Checklist of Palaearctic and Indian Mammals 1758 to 1946. Second Edition.


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ELLERMAN, J.R. and T.C.S. MORRISON-SCOTT. Checklist of Palaearctic and Indian Mammals 1758 to 1946. Second Edition. London : Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), July 1966. Pp (6),1-810,+ folding map frontispiece. Index. Thick 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering on maroon panel to spine.

"It is a commonplace that novelty exercises such an attraction that it frequently diverts to itself a measure of attention out of all proportion to the true value of the subject or object. In science the field of every new discovery forthwith becomes the focal point round which attention centres, to the detriment of other fields more important but less glamorous. The tide of geographical exploration in the nineteenth century with its accompanying flood of zoological novelties exercised precisely this effect with the result that, whereas the vertebrate faunas of the Ethiopian, Oriental, Nearctic, and even the Australian and Neotropical regions, have been more or less comprehensively listed in recent years, there have been few comparable works relating to the Palaearctic region where taxonomic zoology was born and cradled. The present work, whose geographical limits have been selected to link up with Chasen's (1940) list of Malayan mammals and Allen's (1939) similar list for the Ethiopian region, is an attempt to remedy this lack of balance in the field of systematic mammalogy.

The authors have succeeded in producing a list which is not merely one of the working tools that every systematist must make for his own use. It is, in fact, a critical revision, shorn of all detailed argument, based on the unrivalled collections of the Museum." - the Preface.

"The area covered by this work is the Palaearctic region and the Indian' and Indo-Chinese subdivisions of the Oriental region. Zoologists will be well aware of the difficulty in delimiting these zoogeographical areas. However, for the purposes of a list such as this, some arbitrary limit must be set. In Africa we have drawn the boundary along the parallel of 20° N. which, owing to the barrier of the Sahara, does correspond reasonably well with the facts. The boundary in Malaya has, however, been drawn in a purely arbitrary manner along the parallel of 10° N. This line has been chosen because it is the northern limit of the area covered by Chasen, 1940, Handlist of Malaysian Mammals.

The limits in point of time are from 1758 to 1946. That is to say, we have endeavoured to include all forms of recent mammals named from the tenth edition of Linnaeus up till the end of 1946, except that domestic animals, and wild mammals which have become extinct, have as a rule been omitted.

No one man can, of course, be a connoisseur of more than a small part of the class Mammalia. Nevertheless, in writing this work we have thought it worth while attempting a revision rather than making a mere nominal compilation. We have therefore re-examined all relevant monographs and revisions, in so far as they are known to us, together with the extensive study collections of the British Museum, and this checklist represents the results. Whether readers agree with our views or not, we hope that the presentation of such a survey within the covers of one book will prove useful.

There has been a considerable reduction in the number of named forms regarded as valid, though we have only proceeded with this "lumping" to the extent that the evidence before us justified it; there is probably much more to be done, and sub-species have been arranged in order of priority for the convenience of subsequent revisers.

'The term 'India' has been used throughout in its zoogeographical sense to include the modern India and Pakistan.

We have recognized 809 species of rmanmials in the Palaearctic and Indian regions as defined above." pp.1-2. With bibliography and a lengthy index.

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Title: Checklist of Palaearctic and Indian Mammals 1758 to 1946. Second Edition.


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Publisher: Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History, London, 1966,: 1966

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