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Our Gallant Doctor: Enigma and Tragedy : Surgeon Lieutenant George Hendry and HMCS Ottawa, 1942. Signed in dustjacket.

By: GOODWIN, James. HENDRY, George).

Price: $28.00

Publisher: Dundurn Press, Toronto , 2007, ISBN:9781550026870:

Seller ID: 105921

GOODWIN, James. “Our Gallant Doctor” : Enigma and Tragedy : Surgeon Lieutenant George Hendry and HMCS Ottawa, 1942. With forewords by Michael Bliss and Tony German. Toronto : Dundurn Press, (2007). First Printing. Pp [1]-280.Illustrated. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "During the Battle of the Atlantic, Dr. George Hendry had just finished performing two major surgical operations on board the destroyer HMCS Ottawa when his ship was ambushed by 13 German U-boats. Canadian warships like Ottawa had inadequate radar sets that were incapable of detecting submarines approach... View more info

Arctic Ocean. World Ocean Atlas / Atlas Okeanov : Severnyj Ledovityj Okean.Hardcover in dustjacket

By: GORSHKOV, Sergei G.

Price: $800.00

Publisher: Ministry of Defence of the USSR, Moscow, 1980,:

Seller ID: 112006

GORSHKOV, Sergei Georgiovich. Atlas Okeanov : Severnyj Ledovityj Okean. [Arctic Ocean. World Ocean Atlas]. (Moskva) : Ministerstvo Ovorony SSSR, Voenno-Morskoy Flot, 1980. Pp. (4),v-xi,(3),1-184,4 of index,(2). Illustrated with dozens of maps. Folio, navy blue cloth with pressed device to upper right corner of front board, silver lettering to front board and spine. Text inRussian cyrillic. A thorough, "visually stunning" atlas of the Arctic regi ons -- one of a series -- as seen from the Soviet perspective, compiled under the watchful eye of former Admiral of the Soviet Fleet Sergei Go... View more info

Folklore of the North Shore. First Edition, Signed

By: GRANT, Francis W.

Price: $30.00

Publisher: 1974

Seller ID: 116700

GRANT, Francis W. Folklore of the North Shore. Wallace, Nova Scotia : Francis W. Grant, 1974. First Edition. No printer given. Pp (4),1-60. 12mo (113 x 158 mm), orange art-illustrated cardcovers, with blank spine. Laugher p.214. Francis Wylie Grant (b. December 12, 1904, Wallace, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia - d. January 17, 1987, Tatamagiouche, Colchester County, Nova Scotia). The title notwithstanding, this is a book of verse. "The Desolate Homestead", "The Legend of the Bell", "The Creation of River Remsheg", "Paid ... View more info

Empire and Honor. First American Printing in dustjacket


Price: $12.50

Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 2012, ISBN:9780399160660:

Seller ID: 106024

GRIFFIN, W.E.B., and William E. BUTTERWORTH IV. Empire and Honor. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, (2012). First American Printing. Pp (10),[1]-517,(1). 8vo, grey cloth spine, light gray paper covered boards, red metallic lettering to spine. "The extraordinary new novel in the number-one bestselling espionage saga from W.E.B. Griffin. October 1945: The Germans and Japanese have surrendered. For Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the OSS, it shouldbe time to pack up, but they have far more important things to do. Chief a mong them is the protection of their assets, especially the human ones.... View more info

Voiliers : L'aventure des grands voiliers des Clippers aux navires écoles. in dustjacket & slipcase

By: GRUBE, Frank, et Gerhard RICHTER RICHTER, Gerhard RANDIER, Jean

Price: $60.00

Publisher: Richterdruck, pour Editions Maritimes et d'Outre-Mer, Wurzburg, 1977,:

Seller ID: 106043

GRUBE, Frank, et Gerhard RICHTER. Voiliers : L'aventure des grands voiliersdes Clippers aux navires écoles. avec la collaboration de: Gottfried Claus en, Hans Engel, F. Holm-Petersen, Hans Georg Prager, Alan Villiers. Adaptation française de Jean Randier. (Wurzburg : Imprimé par Richterdruck, pour Editions Maritimes et d'Outre-Mer, 1977). Pp (5),6-264,(26). Illustrated. Large 4to, grey cloth, blue elettering to spine and blue ship's wheel to front board. "Il y a à peine un demi-siècle, les grands voiliers carrés de commerce, pratiquaient encore sur les mers une navigation active. Qui... View more info

