Every Popish Person : The Story of Roman Catholicism in Nova Scotia and the Church of Halifax 1604-1984. First Edition in dustjacket.


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HANINGTON, J. Brian. Every Popish Person : The Story of Roman Catholicism in Nova Scotia and the Church of Halifax 1604-1984. With original illustrations by Rand Gaynor and Derek Sarty. (Halifax) : Archdiocese of Halifax, (1984). First Edition. Pp (3),4-272. Double column. Illustrated throughout mostly in b&w , but a few in colour. Large 8vo (205 x 272 mm), navy cloth, gilt lettering to front & spine.

Jeffrey Brian Hanington (b. July 24, 1951 in Emsworth, Hampshire, England) a Canadian businessman, broadcaster, author.

"Since the first priest stepped ashore at Port Royal in 1605, the history of Nova Scotia has been profoundly shaped by the people, beliefs, and leadership of the Roman Catholic Church.

From the early days of lone missionaries living with the Micmac Indians, to the visit of Pope John Paul II to Halifax in 1984, the Catholic Church has risen to become one of the most deeply entrenched and powerful social institutions in the province.

Here for the first time is a volume of history which accurately and candidly assesses the role of the Church in the development of Nova Scotian society through the four centuries of its growth.

Every Popish Person, fully illustrated with original drawings and never-before published photographs from Church archives, recounts the stories of early missionaries, renegade priests, impoverished immigrants, soldiers, merchant adventurers, politicians, saints and scoundrels, and details how their beliefs and behaviour were influenced, and often dictated by the Roman Catholic community.

In each major historical event, from the expulsion of the Acadians and the prohibition of the 'papist' religion to Confederation and the two World Wars, the rise of Catholicism and its effect on the province come to life in this insightful and colourful social history. " from the dj.

Nineteen chapters, followed by footnotes, a glossary, chronology, and an index.

Chapters : 1. 1497 - 1615 : In the Wake of Long Imagining : The earliest settlements, Port Royal and the first priest, the spirituality of the Micmacs, and struggles of the early church;

2. 1615 - 1730 : Figures from a Seascape : The arrival of religious orders in Acadia and the transformation of native society;

3. 1730 - 1765 : The Apostle of the Micmacs : The Work of Abbé Pierre Maillard;

4. 1765 - 1784 : Tears Turned into Dancing : Revolution in America, anti-Catholic legislation and the fight for repeal;

5. 1784 - 1800 : Objections over Rule : The first catholic church, its first resident priest, and the tension between pastor and parishioners;

6. 1800 - 1820 : Holy Warfare : The life and death of Edmund Burke;

7. 1820 - 1842 Well-Merited Contempt : The hostility between Irish and Scots, William Fraser and his opposition;

8. 1841 - 1851 : With Friends Like These : Bishops Walsh and Fraser, and the split of the diocese;

9. 1851 - 1858 : Temporal matters : The Church put back in order, the arrival of women religious, and Bermuda;

10. 1851 - 1866 : A Regular Wall of Brass : Thomas Connolly and Joseph Howe, the founding of the Paulists, and the Fenians;

11. 1866 - 1876 : A Name to Go Abroad with : Confederation and the First Vatican Council;

12. 1876 - 1882 : Orders and Disorders : The ladies of the Sacred Heart, and Michael Hannan vs. The Sisters of Charity;

13. 1882 - 1906 : The Soul of a Waif : Cornelius O'Brien, the Halifax Infirmary, the will of Patrick Power, and schools;

14. 1906 - 1918 : The Gaze of Searching Eyes : Demands of the Acadians, immigration, the First World War, and the Halifax Explosion;

15. 1918 - 1936 : Not the Day Nor the Hour : The Sisters of Service, Irish Christian Brothers, Thomas O'Donnell, and the college;

16. 1936- 1945 : Upon the Waters : Sterilization of the retarded, John T. McNally, World War Two, naval chaplains, and the Halifax riots;

17. 1945 - 1953 : Trespass and Absolution : Bermuda, imminent financial disaster, and the diocese split again;

18. 1953 - 1965 : Dedicated Hands : The interregnum, Hungarian immigration, Springhill mining disasters, institutional developments, Gerald Berry, and Vatican II;

19. 1965 - 1984 : Simple and Pure Lines : The reaction to Vatican II, James Martin Hayes, the Italian community, renewal of the church, the role of the laity, Peru, and the visit of Pope John Paul II.

Personalities include Abbé Pierre Maillard, Bishop Edmund Burke, Bishop William Fraser, Bishop William Walsh, Bishop Thomas L. Connolly, Joseph Howe, Bishop Michael Hannan, Bishop Cornelius J. O'Brien, Bishop Edward J. McCarthy, Bishop Thomas O'Donnell, Bishop John T. McNally, Bishop J. Gerald Berry, and Bishop James M. Hayes.

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Title: Every Popish Person : The Story of Roman Catholicism in Nova Scotia and the Church of Halifax 1604-1984. First Edition in dustjacket.

Author Name: HANINGTON, J. Brian

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Publisher: Archdiocese of Halifax, Halifax, 1984, ISBN:096917120x: 1984

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