Nova Scotia : A Pictorial Record. Historical Prints and Illustrations of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada 1605-1878. First Edition in dustjacket

de VOLPI, Charles P. Nova Scotia : A Pictorial Record. Historical Prints and Illustrations of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada 1605-1878. (Forewordby Henry D. Hicks). Longman Canada Limited, (1974). First Edition. Pp (4), v-xii, 1-11 + 160 plates. Smallfolio, tan cloth with a view of Halifax laid on front board. Not in Tennyson. Charles Patrick de Volpi (b. July16, 1911 – d. November 24, 1981). 35 of the prints reproduced can be consi dered marine views: many harbour scenes and several shipwrecks. E.g. The Burning of the Prudent and Capture of the Bienfaisant at Louisburg; Naval Battle - 21st July, 1781; His Majesty's Brig Observer Engaging the American Privateer Jack, off the Harbour of Halifax, 1782; H.M.S. Shannon Leading Chesapeake into Halifax Harbour, 1813; H.M.S. Atlante passing Sambro, 1814; Wreck of the Arcadia on Sable Island, 1857, Champion Sculler's Race - The Finish, 1871; The Sarmatian Passing through the Fleet-Halifax, 1878. The full list: Port Royal, 1605 Abitasion du Port Royal, 1605 Landing of New England Forces, 1745 French Fortress Louisbourg Captured, Halifax from ye Topmasthead, 1750 Britain's Glory, or Reduction of Cape Breton, 1758 Capture of Louisbourg and Island of Cape Breton, 1758 Louisbourg, Taken near Lighthouse, 1758 Burning of the Prudent and Capture of the Bienfaisant, 1758 Town and Harbour of Halifax from Opposite Shore. 1759 Town and Harbour of Halifax Looking up to King's Yard, 1759 Town and Harbour of Halifax Looking down PrinceStreet, 1759 Town and Harbour of Halifax Looking to Opposite Shore, 1759 C hurch of St. Paul and Parade at Halifax, 1759 Governor's House and St. Mather's Meeting House, Halifax, 1759 Louisbourg, 1760 Annapolis Royal, 1781 Entrance of Louisbourg Harbour, 1781 Louisbourg from the North-East, 1781 South Entrance of Grand Passage, 1781 Town and Harbour of Halifax from Dartmouth Shore, 1781 Isle Haut and Cape Chegnecto, 1781 Cape St. Mary, 1781 Entrance of Mines Bason / Minas Basin, 1781 Plaister Cliffs on West Shore of George's Bay, 1781 Louisbourg, 1781 View from Camp at East End of Naked Sand Hills, 1781 Isle of Sable, Wreckers Den Near Pond, 1781 Sable Island Annapolis Royal, 1781 Halifax, 1781 Cape Blowmedown open with Cape Split, 1781 Cape Blomidon Departure of S. Prentice from Ship-Wrecked Companions, 1781 Ensign Samuel Prentice Naval Battle, 1781 Halifax from Fort Needham, 1782 North-West Aspect of Citadel, Halifax, 1782 Halifax from Point Pleasant, 1782 Entrance to Halifax Harbour, 1782 Brig Observer engaging American Privateer Jack, 1782 Halifax from Fort Needham, 1801 View from Cowie's Hill, near Halifax, 1801 Halifax from Davis's Mill, 1801 Halifax from George's Island, 1801 Entrance into Halifax Harbour, 1803 Commissioner's House in Naval Yard, Halifax, 1804 Windsor, 1811 H.M.S. Atlante passing Sambro, Halifax, 1814 H.M.S. Shannon Leading Chesapeake into Halifax Harbour, 1813 Halifax from Dartmouth Point, 1817 St. George's Island, Halifax Harbour, 1818 Perspective View of Province Building from N.E., 1819 Government House from S. W. 1819 Government House from N.E., 1819 Fort and Part of Town of Annapolis, 1829 Front Street of Windsor, 1829 Halifax, 1827 Province House, Halifax, 1830 Lochaber Lake, County Sydney, 1830 Cape Blow-Me-Down, and Bason of Mines, 1830 Hahtax from Dartmouth Cove, 1832 Digby, 1835 Entrance to Digby from the North, 1835 Parrsboro' from the Water, 1836 Halifax from Indian Encampment at Dartmouth, 1837 A Sleigh