Whaling Wives.

By: WHITING, Emma Mayhew HOUGH, Henry Beetle

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WHITING, Emma Mayhew and Henry Beetle HOUGH. Whaling Wives. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1953. Pp (4),v-xx,(4),1-293,(3) + frontispiece + 12 papges of illustrations. 8vo, black cloth spine, blue cloth boards, silver lettering to spine.Map end-papers. Forster 272. "This rich store of old records and unpublished letters and diaries, discovered in the ancient houses of Martha'sVineyard, presents a new and highly entertaining side of America's most ad venturous industry. For though whaling itself has been the subject of many books, little is known and less recorded of those courageous women who wentto sea with their husbands, who set up housekeeping aboard ship as best th ey could, and who cheerfully assumed the bleak home address, "Pacific Ocean." - from the dj [NOTE dustjacket not present with this copy]. Chapters : 1. 1. Whither Thou Goest; 2. Aboard Ship; 3. Out and Far; 2. 1. Kangaroos and Kauri Gum - William and Caroline Mayhew on the Warren, Luminary,and Powhatan, 1834-49 ;2. Mary Carlin from Sydney - James F. Cleaveland and Mary Carlin on the Mary Wilder, 1851-52 3. 1. How It was in the Ochotsk - Nehemiah Fisher and Susan Folger on the Cowper, 1851-53; 2. Two Boys in the Arctic -Joseph Holley and Lucy Norton Ripley on the Polar Star with Tristram Riple y Holley, 1852-56; John Oliver Norton and Charity Randall on the John Coggeshall with Ben Luce, 1852-55; 3. Life and Death on the Barnstable - RoswellCoon and Harriet Cleveland on the Barnstable,1851-55; 4. 1. First at Hakod ate [Japan] - Nathaniel M. Jernegan and Abigail S. Vincent on the Eliza F. Mason, 1853-57; 2. Ordeal by Fire - How the Eliza F. Mason Was Nearly Lost - 3. Sakhalin and Honolulu - More Hazards for Nathaniel and Abigail ; 5. 1.The Paps of Concepción William Cleveland and Clarissa L. Dexter on the Mor ning Star, 1853-57; 2. Mary Carlin's Family - James F. Cleaveland and Mary Carlin on the Seconet, 1855-60; 3. "Lots of Comfort" - Nathan M. Jernegan and Charlotte Corday Dunham on the Niger, 1856-60; 4. Fashion Note -Nathan and Charlotte Arrive Home; 6. 1. Absence and the Heart - Jared Fisher, Jr., and Desire A. Osborn on the Navigator, 1858-63; 2. Girl in a Hurricane - Shubael H. Norton and Susan Colt on the Splendid, 1856-62; 3. To Put in a Parlor - Henry A. Pease, Jr., and Phebe Ann Smith on the Cambria, 1858-62; 7. 1. Purseuer Pursued - Hervey E. Luce and Sarah Reynolds Luce on the MorningStar, 1862-63; 2. Beyond Time in the Banda Sea [in the Maluku Islands of I ndonesia]- Daniel F. Worth and Jane Harding on the Gazelle, 1862-66; 3. Portrait of Jane - Daniel and Jane Worth on the Gazelle; 8. 1. Appointments inthe Pacific - Jared Jernegan and Helen Clark on the Oriole, 1863-66, and t he Roman, 1868-71; 2. Mutiny on the Roman - Jared and Helen Jernegan in Difficulty ; 3. A Child's Diary of Whaling - Little Laura Jernegan; ; 9. 1. Ethelinda in the Arctic - Valentine Lewis and Ethelinda Claghom on the Corinthian, 1866-68; 2. On Blossom Shoals - Valentine and Ethelinda Abandon Ship;3. Aboard the Europa - Thomas Metten and Kate Courtney on the Europa, 1866 —72; 4. Ethelinda Sails Again - Valentine Lewis and Ethelinda Claghorn on the Thomas Dickason, 1869-71; 10. 1. Arctic Rendezvous - Benjamin Dexter andAlmira E. Luce on the Emily Morgan, 1868-71; 2. Ice - Almira Dexter in Anx ious Days; 11. 1. Another Part of the Ocean - George A. Smith and Lucy P. Vincent on the Nautilus, 1869-74; 2. Housewife at Sea - Lucy Smith's Busy Days on the Nautilus; 3. The Ordeal - Lucy Smith Learns the Whaling Life; 4. Mr. Holmes - Lucy Smith Has Social Frictions; 5. St. Helena - Lucy Smith from the Congo to Ladder Hill; ; 12. 1. Rocking-Chair Rescue - Daniel F. Worth and Jane Harding on the Para, 1867-71; 2. Still Another Part of the Ocean- Hervey and Sarah Luce on the Cleone, 1868-72; 3. Uncle John and Aunt Cha rity - John O. Norton and Charity Randall on the Ionia, 1867-71; ; 13. 1. To the Sooloo Sea - Shuhael H. Norton and Ellen M. Vincent on the Alaska, 1867-71; 2. Tristram and Eliza - Tristram P. Ripley and Eliza M. Mayhew on the Mercury, 1869; 3. Lucy Rounds the Horn - George A. Smith and Lucy P. Vincent on the Nautilus, 1869-74; 14. 1. Honolulu Idyll - George A. Smith and Lucy P. Vincent on the Nautilus, 1869-74; 2. Again the Europa - Thomas Mellen and Kate Courtney on the Europa, 1866-72; 3. Between Seasons - Lucy Smithfrom the Golden Gate to Diamond Head ; 4. Three Wives - Lucy Smith of the Nautilus, Mary Smith of the Northern Light, and Jane Owen of the Jireh Perry; 15. 1. Lipei Naij - Henry Fletcher Worth and Lipei Naij, 1867-97; 2. "A Land that is Fairer than Day" - Henry Worth and Lipei Naij; 16. 1. Carolineat Home- Caroline Mayhew, the Tristram P. Ripleys, and the Nathaniel M. Je rnegans in After Years 2; . End of the Osmanli - Abraham Osborn, Jr., and Lucy M. P. Hobart on the Osmanli, 1875-78 3. Parnell Disliked the Sea - Charles W. Fisher and Parnell S. Pease on the Alaska, 1885-89; 17. 1. Pacific Honeymoon - Eugene O. Thaxter and Mabel Marchant on the Helen Mar, 1891-92; 2. Charlotte Corday's Daughter - Samuel P. Smith and Amy C. Jemegan on the Napoleon, 1884-85; 3. Billy Earle's Son - James A. M. Earle and Honor Matthews on the Charles W. Morgan, 1890-1906; 18. 1. A Dream on the Horatio - Ellsworth West and Gertrude Eager on the California, 1893-97, and on the Horatio, 1898-99; 2. A Little Girl Remembered - George W. Brown, Mary Crowell, and Their Daughter Gertrude on the Hunter, 1883; 3. Harriet Turned Back - Benjamin Tilton and Harriet N. Cottle on the Alexander, 1899; 4. Steam in the Arctic - Stephen F. Cottle and Adelaide Mayhew on the Belvedere and Karluk, 1905-13; 5. Ten years at Sea - John S. Reynolds and Charlotte Hillman onthe Mattapoisett, Francis A. Barstow, James Arnold, and Sunbeam, 1886-97; 6. Home Port - How the Old Days Lived On.. With index. Light wear to edges,else very good. 40.00

Title: Whaling Wives.

Author Name: WHITING, Emma Mayhew HOUGH, Henry Beetle

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Publisher: Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1952,:

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