #1 has gre en card covers, #2 has patterned cream and black card covers, #3 has illustrated cream card covers, "#4" has blank black card covers, and #5 has patterned red card covers. The first three issues, what is likely the fourth issue, and the fifth issue of a Canadian literary journal showcasing the writers of the Montreal Scene. Contents: Issue 1 (Early Spring '66): Raymond Fraser and Leroy Johnson's "Introduction", Seymour Mayne's "Poor Seymour's Almanac", an untitled poem by Percy Shaw, Elizabeth Brewster's "Poem to My Sister" and "Heat Wave", Johnson's "The Proverbs of Earth", Fred Cogswell's "Masks" and "When the Wind Commands", Sharon Johnston's "Eating Out with Henrietta Horsechester", George Bowering's "Oaxaca", an untitled poem by Charlotte Fortin, Johnson's "Academic Rites" and ""Haiku", Cogswell's "Two Loves", Fraser's untitled poem and "The Bum", Johnson's "A Definition", Mayne's "Snow #11", and untitled poem by Buck Layton, an untitled poem by Charlie Souster, an untitled poem by Art Purdy, an untiteld poem by Jack Nowlan, Fraser's "Steps Taken At Last", and Johnston's "For Raymond". Issue 2 (Early Spring '66 No. II): Fraser's "Editorial", Cogswell's "Democracy" and "Molly Jones", an untitled poem by Leonard Cohen ("Snow is falling..."), an untitled poem by E. Biesbroek", Susi Shuh's "Professor", Johnson's "The Second Editor Speaks", Raymond Souster's "Twin Sittings" and "Fresh Chestnuts", an untitled poem by Fortin, Mayne's "Leaf", Fraser's "March Night", Brewster's "Make-Believe", Fraser's "Donations and Honors", David A. Giffin's "Rooftop Swimming. Underground Parking. Soundproof", Johnson's "The Wedge and the Green Wood", Fraser's "The Preservation of Old Buildings Through Tourism", Irving Layton's "Poetry Workshop" and "Fried Fish, My Love" [Mansbridge, Irving Layton : An Annotated Bibliography B323 & B320], Fraser's "A Short Exerpt (sp) from the book 'Twentieth Century Philosophy of Education'", Jim McNeil's "Come to My Burning", and R. Souster's "Hungers" . Issue 3 (#3, mid-summer...): editorials by Fraser and Johnson, Alfred Purdy's "St. Francis in Ameliasburg", Johnson's "Park Meeting Girl", "Outside the Beach House", "For Ingelore", and "Old Tom", R. Souster's "Bus Stop", Tim Crawford's "Death", M. Gordon's "Spayed", Richard Partington's "Lake Ontario Makes a Catch", Brewster's "Sestina on Space", an untitled poem by Clarke Rogers, Fraser's "Small College Town: The Restaurant", Cogswell's "Cartridge Collector", John Drew's "To Fred Cogswell", Frederick Candelaria's "Philosophy 000-0: The Meaning of Music", George Bowering's "The Bath", William Lyon Mackenzie's "A Star-Chamber Crew", Partington's "Diana", and Al Purdy's "Last Year's Cabbages". "Issue 4" (Indian Summer Issue - makes mention of previous three issues in the "also available" portion, hence belief this is the 4th issue): Johnson's editorial, "Exerpt (sp) from a Letter from Alfred Purdy", R. Shurig's "The Python", a second editorial by Johnson, Alden Nowlan's "A Note onGallows Humour", Layton's "Women of the Back Streets of Europe" Mansbridge , Irving Layton : An Annotated Bibliography B341], an untitled poem by M. C. Ingerman, Fraser's "The Taste is in the Till", "Cat and Bird", and "Reflection in the Window at Two A.M.", M. Gordon's "Salesmen", Johnson's "Note of Depression", an untitled poem by Bob Flanagan, Fraser's "Three Numbers", Layton's "For the Stinker Who Called Me an Apologist for Nazi Crimes - for Peter Lust" [Mansbridge, Irving Layton : An Annotated Bibliography B328], and an untitled haiku by Johnson. Issue 5 (Winter '67): Johnson's editorial,Drew's "October 25th", Layton's "Ruins" [Mansbridge, Irving Layton : An An notated Bibliography B349], Fraser's "Getting to Sleep", Flanagan's "Blackfriars Bridge", an untitled haiku, "The Worker", and "A Note On Religion" byJohnson, Fraser's "Russelus", Fred Gault's "A London Happening", Theodore Holmes's "Winter Scene", Drew's "Visitors Find Her Quaint", Shurig's "The Party", Johnson's "The Other Day", Len Gasparini's "The Dancing Satyr", an untitled poem by Barry McKinnon, an untitled poem by Jane Johnson, Nowlan's "Excerpt from a Typical Obituary in a New Brunswick Weekly Newspaper", a haiku by Johnson, Layton's "Above All, Avoid Halitosis" [Mansbridge, Irving Layton : An Annotated Bibliography B347], and a haiku by C. K. Scott. Minor worming to spine of #1, faint staining to front cover of #4, several wormholes near spine of #5, lightly rubbed, else vg. For the lot of 5 issues. 200.00

Title: Intercourse : Contemporary Canadian Writing, Nos. 1-3,4?, 5

Author Name: COHEN, Leonard) LAYTON, Irving) NOWLAN, Alden) Intercourse, 1-5)

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Publisher: Poverty Press, Montreal, 1967,:

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