Sailing Ships of the Maritimes: An Illustrated History of Shipping and Shipbuilding in the Maritime Provinces of Canada 1750-1925. 1st in dj

By: ARMOUR, Charles A. and Thomas LACKEY LACKEY, Thomas

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ARMOUR, Charles A. and Thomas LACKEY. Sailing Ships of the Maritimes : An Illustrated History of Shipping and Shipbuilding in the Maritime Provinces of Canada 1750-1925. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, (1975). First Printing. Pp. (5),6-224, including 16 colour plates. Illustrated. Double column. Oblong large 8vo, blue cloth. Vaison, p.5. Charles Arthur Armour (March 5, 1934,Taylor Village, New Brunswick - d. December 4, 2010, Halifax) long-time Da lhousie University archivist, historian and researcher of marine history. "In the heyday of sailing ships, vessels built in the numerous coastal villages of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island were sailed by hardy Maritimers to all the important trading ports of the world. The Maritime Provinces were one of the world's leading shipbuilding areas. By the endof the nineteenth century, over 26,000 vessels had been built. Not all wer e for local owners; in the peak years of the 1860s, the Maritimes supplied nearly one-quarter of British shipping. "This pictorial history offers a lively and authoratative account of the development of Maritime sailing ships, from the privateers of the eighteenth century to the magnificent clipper ships of the nineteenth century and the swift schoohners of the early twentieth century. It covers not only the ships themselves, but the men who built, owned and sailed them. Paintings, photographs, logbooks, plans and otherillustrations have been chosen to represent some of the important vessels, builders and shipbuilding centres, as well as to convey the romance, hards hips, humour and tragedy of life on board a sailing ship." - from the dj. Perhaps the best single general work on the history of merchant sail in NovaScotia, and certainly among the most attractively-designed. The text proce eds chronologically from the first stirrings of the trade in the eighteenthcentury to its final demise in the 1920s; brief essays (on the characteris tics of a period or trade, on the contribution of a particular town or family, on the distinctions of a particular vessel, or on the nature of a certain occupation) are printed en face with a rich selection of contemporary images, particularly of ship portraits. With a brief explanation of ships' rigs, a bibliography, and an index. Chapters: 1. The Eighteenth Century; 2. Prizes and Privateers; 3. Trade and Timber, 1820-1845; 4. The Golden Age, 1846-1867; 5. Decline, 1868-1900; 6. Revival, 1900-1925. Some of the ships: The Rover (brig, 1800); the Dart (sloop, 1813); the Tantivy (brig, 1827); the Jessie (brig, 1827); the James (brig, 1826); the Albion (ship, 1834); theSt. George (ship, 1836); the William Carson (barque, 1846); the Ferozepore (ship, 1846, built by Joseph Cunard, brother of Samuel); the Boadicea (shi p, 1847); the Marco Polo (ship, 1851); the Alma (barque, 1854); the Oliver Lang (ship, 1853); the S.T. Lilley (ship, 1856); the Samuel P. Mussen (barquentine, 1856); the Beau Monde (ship, 1857); the Maggie Hammond (barque, 1863); the Maria Scammell (barque, 1864); the M. Wood (barque, 1866); the John Mann (ship, 1867); the Kelso (schooner, 1867); the Robert Godfrey (barque, 1868); the Adriatic (barque, 1870); the Abram Young (barque, 1870); the Lennie (ship, 1871, mutiny in 1875); the Talisman (barque, 1872); the Royal Harrie (barquentine, 1872); the William Owen (barque, 1874); the William D.Lawrence (ship, 1874); the Queen of the Fleet (barque, 1876); the Colchest er (ship, 1875); the Plymouth (barque, 1879); the Kate F. Troop (barque, 1881); the E.J. Spicer (ship, 1880); the Habitant (ship, 1885); the County ofYarmouth (ship, 1884); the Annie E. Wright (ship, 1885); the Skoda (barque ntine, 1893); the Atrato (schooner, 1897); the A.V. Conrad (schooner, 1908); the Dornfontein (schooner, 1918); the Bluenose (schooner, 1921); and the I'm Alone (schooner, 1923, rumrunner). Name, else vg in dj (surface tears to front panel) dj. 70.00

Title: Sailing Ships of the Maritimes: An Illustrated History of Shipping and Shipbuilding in the Maritime Provinces of Canada 1750-1925. 1st in dj

Author Name: ARMOUR, Charles A. and Thomas LACKEY LACKEY, Thomas

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1975, ISBN:007077756x:

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