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Kisah Si Unyil: Boneka yang merebut hati jutaan pemirsa televisi / The story of Si Unyil : The puppet that reaches millions of Television viewers. (

By: Si Unyil

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Pusat Produksi Film Negara (State Film Production Centre) in cooperation with UNICEF, Jakarata, 1983,:

Seller ID: 91662

Linguistic Minorities and Literacy : Language Policy Issues in Developing Countries. Trends in Linguistics, Studies and Monographs 26. Hardcover

By: COULMAS, Florian (ed.). SRIVASTAVA, R.N. EDMONDSON, Jerold A.

Price: $40.00

Publisher: River Seine Publications, Melbourne, Australia , 1984, ISBN:3110098679:

Seller ID: 99614

Long Ago Is Far Away : Accounts of the early exploration and settlement of the Papuan Gulf area. First Edition

By: HOPE, Penelope

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Austraalian National University, Canberra, ACT / Norwalk, Conn., 1979, ISBN:070811346x:

Seller ID: 104240

Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia. Volume 2 in the International Straits of the World series. First Edition in dustjacket.

By: LEIFER. Michael International Straits of the World, Vol.2

Price: $200.00

Publisher: Sijthoff and Noordhoff, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, 1978, ISBN:9028607781:

Seller ID: 103285

Malaya, Indonesia, Borneo, and the Philippines : A Geographical, Economic, and Political Description of Malaya, the East Indies, and the Philipines.

By: ROBEQUAIN, Charles. Geographies for Advanced Study

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Longmans, London, 1957,:

Seller ID: 104739

Malayan Emergency : The Commonwealth's Wars, 1948-1966. First Edition in dustjacket

By: JACKSON, Robert

Price: $100.00

Publisher: Routledge , London and New York, 1991, ISBN:041504183X:

Seller ID: 113344

Military as an Economic Actor : Soldiers in Business . First Edition

By: BROMMELHORSTER, Jörn. PAES, Wolf-Christian.

Price: $60.00

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke and New York, 2003, ISBN:0333999282:

Seller ID: 114382

Notes on the Types of Certain Early Described Species of Monotremes, Marsupials, Muridae and Bats from the Indo-Australian Region

By: TATE, G.H.H. American Museum Novitates, number 1061

Price: $6.00

Publisher: American Museum of Natural History, New York, 1940,:

Seller ID: 71872

Outrigger Canoes of Bali and Madura, Indonesia. First Edition in dustjacket.

By: HORRIDGE, Adrian Bishop Museum Special Publication number 77

Price: $125.00

Publisher: Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu, 1987, ISBN:093089720x:

Seller ID: 102338

Peasants in History : Essays in Honour of Daniel Thorner. First Edition industjacket.

By: HOBSBAWM, E.J., ed. KULA, W. MITRA, Ashok. RAJ, K.N.

Price: $100.00

Publisher: Oxford University Press, Calcutta, Delhi, Bombay, Madras, 1980,:

Seller ID: 114423

Peoples of the Philippines

By: KRIEGER, Herbert W. Smithsonian Institution War Background Studies Number Four

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 1942,:

Seller ID: 104467

Image for Poetic Voices of the Maritimes : a selection of contemporary poetry.  FirstEdition

Poetic Voices of the Maritimes : a selection of contemporary poetry. FirstEdition

By: MITCHAM, Allison QUIGLEY, Theresia ACORN, Milton BISHOP, Elizabeth

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Lancelot Press, Hantsport, 1996,: 1996

Seller ID: 20034

ISBN: 0889996245

Politics and Social Change. First Edition in dustjacket.

By: ISHWARAN, K., (ed.) COHEN, Ronald. International Studies in Sociology and Social Anthropology, 4)

Price: $45.00

Publisher: E.J. Brill, Leiden, 1966,:

Seller ID: 102946

Politics of the Indian Ocean Region : The Balances of Power. First Edition

By: VALI, Ferenc A.

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Free Press , New York / London , 1976, ISBN:0029330807:

Seller ID: 105957

Power and Gold : Jewelry from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, from the Collection of the Barbier-Mueller Museum, Geneva. Third Edition

By: RODGERS, Susan FERRAZZINI, Pierre-Alain, photography

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Barbier-Mueller Museum, Geneva, 1995, ISBN:3791308599:

Seller ID: 103917

Raffles of Singapore. Third Edition in dustjacket.

By: COUPLAND, Reginald RAFFLES, Stamford, Sir)

Price: $27.00

Publisher: Collins, London, 1946,:

Seller ID: 102081

Regional Workshop on Preparedness and Response to Aquatic Animal Health Emergencies in Asia

By: SUBASINGHE, Rohana P. and J. Richard ARTHUR ARTHUR, J. Richard FAO Fisheries Proceedings 4)

Price: $65.00

Publisher: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, 2005, ISBN:9251053952:

Seller ID: 73169

Regionalization of the Law of the Sea : Proceedings : Law of the Sea Institute Eleventh Annual Conference November 14-17, 1977 University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii.

By: JOHNSTON, Douglas M., (ed.). MILES, Edward MUNRO, Gordon R. ALEXANDER, Lewis

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Ballinger Publishing Company, Cambridge, Mass., 1978, ISBN:0884100758:

Seller ID: 103474

Rise of the New Asia. in dustjacket

By: SANGHA, Darshan S.

Price: $60.00

Publisher: Progress Publishing, Toronto, 1948,:

Seller ID: 103326

Running Away to Sea : Round the World on a Tramp Freighter. First Edition in dustjacket


Price: $25.00

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1998, ISBN:0771031157:

Seller ID: 61728