Vancouver Island and British Columbia : Their History, Resources and Prospects, 1865

By: MacFIE, Matthew Coles Canadiana Collection

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MacFIE, Matthew. Vancouver Island and British Columbia: Their History, Resources and Prospects, 1865. (Toronto: Coles Publishing Company, 1972). [ Facsimile of the London 1865 edition]. Pp. 574. Illustrated including [2] folding maps. 8vo, ill. card covers. 1. The Voyage Out. Departure — Azores — Description of Passengers — St. Thomas, W. I. — Carthagena — Sharks — Scenes on the Isthmus — Panama — Passage to California — Acapulco — The Natives ofMexico — San Francisco — The Pounding and Growth of the City — Discovery o f Gold at General Sutter's Mill — Califomian Life in 1849 — 'Eovrdyism' — The 'Vigilance Committee' — Judge McAlmond — Present Order and Prosperity ofSan Francisco — Fertile Valleys — A Trip to Sacramento — State Legislature — Meeting of the 'Democratic Convention' — Mammoth Trees — American Taxati on — Metallic Wealth of California — "Washoe — Up the Columbia River to Portland — Oregon Fruit — Sail to the Isle of San Juan — Parley with American Officers — Origin of the Dispute between the British and American Governments, as stated from their respective Points of View; 3. The Discovery of Gold in British Columbia in 1858, and its Influence on the Growth of Victoria.: Rush of Immigration— Sudden Rise in the Value of Land — Rival Cities att empted by the Americans — Unequalled Superiority of Victoria and Esquimalt Harbours— Return of faint-hearted Speculators to California, and their Maledictions — Struggles and Triumphs of Miners on the Fraser — Hardships on the New Route — Temporary Gloom of Victoria — Yield of Gold for the first four Months— State of the City in 1859 — News from Quesnelle— Things looking up— The Letters of the Times' Correspondent and the Immigration of 1862 — Disappointment and Privation of the Inexperienced — Description of Victoria as it now is — Beacon Hill— Government House — Streets —Public Buildings andAssociations — Newspaper Press — Religious Bodies — Colleges and Schools — Manu- factories — Joint-Stock Companies — The Municipal Council — Banks — Price of Town Lots — List of Trades and Professions; 4. Victoria as a Free Port. : Principal Free Ports throughout the World — Results of the Free Port System in Hamburg, the Channel Islands, and Hongkong — Importance of guarding Victoria against the Introduction of Customs Duties — Proposed Union with British Columbia as afFecting the Free Port Arrangement — Comparative Prospects of New Westminster and Victoria — Resolutions of the Island Legislature in regard to Union — Imports — Number and Tonnage of Vessels — Exports of Gold from 1858 to 1864 — Exports of British and French Goods to Sitka — Washington Territory — Oregon — Cali- fornia and Mexico — Commanding Position of Victoria as a Free Port, and the powerful Inducements it offers British Merchants for opening up Trade with the Coast of Western America — Facilities offered by Vancouver Island for Return Cargoes to China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand — Califomian Opinion of Victoria as a probable Rival of San Francisco — Description of Goods suited for the Victoria Market — Rapid Increase of Population in Puget Sound — The proposed Erection of Esquimalt into the chief Naval Station of the Pacific, the Construction of a Sanitarium for invalided Naval Men, and the bearing of these Events on the Growth of Victoria; 5. General Resources of Vancouver Island : Timber : Exports of this Article — Profits realised on it — Advantages over Canada and New Brunswick — Timber more remunerative to the common Carrier than Gold — Trade in Export of Railway Sleepers — Prices of Spars, Masts, &c. Coal : Mines at Nanaimo — Immense Consumption of Coal on the Coast — Chemical Comparison of Vancouver Island Coal with other Varieties— Imports of Coal to San Erancisco— Prices — Thickness of Seam— Conveniences for Loading — Vancouver Island Pioneer Coal-mining Company — Quantities shipped from Nanaimo — Report of First Ajinual Meeting of Directors — Other Coal Companies. Copper : Queen Charlotte Island Mine — Inspection of a Vein — Want of British Capital to develop this Source of Wealth efiectually. Magnetic Iron Ore — Limestone— Sajstdstone— Elite Maebie — Bltob Ciat. Gold : First found in Queen Char lotte Island — Gold Stream — Gold discovered at Sooke — General Character of the Region — ' Prospects ' obtained — Mining 'Claims 'and 'Yields.' Fisheries: Herring — Hoolakan — Salmon — Trout — Sturgeon — Halibut — Haddock — Rock — Whales — Walrus — Foreign Markets to be supplied; 6. Agriculture in Vancouver Island.: Remunerative Character of Agricultural Pursuits in the Colony — Climate — Soils — Farming Districts — Yield of Crops — Prices of Produce and Stock — Relation of the Free-Port System to the Question of Markets — Expense of Farm Labour — Times of Clearing, Sowing, Reaping, &c. — Terms of Agricultural Settlement; 8. General Description of British Columbia; 9. The Mines of British Columbia; 14. Proposed Interoceanic Railway — Emigrant Route and Telegraph: Their Influence upon the Growth of the Colonies: Westward, . Ho ! — Trade v^ith the East coveted by Western Nations from remotest Antiquity — The Tyrians, &c. — Alexander the Great — Antiochus — Mahomet — The Arabians — Effect of the Discovery of a Passage to India vid the Cape of Good Hope — America found in the Search for the shortest Route to the East— Why has this Communication, so industriously sought, never been practically realised ? — Eastern Trade now to flow across to the American Sideof the Pacific, and great Cities to grow up in its Track— The Americans pr eparing to receive and distribute Eastern Commerce by the Construction of an Interoceanic Railway — Would such a Line on the British Side pay ? — It must prove the shortest possible Route to Australia and China as well as British Columbia — The political Utility of the Scheme — How transcendent its Influence upon Victoria — Most eligible Tract of Country for the proposed Railway - Singular natural Features of the great Valleys through which the Line would pass, favouring its Construction — Central Position of Red River Settlement— Road via St. Paul's — Alleged Difiiculties in the Way of extending the Line from Fort Garry to Canada— Railway Enterprise not likely to take immediate Effect — Emigrant Route imperatively demanded the Course it should take from Lake Superior — How are the territorial Rights of the Hudson's Bay Company to be adjusted? — Dr. Rae and the Telegraph — Climate and Soil of the Country between Canada and British Columbia— The Adaptability of Red River and Saskatchewan for Colonisation— The Gold Discoveries East of the Rocky Mountains and their Attractions— Passes in the Range— Lord Milton's Journey— Distances from Lake Superior to Cariboo— Strides of Russia in Opening up Water and Telegraphic Communication between the Amoor River, Sitka, and St. Petersburg— Designs of Napoleon IIL in Relation to Mexico and Trade in the Pacific— By whom is the desired Route to be formed. 15. Society in Vancouver Island and British Columbia : "Varieties of Race represented inVictoria — Tschudi's Classification of Human Hybrids — The ultimate Effect of present heterogeneous Mixture of Types upon the Character of the Popula tion — Civil Disabilities imposed on Negroes and Chinamen in California, todiscourage their Residence — Missionary Labour among the Chinese — Visit t o a Buddhist Temple — Address of the Chinese of Victoria to the Governor — Condition of the Negroes — Differences between them and the Whites — Sir James Douglas — Verdant Simplicity of New Comers — English and American Ladies compared — Tone of Society in 1859 — Defalcations of Government Oificials— Escapade of a Quack — 'Widows' and their Adventures — Temptations of You ng Men — The ' Skedaddler' — Excitement of Colonial Life and its Effect on the Brain — Intelligence of the Commimity — The social Pyramid inverted — Life at the Mines — Miners' Ten Commandments; 16. The Indians of Vancouver Island and British Columbia Theories as to their Origin — Their probable Migration from Asia — Names and Occupations of Tribes — Their Ideas of Rank — The 'Potlatch' — Feasts — Dramatic Exhibitions — Mysteries of ' Eluquolla '— Election of a 'Medicine Man' — Cannibals — Converse with the Man in the Moon — Doctors and the Healing Art — Incantation — Witchcraft — Ideas of Beauty — Treating for Peace — An Indian Village — Gambling — Heraldry — Credulity — Courtship and Marriage — Sepulture — Burning the Dead — Catching Grasshoppers — Rain Making — Tradition of the Creation — The Yale and his Doings — The Flood— The Simmoquis — Theory of Thunder and Lightning — ReligiousBeliefs of the Fishing Tribes — Treachery and Bloodthirstiness of the Indi ans — Massacres of Whites — Exciting Encounter of Sir J. Douglas — CatholicMissions to the Natives — The Sign of the Cross— Awkward Predicament of Bi shop Hills — Papal 'Self-interpreting Bible ' — Protestant Mission to the Tchimseans— Good Work of Mr. Duncan — The Opposition of Medicine Parties — Establishment of Met-la-kat-lah — Treatment of Unreformed 'Tillicums' — Government and Prosperity of the Native Settlement — Ingenuity of the Tribes — Civilisation and Evangelisation should go hand in hand — Rapid Diminution and threatened Extinction of Primitive Tribes — Races not likely to disappear have the first Claim upon Missionaries — Chances of a barbarous People surviving; &c, &c. With index. Some spine creasing, gift inscription, else very good. 22.00

Title: Vancouver Island and British Columbia : Their History, Resources and Prospects, 1865

Author Name: MacFIE, Matthew Coles Canadiana Collection

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