Leaving Windsor, 1837 Bedford Basin from Near Three Mile House, 1837 Interior of a Wigwam, 1837 Cobaquid Mountains, 1837 Windsor from Barracks, 1837 Stream Near Grand Shubinacadie Lake, 1837 . Indian of Mic Mac Tribe, 1837 Position of Pier's Howe's and Maybury's Boats, Regatta, Halifax, 1838 Cornwallis, Grand Priare and Basin of Minas, 1837 Halifaxfrom Eastern Passage, 1837 Halifax from Fort Needham, 1837 Halifax from Re d Mill, Dartmouth, 1839 Entrance to Halifax Harbour From Reeve's Hill, 1839Bedford Basin, 1839 Ruins of Duke of Kent's Lodge, 1839 Halifax from Mc Na b's Island, 1839 View on North-West Arm, 1839 Windsor from Fort Hill, 1840 View from Retreat Farm, Windsor, 1840 View from Horton Mountains, Looking over Grand Pré, 1840 Pictou from Mortimer's Point, 1840 Pictou from Road to Halifax, 1840 Pictou from Fort Hill, 1840 Argyle Street, Halifax, 1840 Province Building, Halifax, 1840 Tandem Club Assembly in Front of Dalhousie College, 1841 Halifax from Eastern Battery, 1839 Halifax from Narrows, 1839 The General's Bridge Near Annapolis, 1842 Old Fort Near Annapolis, 1842 Scenein Bay of Annapolis, 1842 Windsor, 1842 Residence of Judge Haliburton, 184 2 Kentville, 1842 Cape Split, Bay of Fundy, 1842 Cape Blow-Me-Down and Parrsboro, 1842 Halifax from Dartmouth, 1842 Church of Our Lady of Dolours, 1843 St. Mary's, Halifax, c.1846 Conflagration of North Barracks, «, Halifax, 1851 Halifax, c. 1854 Nova Scotia Industrial Exhibition Building, 1854 Camps of the 76th and Artillery at Mt. Pleasant, 1855 Barracks of the Foreign Legion, Melville Island, 1855 Wreck of the Arcadia on Sable Island, 1857 Halifax, I860 Point Pleasant, Halifax Harbour, 1860 The Town of Pictou, Northumberland Strait, 1863 Goldwashing Near Lunenburg, 1861 Lunenburg from Battery Point, 1861 Halifax from Mc Nab's Island, c. 1862 A Forest Road - Summer, 1863 A Forest Road - Winter, 1863 Halifax as Seen from the Cupola of the Mount Hope Asylum, 1865 Nova Scotia Scenery, 1868 Gold River, 1870 Town andHarbour of Sydney, C.B., 1871 Acadia College, Wolfville, 1871 Town and Har bour of Sydney, C.B., 1871 East River, Pictou; 1871 Four Oared Race to M'Nab's Island, 1871 Boats Returning to Halifax, Past Dartmouth, 1871 Champion Sculler's Race - The Finish. 1871 On the Road to Bedford Range, 1871 Bedford Range, 1871 Pirate Harbour, Straits of Canso, 1872 Guysboro, 1872 Block House, Annapolis, 1872 Ruins of Fortifications, Annapolis, 1872 Village of River Philip, Cumberland Co., 1872 Mainadieu, Cape Breton, 1872 Wolfville,. 1872 Pictou from Mackenzie Point, 1872 The Digby Regatta, 1872 Little Hope Light House, 1872 Port Matoon, 1872 [Port Mouton] Masonic Temple Liverpool,1873 Wreck of The Atlantic, 1873 Long Island Passage, Bras d'Or Lake, 1873 Emery Colliery, Cape Breton, 1873 Lingan and International Colliery, Cape Breton, 1873 Cow Bay, Scene of the Recent Storm, 1873 Mira River Bridge, Cape Breton, 1875 New Campbellton, Cape Breton, 1876 Town of Amherst, 1876 Valley of River Philip, 1876 Torbay Station, 1877 Prince of Wales Tower, Halifax, 1877 Falls near Truro, 1877 Library and Museum, King's College, 1877 Yarmouth Illustrated, 1878 The Sarmatian Passing through the Fleet-Halifax, 1878. 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Title: Nova Scotia : A Pictorial Record. Historical Prints and Illustrations of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada 1605-1878. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: de VOLPI, Charles P. HICKS, Henry D., foreword deVOLPI, Charles]

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Publisher: Longman, 1974,:

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