Collection of 20 protestant religious tracts bound in one volume. Coming Struggle with Rome, not Religious but Political; An American's Word of Warning to the English People. [etc, etc

CONNELLY, Pierce, et al. A collection of 20 protestant religious tracts bound in one volume. London, et al : various publishers, 1839-1858. Various paginations. 8vo, half leather, marbled boards. Consisting of the following :CONNELLY, Pierce. The Coming Struggle with Rome, not Religious but Politic al; An American's Word of Warning to the English People. Sixth Edition, with Notes and an Appendix. London : T. Hatchard, 1853. Pp [1]-55,(1). HARPER,Edward. Perils of the Throne, the Church, and the Nation : An Address deli vered in the Lecture Room, St. Martin's Hall, Long Acre, London. On Wednesday Evening, December 16th, 1857. Third Edition. London : Protestant Publication Society, n.d. Pp [1]-18,(2). HARPER, Edward. Th e Pope's Advocate Answered; being the substance of a lecture delivered in St. Martin's Hall, London, on the 17th of Feb., 1858, in Reply to George Bowyer, Esq., M.P., proving that the Pope of Rome is not the Vicar of Christ but the Man of Sin. With an Appendix. London : National Protestant Society, n.d. Pp [1]-31,(1). NANGLE, Edward, Rev. The Endowment of Maynooth Neither Morally Right Nor Politically Expedient : A Letter addressed to James Anthony Lawson, LL.D., Q.C., in reply to His Address to the Electors of the University of Dublin, and His Speech at the Election. London : Seeley & Co / J. Nisbet, 1857. Pp [1]-39,(1). GOODE, William. Is the Reformation a Blessing? If It Is, Shall We Leave Unnoticed The Seventeenth of November, 1858, The Three Hundredth Anniversary of Its Permanent Establishment in this Country by the Accession of Queen Elizabeth? London : T. Hatchard, 1858. Pp [1]-16. WELDON, George W., Rev. Thoughts on the National Privileges. Suggested by the Tercentenary of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth, (Nov. 17, 1858). London : J.F. Shaw, n.d. Pp [1]-39,(1). CROLY, George. The Reformation a Direct Gift of Divine Providence : A Sermon, preached in St. Paul's Cathedral, on Monday, October 8, 1838, the First Day of the Triennial Visitation of the Right Hon. and Right Rev. Charles James, Lord Bishop of Liondon. Fourth Edition Revised. London : Published for the Protestant Association, by Hatchards, Rivingtons, Seeleys, Nisbit, Dalton, Baisler, Shaw, and Forbes and Jackson, 1839. Pp [1]-20.HUNTINGTON, W., Rev. A Warning Voice to Protestants : The Danger of Tamper ing with Rome. An Authentic Record of the Perversion of a School-Girl in France to Popery, and of Her After-Conviction by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Reprinted, verbatim, from the Works of the Rev. W. Huntington, S.S. London : W.H. Collingridge, 1856. Pp [1]-46. HOARE, Edward, Rev. The Early History of the English Bible. A Lecture, delivered before the Islington Protestant Institute, on Monday Evening, 22d April, 1850. London : Published for the Islington Protestant Institute, by J.H. Jackson, 1850. Pp [1]-35,(1). BIRKS, T.R., Rev. Modern Popery : Its Strength and Its Weakness, as an Aggressive Power. A Lecture, delivered before the members of the Islington Protestant Institute, at the Chapel-of-Ease Parochial Schools, Liverpool-Road, on Monday Evening, April 19, 1852. London : Published for the Islington Protestant Institute, by J.H. Jackson, 1852. Pp [1]-38. WARREN, Samuel. The Queen, or the Pope? The Question Considered in Its Political, Legal, and Religious Aspects: In a Letter to Spencer H. Walpole, Esq., Q.C., M.P. Fourth Edition, Revised. Edinburgh & London : William Blackwood & Sons, 1851. Pp [i]-ix,[10]-112. ALCOCK, John, Rev. Antichrist Who Is He? The Subject of Two Sermons, preached on Wednesday Evenings, March 22 & 29, 1848, in Christ Church, Cork. Second Edition. Altered for the Press, and Enlarged. Douglas : JohnMylrea, 1850. Pp [1]-52. BLACKWOOD, James Stevenson, Rev. War with the lam b, by “The Babylonical Beast of Rome.” A Sermon preached in Ventnor Church,Isle of Wight, on Tuesday Evening, 5th November, 1850, being the Anniversa ry of The Gunpowder Plot. With an Appendix. London : John F. Shaw, MDCCCL [1850]. Pp [1]-27,(1). WORDSWORTH, Chr. Is the Pope of Rome the Man of Sin? A Sermon preached in Westminster Abbey. Second Edition. London : Francis & John Rivington, 1851. Pp [1]-36. GREGG, Thresham D., Rev. The Triumph of Christ and His Truth; The Perdition of Antichrist and His Idol: An Oracle forthe Times. On Daniel's Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks, Chap. IX. 24-27 : A Dissertation preached before the University of Dublin, on January 16 and 23, 1853, In Two Sermons, preparatory to receiving the degree of Doctor of Divinity. With an Appendix, giving Mede's, Boothroyd's, and Mr. Faber's Versions of the Passage, and the Original Hebrew, with an Interlineary Translation. Dublin : Hodges and Smith, 1853. Pp [1]-23,(1). HARRISON, W., Rev. The Power of the Word of God : A Jubilee Sermon, preached ar St. Peter's Church, Colchester, on behalf of the British and Foreign Bible Society, on Sunday, October 9, 1853. Colchester : Edward Benham, 1853. Pp [1]-16. RYAN, Vincent W. The Epistle to the Romans; and Romanism. A Sermon preached on behalf of the Islington Protestant Institute, in the Parish Church of St, Mary, Islington, on Sunday, November 19, 1854. London : Published for the IslingtonProtestant Institute, by Edward Ford,1855. Pp [1]-14,(2). DALLAS, Alex R.C ., Rev. Transubstantiation : What It Is; and What It Is Not. A Lecture delivered at St. Saviour's Church, Chelsea, on the 22nd March, 1857. London : Nisbet and Co., n.d. Pp [1]-35,(1). DALLAS, Alex R.C., Rev. Faithful and Effectual Preaching : A Sermon preached at the Ordination of the Lord Bishop of Winchester, on the 4th July 1858. Published by desire of his Lordship. London : James Nisbet and Co., MDCCCLVIII [1858]. Pp [1]-16. De LEVANTE, E.R., Rev. The Exaltation of Christ the Great End of Controversy. A Lecture (being the concluding one of a series of lectures on the Romish Controversy, by clergymen of the Church of England,) delivered in St. Saviour's Church, Upper Chelsea, on the Last Sunday in Lent, 1859. Published by Request. London : J.F. Shaw, 1859. Pp [1]-31,(1). Covers worn, a couple of penned names, spotting / foxing to a few leaves, some pencil marks and underlining, Diocesan Library bookplate, penned list of tracts (author / title) to front endpapers, else a very good, solid copy. The bound collection for 700.00

Title: Collection of 20 protestant religious tracts bound in one volume. Coming Struggle with Rome, not Religious but Political; An American's Word of Warning to the English People. [etc, etc

Author Name: CONNELLY, Pierce, et al. HOARE, Edward, Rev. DALLAS, Alex R.C., Rev. BIRKS, T.R., Rev.

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Publisher: 1839,:

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