Ottoman Sailing Ships from Galleys to Galleons and Particulars of Ships andTheir Equipment / Kadirgadan kalyona Osmanlida yelken i Mikyas-i sefain


Price: $250.00

Publisher: Denizler Kitabevi, Istanbul, 2004, ISBN:9759867702:

Seller ID: 107453

GULERYUZ, Ahmet. Ottoman Sailing Ships from Galleys to Galleons and Particulars of Ships and Their Equipment / Kadirgadan Kalyona Osmanlida Yelken i Mikyas-i Sefain. Istanbul : Denizler Kitabevi, September 2004. First Printing. Pp (5),6-136 + 14 folding plates. Illustrated. Folio, maroon cloth, giltlettering to front board and spine. Contents : Introduction; Sunus; Onsoz; Osmanli Imparatorlugunda Deniz Yapilasimi; Kiirek ve Yelken Doneminde Osma nli-Turk Savas Gemileri Tipleri; Yelken Donemi Savas Gemilerialyonlar ve Turleri; Akdeniz ve Osmanli Sularmda Ticaret Amagh Yelken; English Translatio... View more info

Ballast Scorchers on the High Iron : Memoirs of Locomotive Engineer Jim Gullickson. First Edition.


Price: $40.00

Publisher: Kettle Valley Publishing Ltd.: 2010

Seller ID: 116778

ISBN: 0981036309

Gullickson, Jim. Ballast Scorchers on the High Iron : Memoirs of Locomotive Engineer Jim Gullickson. Vernon, British Columbia : Kettle Valley Publishing Ltd., (2010). First Edition. Pp. (6),7–161,[1]. Illustrated with 117 b&w photos and 17 colour photographs. Large 8vo (214 x 280 mm), white paper photo-illustrated covers with dark blue lettering to front and spine. James 'Jim' Mathew Gullickson (b. 1950). Memoirs of a locomotive engineer working for the Canadian Pacific Railway in Vancouver, Kamloops, Revelstoke, and Calgary. Many photos and short biographies ... View more info

Submarines in Color. 1st US card covers

By: GUNSTON, Bill Arco Color Series WOOD, John W. HILEY, B.

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Arco Publishing Company, Inc., New York, 1977, ISBN:066804255:

Seller ID: 106040

GUNSTON, Bill. Submarines in Color. Illustrated by John W. Wood, B. Hiley, J. Pelling, E. Bruce. New York : Arco Publishing Company, Inc., (1977). First US Printing. Pp (10),7-200,(4). 8vo, illustrated white card covers, lettered in black and purple. In the Arco Color Series. Contents : Introduction; Development of Submarine Technology; The Color Plates; Early Submarines; Submarine Development 1918-45; The Modern Era; Some Typical A/S (Anti-Submarine) Weapons for Surface Ships; Some Submarine Weapons; Some Airborne A/S Systems; Comparative Data. Very good. 10.00 View more info

With H.M.S. Dragon Around the New World 1930-1932

By: H.M..S. Dragon) SPOONER, E. J.

Price: $120.00

Publisher: Flood & Son, Ltd., The Borough Press, Lowestoft, 1932,:

Seller ID: 106107

(H.M..S. Dragon). With H.M.S. "Dragon" Around the New World 1930-1932. (Lowestoft : Printed by Flood & Son, Ltd., The Borough Press), n.d. [1932?]. Pp(6),vii-xi,(1),[1]-156,(4). Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering a nd crest to front board and spine. Not in O'Dea or Hallett, Bermuda in Print (2nd. ed). Contents : Foreword by Captain E.J. Spooner, D.S.O., R.N. ; Preface; I. South America Cruise; II. Bermuda and Jamaica; III. West Indian Island Cruise; IV. Bermuda the Second; V. West Coast, North America; VI. Bermuda the Third; VII. Second Island Cruise; VIII. Bermuda Final and ... View more info

Torpedo! : Stories of the Royal Navy. First American Edition.

