Sea, Salt & Sweat : A Story of Nova Scotia and the Vast Atlantic Fishery. Second Edition

By: BARNARD, Murray Jenson, L.B.

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BARNARD, Murray. Sea, Salt & Sweat : A Story of Nova Scotia and the Vast Atlantic Fishery. Second Edition with revisions by Jim Bennett. Illustrations by L.B. Jensen. Halifax, Nova Scotia : "A co-publication of Four East Publications and the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries, 1986. Pp (2),3--111,(1). Illustrated throughout. Maps. Squarish 8vo, art-illustrated green cardcovers [with reproduction of a lithograph by William Ritchie on front].

"In the often stormy Northwest Atlantic, Nova Scotians are among North America's most productive fishermenm and the industry, dating back to 1504, is the oldest in the country. The eraly growth of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New England was based on neither furs nor bullion, but on the mighty cod.

It was the abundance of these ocean fish, noted by explorer John Cabot in his official reports, that drew the first European adventurers and developed the rich shipping trade of the North Atlantic triangle - a vital factor in the American Revolution, the rise of Nova Scotia in the age of sail, and ultimately the emergence of Canada as a nation. For centuries the offshore banks of the Northwest Atlantic were considered to hold an inexhaustible resource by the fishing nations of the world. However, post-war technology and massive fishing power seriously depleted fish stocks in the 1960s and early 1970s.

The new sciences of oceanology [sic] and ecology focussed public attention on the growong problem. Efforts of the International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries helped develop international co-operation and a scientific basis for conservation. In 1977, Canada declared a 200-mile fishing zone and assumed control of this vital resource off her shores. To maintain the level of fish stocks and improve efficiency, federal and provincial fisheries authorities are co-operating with the fishermen and the fishing companies so that the fishermen of this coast will be able to handle a larger share of the Northwest Atlantic fishing industry than ever before.

Sea, Salt & Sweat outlines major developments in the Northwest Atlantic fisheries, from the beginning nearly 500 years ago to the present, including crucial effects on settlement, international trade, colonial wars and current diplomacy. Most important, it offers a fresh view of the life of Nova Scotia fishermen, their boats and gear, and the complex fishing business, with some probabilities for the future of this vital resource industry." - from the cover.

The chapters [un-numbered in the book] are :
1. In the Realm of the Ocean Sea;
2. When Cod was King;
3. Colonies of the Golden Triangle;
4. Salt Fish and Democracy;
5. Tall Spars and Dorymen;
6. The Cape Islanders;
7. Longliners, Seiners and Draggers;
8. The Deep Sea Trawlers;
9. Where the Fish Came From;
10. Home From The Tide;
11. The Business of Fishing;
12. Fisheries Diplomacy.

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Title: Sea, Salt & Sweat : A Story of Nova Scotia and the Vast Atlantic Fishery. Second Edition

Author Name: BARNARD, Murray Jenson, L.B.

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Publisher: Four East Publications and N.S. Dept. of Fisheries, Halifax, 1986,: 1986

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