Large Marine Ecosystems : Stress, Mitigation, and Sustainability. pbk.

SHERMAN, Kenneth, Lewis M. ALEXANDER, and Barry D. GOLD (eds.). Large Marine Ecosystems : Stress, Mitigation, and Sustainability. Kenneth Sherman, Lewis M. Alexander, and Barry D. Gold, editors. (Washington): AAAS Press, (1993). Pp. [i]-xxi,(1),[1]-376,(2). Illustrated. Double column. Large 8vo, illustrated grey card covers. Contents: 1. Sherman's "Large marine ecosystems as global units for marine resources management: an ecological perspective", 2. Dahl's "The large marine ecosystem approach to regional seas action plans and conventions: a geographic perspective", 3. Hempel and Sherman's "Scientific and organizational aspects of large marine ecosystems research", 4. McIntyre's "Application of large marine ecosystems management in global marine pollution", 5. Reeve's "Application of international global change research programs, including GLOBEC, to long-term large marine ecosystems management", 6. Levin's "Approaches to forecasting biomass yields in large marine ecosystems", 7. Dwivedi's "Long-term variability in the food chains, biomass yields, and oceanography of the Bay of Bengal ecosystem", 8. Alheit and Bernal's "Effects of physical and biological changes on the biomass yield of the Humboldt Current ecosystem", 9. Kuznetsov, Shuntov, and Borets's "Food chains, physical dynamics, perturbations, and biomass yields of the Sea of Okhotsk", 10. Tang's "Effects of long-term physical and biological perturbations on the contemporary biomass yields of the Yellow Sea ecosystem",11. Bas's "Long-term variability in the food chains, biomass yields, and o ceanography of the Canary Current ecosystem", 12. Binet and Marchal's "The large marine ecosystem of shelf areas in the Gulf of Guinea: long-term variability induced by climatic changes", 13. Bombace's "Ecological and fishingfeatures of the Adriatic Sea", 14. Caddy's "Contrast between recent fisher y trends and evidence for nutrient enrichment in two large marine ecosystems: the Mediterranean and the Black Sea", 15. Pauly and Christensen's "Stratified models of large marine ecosystems: a general approach and an application to the South China Sea", 16. Ray and Hayden's "Marine biogeographic provinces of the Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort seas", 17. Blindheim and Skjoldal's "Effects of climatic changes on the biomass yield of the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, and West Greenland large marine ecosystems", 18. Bakun's "TheCalifornia Current, Benguela Current, and Southwestern Atlantic Shelf ecos ystems: a comparative approach to identifying factors regulating biomass yields", 19. Alexander's "Regional approach to large marine ecosystems", 20. Belsky's "Legal regimes for management of large marine ecosystems and theircomponent resources", 21. Knecht and Cicin-Sain's "Ocean management and th e large marine ecosystem concept: taking the next step", 22. Scully's "Convention on the conservation of Antarctic marine living resources", 23. Daan's "Simulation study of effects of closed areas to all fishing, with particular reference to the North Sea ecosystem", 24. Bottom et al's "Research andManagement in the Northern California Current ecosystem", 25. Kelleher's " Sustainable development of the Great Barrier Reef as a large marine ecosystem", 26. Prescott's "Role of national political factors in the management of LMEs: evidence from West Africa", 27. Morgan's "Large marine ecosystems of the Pacific Rim", 28. Holliday's "Applications of advanced acoustic technology in large marine ecosystem studies", 29. Powers's "Application of molecular techniques to large marine ecosystems", 30. Yoder and Garcia-Moliner's "Application of satellite remote sensing and optical buoys/moorings to LME studies". Faint cover creasing, name, occasional underlining, else vg. 70.00

Title: Large Marine Ecosystems : Stress, Mitigation, and Sustainability. pbk.

Author Name: SHERMAN, Kenneth, Lewis M. ALEXANDER, and Barry D. GOLD (eds.) ALEXANDER, Lewis M. GOLD, Barry D.

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Publisher: AAAS Press, Washington, 1993, ISBN:087168506x:

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