By: HACKFORTH-JONES, Gilbert, Commander.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: William Morrow and Company, New York, 1943,:

Seller ID: 105703

HACKFORTH-JONES, Gilbert, Commander. Torpedo! : Stories of the Royal Navy. New York: William Morrow and Company, 1943. First US Printing. Pp. (6),vii-viii,1-247,(1). 8vo, grey cloth with navy blue lettering to spine. A collection of semi-fictional tales depicting life in the Royal Navy in times of war. "Strain always has been the lot ofthe seaman and always will be; the strain of a split second of bodily agony, the strain of minutes of waiting for the bombs to fall, the torpedo to strike, the mine to explode, the strainof hours of watch-keeping in low visibility, of days and nights of mid-... View more info

Mutiny on the Pedro Varela : The adventures of a Twentieth Century Whaleman.

By: HAMMOND, Walter STACKPOLE, Edward A., foreword Mystic Seaport True Maritime Adventure Series

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Pequot Press, Chester, CT, 1977, ISBN:0871060825:

Seller ID: 106386

HAMMOND, Walter. Mutiny on the Pedro Varela : The adventures of a TwentiethCentury Whaleman. Chester, CT : The Pequot Press, (1977). Pp (4),5-79,(1). Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated white card covers, lettered in black. In the Mystic Seaport True Maritime Adventure Series. Originally published as Mar ine Historical Association, Mystic, Conn. Publication no. 30 (1956). "The mutiny on board the New Bedford whaling schooner Pedro Varela is the only one of its type yet uncovered in the history of whaling." - p.5. Contents : Foreword (by Edward A. Stackpole); In Memory of My Husband, Walter H... View more info

Naval Courts Martial

By: HANNAY, David

Price: $200.00

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1914,:

Seller ID: 106160

HANNAY, David. Naval Courts Martial. Cambridge : At the University Press, 1914. First Edition. Pp (4),[v]-xlvii,(1),1-210,(2) + frontispiece + 6 plates (2 being double-page spreads). "The purpose of this book is to make, fromthe reports of Courts Martial, some picture of what the old Navy was down to the end of the Napoleonic wars." - from preface. Contents: Preface; Introduction; 1. The Navy in 1688; 2. Discipline; 3. Impressment, Plunder and False Musters; 4. Mutiny; 5. Murder, 6. In Action and Shipwreck; Conclusion.With index. Ex library Christ's Church College Library, Cambridge, b... View more info

From Naval Cadet to Admiral : Half-a-Century of Naval Service and Sport in Many Parts of the World

By: HARRIS, Robert Hastings, Admiral Sir

Price: $150.00

Publisher: Cassell and Company, Ltd., London, 1913,:

Seller ID: 109462

HARRIS, Robert Hastings, Admiral Sir. From Naval Cadet to Admiral : Half-a-Century of Naval Service and Sport in Many Parts of the World. With Twelve Black-and-White Plates. London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne : Cassell and Company, Ltd., 1912. Pp (2),[v]-x,(2),[1]-420, frontispiece portrait + 11 plates. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Catalogue of the Library of the National Maritime Museum, Vol 2. Biography 639. Admiral Sir Robert Hastings Penruddock Harris KCB, KCMG (12 October 1843 – 25August 1926) was a Royal Navy officer who went on to be Commander-in-Chie... View more info

Instructions for the Management of Harvey's Sea Torpedo. First Edition

By: HARVEY, Frederick

Price: $300.00

Publisher: E. & F. N. Spon / J. Griffin & Co./ J. R. H. Spry, London / Portsmouth / Devonport, 1871,:

Seller ID: 106245

HARVEY, Frederick. Instructions for the Management of Harvey's Sea Torpedo.London : E. & F. N. Spon, 48, Charing Cross / Portsmouth : J. Griffin & Co . / Devonport : J. R. H. Spry, 1871. First Edition. Pp (2),[3]-43,(1), frontispiece + 12 plates. Numerous text illustrations. 8vo, blue pressed cloth,gilt vignettes to front board, gile lettering to front board and spine, be velled edges. Committee on Undersea Warfare Staff, An Annotated Bibliography of Submarine Technical Literature, 1557-1953 3.5211-14. Not in Anderson. Arrangements Required for Launching and Towing; Preparations for Launching ... View more info

Great Lakes Reader. First Collier Books Edtion

By: HAVIGHURST, Walter, (ed.)

