Social and Ecological Systems. in dj.

BURNHAM, Philip and Roy F. ELLEN (eds.). Social and Ecological Systems . L.: Academic Press, Inc., (1979). Pp. 314. 8vo, black cloth with gilt lettering to spine. A.S.A. Monographs, Number 18. Of potential nautical interest: Pierre Van Leynseele's "Ecological Stability and Intensive Fish Production:The Case of the Libinza People of the Middle Ngiri (Zaire)" and Roy F. Ell en's "Sago Subsistence and the Trade in Spices: A Provisional Model of Ecological Succession and Imbalance in Moluccan History". Of Canadian interest:David Riches' "Ecological Variation on the Northwest Coast: Models for the Generation of Cognatic and Matrilineal Descent". Other anthropological wor ks by James J. Fox, David R. Harris, Nicolas Peterson, Alan Barnard, PhilipBurnham, Pierre Bonte, Paula Brown, Jonathan Friedman and Tim Ingold. Name stamp to fore-edge and ffep, else vg in nicked dj. 35.00

Title: Social and Ecological Systems. in dj.

Author Name: BURNHAM, Philip and Roy F. ELLEN (eds.) ELLEN, Roy F. (ed.) A.S.A. Monographs, 18) VAN LEYNSEELE, Pierre

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Publisher: Academic Press, Inc., London, 1979, ISBN:0121460509:

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