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Collier Books / Collier Macmillan Publishers, New York / London, 1978, ISBN:0020805403:

Seller ID: 105043

HAVIGHURST, Walter, (ed.). The Great Lakes Reader. New York : Collier Books/ London : Collier Macmillan Publishers, (1978). First Collier Books Editi on. Pp (12),xiii-xvii,(3),3-421,(1),+ 16 pp pllates. Map. 8vo, blue card covers, lettered in white. Contents : I. Voyageurs' tales: Nicolet's bold venture (by/ C.W. Butterfield); Mission on Lake Superior (by Claude Allouez); Marquette's last journey (by Claude Dablon); Voyage of the Griffin (by Louis Hennepin); The golden age of the canoe (by Henry Beston); To the Big Sea Water (by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft); By cross and anchor (by James K. Jamison... View more info

Solent from the Sea : Portsmouth to Portland, including the Isle of Wight First Edition in dustjacket

By: HAY, David HAY, Joan

Price: $16.00

Publisher: Edward Stanford, London, 1972, ISBN:0540009520:

Seller ID: 106185

HAY, David and Joan HAY. The Solent from the Sea : Portsmouth to Portland. [dj adds : including the Isle of Wight]. First Edition. London : Edward Stanford, (1972). Pp (8),9-92,(4) + 8 pages of b&w photos. Maps and other illustrations in the text. 8vo, orange cloth, white lettering to spine. Toy 2782. "The rather special magic of the Solent and its fascinating coastline are well known to yachtsmen who sail them regularly and in this book David and Joan Hay capture some of its essential spirit. The are is always popular and continually teeming with life. From the busy naval dockyard at Port... View more info

Peter Heaton on Sailing. First Edition in dustjacket

By: HEATON, Peter

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Adam & Charles Black, London, 1967,: 1967

Seller ID: 21832

HEATON, Peter. Peter Heaton on Sailing. London : Adam & Charles Black, (1967). First Printing. Pp (4),[5]-253,(1) + 16 pages of b&w photos. Also illustrated with many drawings and diagrams in the text. Large 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Peter Heaton = Peter Stuart-Heaton (b. May 27, 1919 - d. August 23, 2003). Contents : 1. All at Sea - A General Introduction to the Sailing World; 2. Bill Jones Catches the Sailing Bug; 3. A Delight of Dinghies; 4. Examining a Yacht; 5. How to Sail; 6. Fitting Out; 7. Rope and How to Use I... View more info

Under Pressure : The Final Voyage of Submarine S-Five. 2nd printing in dustjacket

By: HILL, A.J.

Price: $14.00

Publisher: Free Press, New York, 1986, ISBN:0743236777:

Seller ID: 106081

HILL, A.J. Under Pressure : The Final Voyage of Submarine S-Five. New York : The Free Press, (copyright 2002). Second Printing. Pp (8),[vii]-viii (2),[1]-239, (5) + 8-page central photo section. 8vo, yellow cloth spine, copper lettering to spine, tan boards. "Hanging on display in the United States Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. is a battered and scratched, steel plate, twofeet in diameter, edged with more than one hudred little semicircles. For more than eighty years, people have wondered how it came to be there and atthe story it could tell. [...] On Monday, August 30, 1920 the S-Five, th... View more info

Sailing Ships of Great Britain. in dj.

By: HILL, W. S.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Jupiter Books, 1975, ISBN:0904041190:

Seller ID: 55479

HILL, W. S. The Sailing Ships of Great Britain. London: Jupiter Books, 1975. Pp 23 including frontis., and numerous b/w drawings to text + XXIV [24] leaves of colour plates accompanied by text on the corresponding page. 4to, pale blue cloth. "Here is a gallery of the most notable British vessels built from the Middle Ages onwards. Their history and development is discussedand, together with the many illustrations, a comprehensive view of the evo lution of the sailing ship is conveyed." -from the dust jacket. The Plates:A Ship of Henry V, I. The Henry Grace à Dieu, II. The Ark Royal, I... View more info

Wandering Under Sail. Revised and Enlarged Edition in dustjacket

By: HISCOCK, Eric C.

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Rolls House Publishing Co., Ltd, London , 1948,:

Seller ID: 106746

HISCOCK, Eric C. Wandering Under Sail. Illustrated. London : The Rolls House Publishing Co., Ltd., (1948). Revised and Enlarged Edition. Pp [1]-215,(1), frontispiece + 13 leaves of plates. TeXt Illustrations and Maps. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Toy 0913. “Eric Hiscock, editor of The Yachting Year and a member of the Royal Cruising Club, has achieved considerable distinction for his single-handed cruises. In this book he tells of his adventures as a beginner, of the designing and building of his yacht Wanderer II, and of many experiences he has had in her and in three other wel... View more info